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2021-01-15 09:16 26004849 Anonymous (BTC.png 331x221 6kB)
New to biz and BTC, so is the idea to wait till the price booms, then sell, then buy again when its cheap again? Whats the catch? It sounds like free money?

2 min later 26004881 Anonymous
Make sure to use tedders to buy and then lock the price with a trezor.

3 min later 26004912 Anonymous
>>26004849 The catch is that no one can know if market is going up or down so is like gambling. The only way to make money is not sell and buy something that you believe

6 min later 26004980 Anonymous
>>26004912 halving cycles it's that easy

9 min later 26005035 Anonymous
>>26004912 Again im new to this, is plus500 a good site to use to buy and sell BTC? >>26004881 What are tedders and trezor?

10 min later 26005057 Anonymous
>>26004849 Greed and emotions get on way

14 min later 26005137 Anonymous (Screenshot (878).png 866x553 89kB)
>>26004849 Ssshhhh you discovered a rare cheat code. >>26004980 >>26005057 These points too.

15 min later 26005160 Anonymous
>>26004849 You can just hold too. And buy shitty coins in case they go up, then convert to bitcoin. If you buy and sell you can easily get left behind, a lot of people recently sold at 28k because it was bound to crash, but it didn't crash until 40k and even then crashed only to the 30's, so the people who sold at 28k hoping to buy back got fucked over

16 min later 26005189 Anonymous
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19 min later 26005249 Anonymous
>>26004849 protip though, don't buy btc, it's one of the worst coins

20 min later 26005267 Anonymous
>>26005035 Plus500 is the worst. You're not buying bitcoin but a derivative on it called CFD, contract for difference. It is leveraged, meaning risk and reward are amplified. Given the volatility of bitcoin, you're going to end up losing your money if you use any CFD instrument on bitcoin. Just use a legit exchange such as Kraken for example.

20 min later 26005288 Anonymous
>>25999999 what was it

21 min later 26005292 Anonymous
>>26004980 halvings are completely priced in.

22 min later 26005321 Anonymous (1589437486600.jpg 1453x1614 122kB)
All TA based on halving cycles indicate the top would be in Oct-Dec 2021, with a price in the 300k range. But normie sentiment analysis indicates the top is already almost in. If the normies are already in, the shoe shiners, Katty Perry, etc. who will buy the bags, and give it another x10? How the fuck could this sustain for 10 more months? Is this a new paradigm shift, or is it already over?

23 min later 26005351 Anonymous
>>26004849 being this fucking new, hahahaa the markets will first teach you humility. They will take almost everything you own. You WILL feel miserable, you will feel ecstatic, you will feel like god. You will feel like a fool. The markets are my friend, they show me who I truly am.

26 min later 26005385 Anonymous
>>26004849 >wait till the price booms, then sell, then buy again when its cheap again Other way around friend, buy high / sell low, the /biz/ way.

30 min later 26005454 Anonymous
>>26004849 >It sounds like free money? You think that's good, check this out. Literally all you need to do is make a 1% profit per day on a $100 initial investment, reinvest, repeat. Are you ready to turn a hundred bucks into $50k with nothing more than a pathetic 1% gain per day? Even a monkey could do that. Check these stats: >day 1: $100 >day 20: $120 >day 60: $179 >day 120: $327 >day 240: $1,078 >day 360: $3,559 >day 720: $47,302

32 min later 26005513 Anonymous
>>26004849 >so is the idea to wait till the price booms, then sell, then buy again when its cheap again? Sort of. But you don't sell for fiat. You sell for other cryptos. And then buy back btc again with that crypto. Start looking at crypto charts in sats rather than, or as well as usd.

34 min later 26005529 Anonymous
>>26005321 available supply, it's dwindling

37 min later 26005606 Anonymous
>>26005513 >You sell for other cryptos. And then buy back btc again with that crypto why? Why not just sell crypto for the cash?

