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2021-01-15 09:27 26005058 Anonymous 1000 BTC (kb0da4uq3c6z.png 427x508 361kB)
I have a wallet I have touched since 2009 with exactly 1000 BTC. Should I move it to an exchange and sell them at market price just to fuck with the normies? I can always buy them back cheaper!

1 min later 26005075 Anonymous
>>26005058 Yes

1 min later 26005083 Anonymous
do it

1 min later 26005096 Anonymous
>>26005058 no you don't mods, ban larper for encouraging begging please, for once in your life, just do the right thing and ban these larpers

1 min later 26005098 Anonymous
>>26005058 If you give me some I'll help you dump the price.

3 min later 26005125 Anonymous
Please send me 1 btc I will put a sharpie in your mother's pooper

6 min later 26005208 Anonymous
>>26005098 I am going to sell them all in one transaction and see what happens. I will wake up early and do this while drinking my morning coffee.

8 min later 26005245 Anonymous
>>26005208 Holy fucking BASED

9 min later 26005262 Anonymous
>>26005096 Dilate pajeet

9 min later 26005271 Anonymous
>>26005208 I'll be checking for you anon :)

10 min later 26005298 Anonymous
>>26005208 I want to sell one also, I'd even sell half of one. 12n6Wm62Xoi3Kf7hMxM8Cb9Pe5rYmrozbr

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