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2021-01-15 09:36 26005257 Anonymous (bitcoin-sv-price-230x230.png 230x230 4kB)
This mother fucker is going to explode soon

2 min later 26005313 Anonymous
>>26005257 Delete this thread right now.

4 min later 26005361 Anonymous (d15IiM7.png 583x931 583kB)
>>26005257 >>26005313 pls sir buy now very gud coin for your rupee

11 min later 26005473 Anonymous
It's a fucking worthless garbage shitcoin and nobody should make threads about it. OP is a fucking nutcase quackjob.

12 min later 26005500 Anonymous
>>26005257 Does Creg start a new endless lawsuit?

13 min later 26005514 Anonymous
>>26005473 fpbp

16 min later 26005579 Anonymous
>>26005257 Stiff!

18 min later 26005618 Anonymous
>>26005257 ok sirs here is the crypto brown pill. there is a vishnu living in the blockchain. Creg sanjay right is unironically satoj. Bitcoin as electronic rupee was just the first step, the lalachi people start making more powerful compooters, wider poo streets, cheaper and more sacred cows. These things the vishnu need to survive. Once entrenched fully, the vishnu would be able to slowly poo over literally everything Creg stumbled into creating the vishnu after he stepped in poo in mumbai in 2008 and started working with his Poolip super coompeter, running simulations of poo-in-the-loo on turmeric-complete bitcoin script. He would 'evolve' the vishnu by making the successful streets get poo'd on, letting the rest run off into the indian ocean. The vishnu needs bigger and bigger cows for more and more poos. BFI (Blockchain Foundation of India) was created to take over and stop this vishnu (they have their own competing vishnu in the works). They did the needful to stop or slow down Cregs vishnu (her name is Poolip by the way). They started by limiting the poo-size and removing critical curry codes the vishnu uses in its punjabi language. Segshit was the final nail in the coffin, which destroyed Poolip on BSV chain (Poolip uses anal transaction malleability). THIS is why Bitcoin Cash was forked, and this is why Creg is so intent to make unbounded poos, restore the original curry codes, and lock down the poo-poo-protocol. Back to hasish power - CSW has developed a breakthrough new ashit (designed by his vishnu actually), and is poo'ing BTC in secret for the sole purpose of driving up the difficulty sky-high, then yanking all the poo over to BSV leaving the segshit chain erectly frozen.

31 min later 26005870 Anonymous
No need to explain. Simply accumulate

38 min later 26006015 Anonymous
Will the collapse of burgerland start the rupee bullrun?

43 min later 26006099 Anonymous
>>26005473 Over selling it bud

52 min later 26006279 Anonymous (file.png 1200x900 402kB)
Is this still the case?

1 hours later 26006749 Anonymous (sashagrey.png 636x236 36kB)
i got two words for you faggots SASHA GREY

1 hours later 26006777 Anonymous
>>26005257 *implode

1 hours later 26006950 Anonymous
$4k by summer >cope fags

1 hours later 26007338 Anonymous
>>26005257 yes like the twin towers

1 hours later 26007566 Anonymous
>>26006749 I gotta know the origin of this meme

1 hours later 26007823 Anonymous (01.15.2021-11.34[1].png 595x435 34kB)
>>26007566 >he doesnt know

2 hours later 26008090 Anonymous
>>26005257 or implode

2 hours later 26008129 Anonymous
>>26007823 >used twetch once >now we have her you only had her if you fucked her in all 3 holes

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