37 min later 26005608 Anonymous
>>26004849 It's free money when people are buying. Problem is that when selling outstrips buying, the price tanks and you either have to severely undercut the price and hope someone tries to foolishly trade the dump or market-sell and hope you don't get assraped. Ideally you predict the dump and sell beforehand so you can guarantee profits.

37 min later 26005609 Anonymous
>>26005454 So buy, wait until it rises 1%, then sell and wait until the next day? Also it would need to be higher because of fucking fees

40 min later 26005680 Anonymous
>>26004849 Yes it’s that easy. There’s no catch. People are retarded and make it harder than it needs to be.

47 min later 26005796 Anonymous
>>26005606 Because cash is useless. It loses you money. BTC in the long run always makes you money. And a lot.

48 min later 26005825 Anonymous (1610520420618.jpg 577x670 251kB)
>>26004849 Well it requires a stable income first. You buy when it pumps, so around a new ATH. Then you wait until dump, hodl some years over slow decline and then sell at ATL. Takes patience but I did it multiple times

51 min later 26005873 Anonymous
>>26004849 How do you know where the top and the bottom is?

1 hours later 26006128 Anonymous
>>26005267 How reliable is Kraken? Is that the standard way to buy?

1 hours later 26006312 Anonymous
>>26006128 Kraken is very reliable, however the site can get 404 when BTC crashes/pumps due to many users. I find Bitstamp more stable and user friendly, but they have less crypto available e.g. Monero<>Fiat is only on Kraken

1 hours later 26006438 Anonymous
>>26006312 So once I want to sell my crypto on Kraken, is it easy to get money out to my account?

1 hours later 26006596 Anonymous
>>26006438 Sure. But you have to be a KYC account first as with all fiat exchanges

1 hours later 26006692 Anonymous
>>26006596 So after I have the KYC then I can just cash out my crypto into money in my bank account? No other funny business? A buddy of mine told me to get cash from crypto you need to buy gold with it then sell the gold for cash?

1 hours later 26006771 Anonymous
>>26006692 Most banks are banning you from turning btc into fiat/real cash , I would avoid any crypto's if i we're you and start going into DCA's and EFT's , this board is full of scammers and losers on the front end of crypto's

1 hours later 26006834 Anonymous
>>26006771 Why do banks ban it?

1 hours later 26006840 Anonymous
>>26005035 Don't listen to him. Just store your money in different, but unrisky exchanges (like Kraken). You can react faster to changes and it is pretty safe nowadays, unlike MtGox back in the day. Storing on the blockchain always has the risk of being hacked. Eg malicious script in paper wallet generator or malicious USB-dongle eg trezor etc or scammy pajeet tier wallet app...

1 hours later 26006871 Anonymous
>>26005529 sure is >900 btc mined a day >paypal, greyscale and fidelity are buying more then 900 a day normies are about to get priced out and cucked hard they will only be able to afford a few thousand satoshis via greyscale shares

1 hours later 26006903 Anonymous
>>26004912 it only goes up in the long run, it's not gambling it's literally free money and retards keep panic selling every time, we buy up the dip and it reaches a new ATH

1 hours later 26006904 Anonymous
>>26006834 its a scam

1 hours later 26006931 Anonymous
>>26006840 >You can react faster to changes that's how you lose money. The chad move is to hodl for eternity

1 hours later 26006963 Anonymous
>>26006692 >A buddy of mine told me to get cash from crypto you need to buy gold with it then sell the gold for cash? He was probably thinking about tax evasion stuff.

1 hours later 26007015 Anonymous
>>26004849 >Whats the catch? It sounds like free money? ok give it a show and come back to us when you realise you don't know wtf ur doing anticipating the market and trading crypto and lost a wad of cash

1 hours later 26007116 Anonymous
>>26007015 Im here asking arnt I?

1 hours later 26007178 Anonymous
>>26006771 Source?

1 hours later 26007332 Anonymous
>>26006771 source?

2 hours later 26007454 Anonymous
>>26004849 It sounds easy but sometimes people buy high and then sell low.

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