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2021-01-15 09:19 26004896 Anonymous Bitfinex dumped their ETH (kekkkkk.png 1231x529 41kB)
Guess what happens to ETH this week.

0 min later 26004913 Anonymous
>>26004896 they didnt dump it faggot I bought it

2 min later 26004947 Anonymous
>>26004896 lower exchange holdings are bullish

4 min later 26004983 Anonymous
>>26004896 Transferred to a new cold wallet, nice fud. Not selling my ETH until 5k

5 min later 26005024 Anonymous
they are not dumping. it's all being bought up by frenzied normies and institutions.

6 min later 26005026 Anonymous
>newfag can't into verifying transaction through blockchain FUDs are horribly embarrassing themselves like a Christian who doesn't know who never read his bible.

17 min later 26005265 Anonymous
You know they’re moving a lot of collateral to layer 2 to provide liquidity for Stakenet’s lightning and connext nodes.... right?

40 min later 26005723 Anonymous
>>26004896 If low exchange supply isn't a bullish signal, i don't know what is. OP is a retarded newfag. stay poor

43 min later 26005785 Anonymous
>>26005723 It means they are potentially insolvent

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