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2021-01-15 09:36 26005266 Anonymous (Eeu3OGTWsAIzulK[1].png 1048x471 305kB)

3 min later 26005354 Anonymous
It’s unironically over isn’t it.. Well time to dump for stinks into Fantom

4 min later 26005369 Anonymous
>>26005266 Checked. I dumped my 2017 stinker bags into Hex a long time ago. Fatoshi betraymoto can eat shit

5 min later 26005382 Anonymous
Who puts a sign on their truck with the destination. At least use a road sign or something fuck

6 min later 26005394 Anonymous (1607460289222.jpg 675x380 31kB)

6 min later 26005402 Anonymous
>>26005382 Sergey is not ashamed of his dumping He does is right in the open from his own wallet

9 min later 26005432 Anonymous
>>26005266 It's such obvious price fixing. Bitcoin pumps and link dumps? Impossible without Sergey diluting it.

10 min later 26005455 Anonymous
>>26005266 Do you think we will break under the BTC trendline?

10 min later 26005468 Anonymous
>>26005266 >founder dumps 500k tokens per week >price still near ATH >sell candles get eaten how is this not bullish kek?

13 min later 26005527 Anonymous
Give me Sergey wallet address.

18 min later 26005636 Anonymous (C59CBDFA-7048-44BC-867C-517E30E374B5.jpg 1125x2304 352kB)
>>26005266 can’t believe that fat bastard isn’t slowing down after 50M linkies dump

19 min later 26005656 Anonymous
>>26005394 Based nicoCHAD

24 min later 26005738 Anonymous
>>26005527 https://etherscan.io/token/0x514910 771af9ca656af840dff83e8264ecf986ca? a=0xf37c348b7d19b17b29cd5cfa64cfa48 e2d6eb8db I think that's the one they currently dump from.

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