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2021-01-15 09:08 26004670 Anonymous (20210115_000713.jpg 3024x3893 2137kB)
Wage cage life. Wage cage life. Life is good when you're in the wage cage.

1 min later 26004702 Anonymous
>>26004670 I remember that port lmao. You were in an union last time right?

2 min later 26004735 Anonymous
>>26004670 night shift is sick though, whats wrong with you

4 min later 26004767 Anonymous
Looks kinda comfy working at a port. I'm sure your union too with decent pay and benefits so what's the problem?

4 min later 26004782 Anonymous (Capture (3).jpg 992x774 49kB)
Wagies gonna wage lol

6 min later 26004819 Anonymous
>tfw be wealthy but keep working to look like a normie

7 min later 26004835 Anonymous
>>26004670 Jonny Benitoez?

10 min later 26004888 Anonymous
>>26004767 It must feel good, going port to port, everytime I cum I produce a quart

10 min later 26004895 Anonymous
>>26004670 Sounds like an awesome job. Literally someone's childhood dream tier.

12 min later 26004942 Anonymous
Looks like you work at a GTA mission spot as an NPC

16 min later 26005019 Anonymous (20210107_030329.jpg 2445x1344 671kB)
>>26004942 Thats basically my life.

17 min later 26005038 Anonymous
>>26004767 Who said there was a problem?

18 min later 26005065 Anonymous
>>26005019 >>26005038 How do you get a job in this line of work?

19 min later 26005076 Anonymous
>>26004895 good pay oo

19 min later 26005078 Anonymous
>>26005065 Nepotism or luck. Definitely not through merit.

20 min later 26005111 Anonymous
>>26005078 Yeah now I'm 100% sure it's you

21 min later 26005130 Anonymous
>>26004767 i know those union port jobs pay really well like $130k.

24 min later 26005194 Anonymous
>>26004670 Have you seen season 2 of the Wire?

30 min later 26005330 Anonymous
>>26005194 Yes. I watched it when it aired in 2003.

33 min later 26005372 Anonymous
>>26004670 >play big boy tetris all night for money I'm honestly jealous OP.

35 min later 26005409 Anonymous
>>26005019 Have you been exploded by a MKll Oppressor yet?

38 min later 26005459 Anonymous
>>26004670 Make the most of it port anon. Soon it'll all be gone.

39 min later 26005481 Anonymous
>>26004670 RAP WITH ME BOYS, 1...2...3...SHEEEEEIT! >these niggas dont know >bout my huge portfolio >I GOT BIG NUTS >bix nood >buy eth

40 min later 26005507 Anonymous (20210115_004818.jpg 1501x1772 623kB)
>>26005409 No but I slammed the door on my pinky finger once.

41 min later 26005524 Anonymous
>>26004670 Stevedoers are compensated ridiculously well in Nordics.

47 min later 26005664 Anonymous
>>26004670 I've done this mission in GTA.

50 min later 26005706 Anonymous
>>26004782 wtf is the answer to this

52 min later 26005741 Anonymous
>>26005706 D

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