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2021-01-15 09:37 26005282 Anonymous (fag.png 1298x758 1486kB)
This is your average crypto youtuber. Is there any non-retard knowledgeable youtuber with no clickbait, proper analysis and absolutely no smoothbrain numale thumbnails? Pic related is what I'm absolutely trying to avoid.

1 min later 26005317 Anonymous
>>26005282 No, they are all the same breed of retards. They are ALL payed scammers and shills. Stay away from that shit and spend your time DYOR. If you are too dumb for that, get out of Crypto NOW.

1 min later 26005327 Anonymous
Benjamin Cowen

1 min later 26005329 Anonymous
>>26005282 mAh nigga Lark

9 min later 26005450 Anonymous (maxresdefault.jpg 1280x720 103kB)
You didn't forget about me now did you /biz/?

10 min later 26005463 Anonymous (excited.png 205x246 6kB)

10 min later 26005477 Anonymous
>>26005282 They're all scammers that shill 50 different shitcoins and stop talking about the ones that dump

11 min later 26005489 Anonymous
>>26005282 >Is there any non-retard knowledgeable youtuber with no clickbait, proper analysis and absolutely no smoothbrain numale thumbnails? This guy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RTf lhx0YFGU

13 min later 26005536 Anonymous (E6 Thumbnail(1).png 1280x720 1533kB)
idk why tf you want proper analysis or shit like that you gotta do the hard stuff yourself if ygmi this podcast just bullshits about crypto from a biz perspective https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dgt 7-h4Ryrs&t=1321s

13 min later 26005538 Anonymous
>>26005327 >>26005489 Thanks, he seems exactly like what I was looking for

14 min later 26005547 Anonymous
Real Vision finance

15 min later 26005576 Anonymous
>benjamin cowen >tom crown I don't really like watching videos tho

15 min later 26005583 Anonymous
>>26005317 >Stay away from that shit and spend your time DYOR. If you are too dumb for that, get out of Crypto NOW. Where do you guys get info outside of /biz/?

15 min later 26005592 Anonymous
>>26005547 While they seem serious enough, they talk about other shit im not interested at all.

17 min later 26005630 Anonymous
>>26005282 Coin Bureau is the only dude I'm watching.

25 min later 26005782 Anonymous
>>26005489 13:45 listen if you wanna be a pig

31 min later 26005895 Anonymous
>>26005583 /biz/ is all you need really. Ratio of green / pink wojaks = sell / buy Is something being shilled but everyone is ignoring it? Might be a good investment Is something being shilled but everyone is calling it a pajeet scam? Probably a pajeet scam Is something being shilled and everyone is all over it? About a 50/50 scam / good investment probability.

34 min later 26005962 Anonymous
>>26005895 >trusting /biz/ >ever Lmao, 99% of you faggots dont know shit about analysis, shit theres people even claiming BTC just hit a double top when we're just going through a corrective wave lmao.

37 min later 26006009 Anonymous
>>26005282 Most (all?) are paid shills. For example, I was in a telegram group that approached a very well known crypto youtuber about doing a video on their altcoin they were trying to promote. No questions about the project, he just wanted 10k.

38 min later 26006032 Anonymous
Sheldon Evans maybe?

43 min later 26006130 Anonymous
>>26005282 Benjamin Cowen Coin Bureau. Bonus points for being britbong Chico crypto. Not a fan when he shills small cap altcoins, but his research is on point. It's not genius level shit, but his throughput on finding connections is pretty good. He literally does hours of work which you can digest in 10 minutes. Probably some others but can't think right now

44 min later 26006146 Anonymous (Untitledfagtoeowruwwwfsfsdfsa.jpg 3215x735 347kB)

51 min later 26006281 Anonymous
>>26006146 KEK anon this guy's been saying 1000x for literally every coin

52 min later 26006332 Anonymous
>>26005282 Bob loukas is a guy I just found recently Pretty cool, less TA babble and more long term investment outlook. Feels like our guy desu

54 min later 26006345 Anonymous
>>26005282 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC- dLWl8etTtPSGdbbcYffGw/videos >this guy

