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2021-01-15 09:19 26004901 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210115-101556.jpg 1080x1039 144kB)
Ok, what the fuck is it and will it make me a rich man?

1 min later 26004930 Anonymous
>>25979495 You just missed a big thread about it

2 min later 26004951 Anonymous
>>26004901 Crypto exchange. Yes, it will, if it gains traction, because market cap is ridiculous right now - $1kk. Just see other exchanges' market cap and you will see x10-x1000 potential there.

4 min later 26004988 Anonymous
>>26004930 Thx >>26004951 That was what caught my eye

7 min later 26005051 Anonymous (rubdics.png 728x197 28kB)
they can add ANY blockchain... oh wait... its nothing

9 min later 26005097 Anonymous
>>26005051 Care to spoonfeed me why it is nothing?

19 min later 26005323 Anonymous (ErsjwoeXUAIikFg.jpg 1920x1080 275kB)
>>26005097 It's fuckin huge. He was being sarcastic. Roadmap coming very soon too. This could easily follow 1INCH. It offers more than that even.

22 min later 26005368 Anonymous
stay away shitcoin go to waves stay at staking

32 min later 26005573 Anonymous
>>26005368 Thank you sir, will go to waves

33 min later 26005598 Anonymous
>>26005573 Yes go to a half a billion mcap coin and miss out on literal x50 potential.

36 min later 26005658 Anonymous
>>26005598 I was trying to mimic a pajeet, lol. Yeah, market cap of 600 billions is literally the stop sign for mooning.

44 min later 26005806 Anonymous
aped 1.2 eth rugpull me fuckers

50 min later 26005922 Anonymous
>>26005806 Won't happen. Team is not anonymous.

51 min later 26005942 Anonymous
>>26005922 good literally bought the top lol can't wait

51 min later 26005949 Anonymous
>>26005806 Wont happen. Team is Aryan

53 min later 26005973 Anonymous
If I were to put 20 bucks on this, how much would it be a EOY?

54 min later 26005988 Anonymous
>>26005942 typical /biz/

56 min later 26006035 Anonymous
>>26005942 >The top is literally x2 from the bottom >Time to rugpull I don't think they are THAT retarded, anon. Rugpull is x3 at the very least.

1 hours later 26006116 Anonymous

1 hours later 26006641 Anonymous
Okay, putting 500eur in

1 hours later 26006665 Anonymous
>>26005973 The txn fee would be $20. Don't make trades this small on Uniswap. But theoretically, $1000

1 hours later 26006668 Anonymous
>>26005051 >>26005323 So it's an SNX competitor?

1 hours later 26006866 Anonymous
>>26005973 If this is not a scam, then I would say at least $200. But yeah, what this anon said >>26006665

1 hours later 26006915 Anonymous
>>26006668 I guess so. And SNX has x1000 bigger market cap, so I see big potential in this.

1 hours later 26007155 Anonymous (IMG-377f68d229c3a04c68c43ad25c6e950d-V.jpg 700x393 26kB)
I now own 53k Rubics I don't know what to feel

1 hours later 26007213 Anonymous
>>26007155 Well, if you are lucky, you can get $53k. If you are lucky as hell, you can get $530k.

1 hours later 26007310 Anonymous
>>26007213 Ngl, both feel absolutely comfy

2 hours later 26008037 Anonymous (volume_up.png 480x544 32kB)
Have you ever seen such volume increase, anons?

2 hours later 26008101 Anonymous
exchange to swap from any coin to any coin, dirt cheap, need I say more anon?

2 hours later 26008112 Anonymous

2 hours later 26008155 Anonymous
Also yeah I'll fucking buy why not. I hate taking out of my other stacks though but fuck it.

2 hours later 26008184 Anonymous
>>26008101 And $1kk market cap right now. This just cannot backfire, dev team is not anon, so they cannot rugpull and fuck everyone, and literally the shittiest multicoin exchange will have $10kk market cap MINIMUM.

2 hours later 26008241 Anonymous
>>26008184 fuck you i'll buy the top

2 hours later 26008256 Anonymous (6C5013DB-53B4-4B09-82A4-7BE9DA08A3F0.jpg 1280x720 99kB)
>>26004930 That thread made me a 52% ROI in the last 12 hours already

2 hours later 26008298 Anonymous
>>26004901 Sell now. Discord PND. Just use Kleros.

2 hours later 26008363 Anonymous
>>26008298 >Discord PND. Anon, I would actually think this is pump and dump, but it requires, you know, pump. For now it looks like bagholders (from MyWish?) do not realize what is exactly in their bags and why they should not dump it during the alt season.

2 hours later 26008406 Anonymous
>>26008298 >not having both

2 hours later 26008418 Anonymous
MyWish was so shit though

2 hours later 26008439 Anonymous
>>26008418 Well, I hope they have learned from their mistakes.

2 hours later 26008582 Anonymous

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