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2021-01-15 09:36 26005264 Anonymous Kennedy assasinaton (1610636237737.png 666x792 88kB)
Hi lads. I am trying to figure out who killed JFK and being sunk by a bunch of conspiracies. Can somebody give a brief review on who and why did it? And don't you talk that the Jews have nothing to do with it

0 min later 26005275 Anonymous
>>26005264 > Business and finance Take it to /x/

1 min later 26005289 Anonymous
>>26005264 >who killed JFK The Jews. /thread

1 min later 26005303 Anonymous
>>26005264 listen to this guy >>26005289

2 min later 26005333 Anonymous
>>26005289 This. Obviously.

4 min later 26005360 Anonymous
https://www.imdb.com/title/tt479860 6/

5 min later 26005373 Anonymous
The driver did the actual shot. If you want to know the actual agency, look at the cia, bush in particular.

5 min later 26005376 Anonymous
>>26005264 based. Any way to confirm these (recent) events?

6 min later 26005393 Anonymous
>>26005264 The CIA is the one who committed the Deed. As for Who ordered the hit? The Deep State

7 min later 26005396 Anonymous
>>26005264 Jews honestly did it. We've known about this for a while. Most of them own the Federal Reserve.

7 min later 26005410 Anonymous
>>26005264 The only answer you should listen to is mine: THE FEDERAL RESERVE

7 min later 26005412 Anonymous
>>26005264 Lee Harvey Oswald. JFK's death was greatly beneficial for many power players in the government. >>26005264 Oil didn't go to -$30 a barrel, an oil futures contract with a june expiry date did. It went negative because storage was full and exercising the contract meant the holder would have to take delivery. This is unfeasible for obvious reason as these contracts contain tens of thousands of barrels each.

9 min later 26005426 Scout74
>>26005275 X is a blue board and thus lame

11 min later 26005486 Anonymous
>>26005289 This https://youtu.be/faOUDoRmK_E

12 min later 26005505 Anonymous
Jews began producing nukes in the late 60s. JFK wanted to inspect their nuclear facility, Jews tricked the inspectors, and JFK suddenly got assassinated because he wouldn't relent in his pressure. His successor, LBJ, turned a blind eye.

14 min later 26005546 Anonymous
He wanted to abolish 2 mossad assets, and the jews didn't like that

16 min later 26005577 Anonymous
>>26005264 The Federal Reserve, which happens to have jewish stockholders

17 min later 26005601 Anonymous
>>26005373 As shooter I can confirm that it would be quite hard to land those shots reliably from such a distance at a angle moving target espicially with a bolt-action rifle. It's possible though, just takes a lot of target practice to perfom that consistently.

18 min later 26005642 Anonymous
>>26005264 short answer : jews long answer: jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwws

20 min later 26005671 Anonymous
>>26005264 It was Ted Cruz's dad. Don't believe me? Ask the President.

20 min later 26005683 Anonymous
>>26005426 Biz is a blue board too anon...

25 min later 26005755 Anonymous
Nixon, Rockefeller, the Queen of England and Soviet Premier Kosygin had a vote, you see. The Pope abstained that time however. Can’t pin this one on him.

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