54 min later 26006350 Anonymous
>>26005282 Bob Loukas is the end all be all Bitcoin youtuber but he only releases like 6 videos a year if that The secret is though, that's all you need

56 min later 26006431 Anonymous
Coin Bureau is pretty legit with no ridiculous price predictions and shit like that. Very informative and detailed info

58 min later 26006459 Anonymous
>>26005282 he is called Carl from the "MOON" so what do you expect, clickbait moonboy sentiment

59 min later 26006487 Chronos
>>26005282 Bfreshhb Is good but quite raw and he doesn't get many views. But he seems to know his shit

1 hours later 26006501 Anonymous
>>26006130 i like these 3 as well

1 hours later 26006558 Anonymous
>>26006146 Jesus Christ I how many gape-mouthed homo pictures this fag has taken. It has to be in the thousands

1 hours later 26006612 Anonymous
>>26006146 Fuck I want to punch that face. Why is it so hateable?

1 hours later 26006760 Anonymous
>>26006146 Imagine having the personality to do something like this

1 hours later 26006993 Anonymous
>>26005317 This. I learned this when I started to get into affiliate marketing. You realize people want to just shill garbage products. Essential oil is the pajeet scam of irl. 10 min watching a kid laugh at some retarded YouTuber shows you how humans have a 2 watt brain. And the retarded pajeets and crackers that do the same for some fagget. You start to notice that same pattern in everything.

1 hours later 26007044 Anonymous
>>26005327 Only crypto youtubers I'm watching. Wish I found him on earlier.

1 hours later 26007050 Anonymous
>>26006993 copywriter here can confirm people are just retarded i ngeneral

1 hours later 26007051 Anonymous
>>26005282 Flare community Only for Spark token and the Flare network

1 hours later 26007065 Anonymous
>>26005317 >he writes payed >he gives advice to people Anon, I....

1 hours later 26007094 Anonymous

1 hours later 26007112 Anonymous
>>26005327 STABLE20k2022

1 hours later 26007166 Anonymous
Crypto krown

1 hours later 26007187 Anonymous
>>26005477 I checked out boxmining since he's considered a good one. And he mentioned being in chain link holder in a recent video. So I searched his vids. He had nothing about it. These dickheads DO NOT share the projects they are actually holding. They keep it to themselves. While they talk about other stupid shit.

1 hours later 26007267 Anonymous
>>26005327 now this chart suggests bitcoin could be trending up. am i saying bitcoin will trend up? no of course not. could it trend down? yes? am i saying it will trend down no of course not. am i still accumulating? no i am not. did i expect this price move? no i did not. B E A R J A M I N N O I N F O C O W E N

1 hours later 26007316 Anonymous
>>26007267 Pretty much exactly why I stopped watching him >we're just here to observe the data Zero conviction in his ideas, at all. He's a closeted bear on bitcoin and discredits stock to flow with his lengthening cycle horseshit

1 hours later 26007346 Anonymous
>>26007267 Absolutely fucking based

1 hours later 26007347 Anonymous
Only true oldfags would remember https://youtu.be/aKAkeLps2cg

1 hours later 26007381 Anonymous
>>26005962 >theres people even claiming BTC just hit a double top when we're just going through a corrective wave lmao. implying thats not possible?

1 hours later 26007393 Anonymous
>>26007267 >>26007316 T. midwit moonbois

1 hours later 26007401 Anonymous
>>26007267 Any youtuber who acts like they know the future can't be trusted

1 hours later 26007408 Anonymous
>>26005282 https://bittube.video/videos/watch/ 8bb01bc5-ac77-4642-aab1-443ef151335 a

1 hours later 26007413 Anonymous
>>26007393 Not a moonboy just don't like a faggot who picks and chooses his data according to some narrative he likes. Bitcoin isn't sustainable above 20k by the way.

1 hours later 26007440 Anonymous
>>26007413 Seems to me that if you acted according to his major predictions you'd be a lot.i only found him a month ago sadly so I didn't trust him too much.

