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2021-01-15 09:27 26005061 Anonymous WTFWT (1606738500060.jpg 620x348 70kB)
Unironically this time

2 min later 26005108 Anonymous
>crabs 5 cents towards north >wtfwt

3 min later 26005127 Anonymous
>>26005061 linkbtc is bottomed out. btc snibbing. dominance peepeepoopooing. link usd near ath. yeah im thinking this is it as long as btc doesnt shit the bed which is will because they need to surpress link again.

6 min later 26005201 Anonymous
>>26005061 chainlinks in your image appear to have been placed over ducks (nothern pintails in fact) in this particular kino serial later on in this series, the main character (played by the late james gandolfini) has a panic attack when the ducks fly away for the season, symbolizing him losing the things he held dearly to him how would this relate to the future of chainlink, may i ask, op?

8 min later 26005243 Anonymous
fuck I cant sleep anons. theres an unshakable feeling deep inside of me that tomorrow will be a big day for the ol stinker. big uppie or big downie. ive taken so many xans, trazadones, and eddies to sleep peacefully but still can’t. tell me it’ll all be okay and I’ll wake up to $33 link

10 min later 26005285 Anonymous
>>26005243 its going back down to 16 or so.

10 min later 26005307 Anonymous
>>26005201 You won’t. More likely 16 than over 20. Tomorrow is 1M dump.

13 min later 26005365 Anonymous (New_Project_5.png 679x451 54kB)
>>26005243 Everytging will be fine fren

15 min later 26005389 Anonymous
>>26005108 That's a +27% of my initial investment, buddy.

17 min later 26005415 Anonymous
>>26005201 Just like our beloved link, they fly true north >>26005243 Peace be upon you brother, we will awaken to high link

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