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2021-01-15 09:26 26005056 Anonymous Learning about Crypto (Crypto-Knowledge-is-Power-compressor.jpg 1440x785 112kB)
What's a good place to learn about how to buy/sell crypto and how to decide and analyze a coin. Is there any good beginner course? Maybe a free video series somewhere .... Appreciate it.

6 min later 26005182 Anonymous
>>26005056 Just hang around here a while, learn to spot shills. Seriously. Fuck studying their applications and shit, it's all super-biased because they are the ones making and selling them

7 min later 26005207 Anonymous (1609721737860.jpg 325x307 15kB)
>>26005056 read as many threads as possible. Not even joking. Also this: https://walletinvestigator.herokuap p.com/

8 min later 26005247 Anonymous
None of that shit matters. Just invest in the crypto that looks like it will make money(you will be able to tell)

13 min later 26005349 Anonymous
>>26005056 check out coinbureau. the guy has a lot of useful videos on the topic of fundamental analysis. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIf ihSBT6Bc

19 min later 26005443 Anonymous
>>26005207 >>26005182 The thing is, basically on every thread you have people saying the exact opposite of each other... And without having a way to form your own opinion it gets confusing... Yk?

21 min later 26005482 Anonymous
>>26005443 you're supposed to verify what anons say. /biz/ gives you keywords that you then (re)search.

21 min later 26005483 Anonymous
>>26005349 Thanks, I'll look into it

24 min later 26005544 Anonymous
>>26005056 https://youtu.be/pWGLtjG-F5c

25 min later 26005562 Anonymous
>>26005482 same with checking their digits and how other people reply, this place is pretty fantastic really

32 min later 26005708 Anonymous
>>26005056 >https://walletinvestigator.herokua pp.com/ Watch youtubers such as Benjamin Cowen: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCR vqjQPSeaWn-uEx-w0XOIg Don't buy his stupid premium report, just watch to gain insight about the terminology used.

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