1 hours later 26007446 Anonymous
Cryptocred KoroushAK

1 hours later 26007447 Anonymous
>>26007267 All these youtube chartniggers are the exact same as this

1 hours later 26007449 Anonymous
>going to youtube for education of bitcoin deserve to get scammed

1 hours later 26007480 Anonymous
>>26005282 Literally the only guy I listen to. I still do my own research but he's nothing like the rest of the smoothbrain click-baiters. He's pretty chill. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN HXoNsyoBGVOS0EJarawvw

1 hours later 26007481 Anonymous
>>26005282 Yes but I don’t want to tell you because I don’t 4chan faggots shitting up a good thing

1 hours later 26007501 Anonymous
>>26007440 He's been hinting to sell since 18k in his videos Also shilled xrp at 50c Hit or miss, and doesn't take into account real world events like say, the collapse of fiat, or you know, xrp being a scam. kek

1 hours later 26007712 Anonymous (Bildschirmfoto 2021-01-15 um 11.28.59.png 400x362 207kB)
>>26005282 Cedric Dahl was a great crypto youtuber, he was actually filthy rich, ran multiple crypto based fonds and gave legit good advice. He quit tho, now all I've seen are shit tier pajeets.

1 hours later 26007762 Anonymous
Coin Bureau is the only one I can stand and he's calm. but also just research on your own

2 hours later 26008286 Anonymous
>>26007401 Yes but thsoe fags that don't give any direction are even worse. If guy acts like he knows the future he may be somehwat low mid IQ, but may be honest atleast. Thopse fags that waste time and in then end say nothing are midwits who understand that you have to ramble and don't give definitive answers because you may get rekt this way, just make a ramble video and collect ad revenue, rinse repeat. Give predictions->We check them->If TRUE=you stay, if FALSE=you are a shit youtuber. If he does not give a prediction he just there to collect watch time and ad revenue from midwits who like his "in depth" analisys that leads nowhere

2 hours later 26008321 Anonymous (A468305C-9E8F-45BE-9E52-2D1A5397FBA0.png 438x370 248kB)
I only watch Crypto Sniper / Market Sniper / Reset Sniper (Francis Hunt), Benjamin Cowen, and Bob Loukas. Literally everyone else I’ve watched is either an absolute scammer or an absolute charlatan that has no fucking idea what he’s talking about.

2 hours later 26008336 Anonymous
>>26005630 this ones pretty good for most people, i am old fag enough that usually topics he talk about are not new to me.

2 hours later 26008380 Anonymous
> Is there any non-retard knowledgeable youtuber not really, or maybe really niche and very low views. it doesn't make sense conceptually, any non-retard can dedicate half an hour to a day or a week maybe, and become more knowledgeable than any and every single youtuber, perhaps combined

2 hours later 26008408 Anonymous
Rudy from Alpha Investments Thank me later anon

2 hours later 26008435 Anonymous
>>26005895 5/5

2 hours later 26008444 Anonymous
are there unironically people watching all these retarded open mouth picture crypto youtubers? I am dead fucking serious with this question because I don't comprehend. I am since 2016 in the market and that quality is steadily declining.

2 hours later 26008782 Anonymous
>>26008444 Yes, tons of people watch it. Especially younger people who heard about crypto on tiktok and think it's a legit get rich quick and easy type thing They turn to these scam artists as with every get rich quick scheme and because these guys speak with an air of authority on the subject they eat it up

2 hours later 26009143 Anonymous
>>26008444 Yes. It’s basically just normies though. Everyone else eventually moves into dry channels that only cover chart and macro analysis. Normies glaze over that stuff.

3 hours later 26009253 Anonymous (Glitch01-01.jpg 6000x3375 659kB)
>>26005282 Mouths open ready for BBC. Wait until they start shilling Glitch.

3 hours later 26009292 Anonymous
>>26005282 Mitch Ray. Just found about him, very non-bs type of dude

3 hours later 26009328 Anonymous
>>26005630 Coin Bureau is legit

3 hours later 26009896 Anonymous
>>26005450 He annoys me but is rarely wrong. Mostly just too conservative in his estimations. If you traded on his advice all 2020 you would probably be in some serious profit.

3 hours later 26009924 Anonymous
>>26005282 I like CryptoMichNL but he is a bit autistic

3 hours later 26009926 Anonymous
>>26005282 Coin bureau is great

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