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2021-01-15 09:08 26004658 Anonymous (Kava_vs_Kratom.jpg 600x600 62kB)
I dont know about you guys, but NOTHING is better like a nice celebratory glass of kratom when your portfolio is up. I'm sure some others feel this way too. Ive been looking for something new and just ordered some kava. Any anon reviews?

2 min later 26004722 Anonymous
Tried and currently have some kratom, but I've never tried Kava and am unfamiliar with it... Is it said to be largely similar or something?

3 min later 26004740 Anonymous
Just ordered some kratom for the first time and it comes on saturday. Does it help with social anxiety?

4 min later 26004766 Anonymous
i quit buying kratom for more crypto money, but i do like it

4 min later 26004775 Anonymous
>>26004722 Yeah it's like the brother of kratom supposedly. But it's more of a tea and acts on the body differently. Kratom acts on opioid receptors, kava acts as a muscle relaxant through other means and on dopamine receptors.

5 min later 26004791 Anonymous
>>26004658 The brew tastes rather metallic and has a lot of grit to it, but you don't drink it for the flavor. I feel more present-minded when I drink it, and it helps relieve some muscle tension from a back injury I suffered years ago. Some people get the shits when they drink more than a few shells. I am one of those people. I've only had kratom in a capsule so I can't comment on any similarity betwern the two.

6 min later 26004805 Anonymous
>>26004740 Yes. You just have to find the right dosage. Once you find it, its game on. Nothing like it.

7 min later 26004824 Anonymous
>>26004658 i love kratom. it saved my life. i kept relapsing on heroin and overdosing, i couldn't get off cold turkey. suboxone made me want to kill myself and i didn't want to deal with the methadone clinic fuckery. kratom literally saved my life. kava is more akin to an herbal benzo, it has an interesting effect where the first time doesn't usually work but the 2nd or 3rd does. i've heard you have to make sure your supplier is good, as many times its inactive. it feels good though, i used to go to a kava bar and read on rainy afternoons. >>26004740 yes fren, but make sure you don't start drinking it 3-4x day and increasing your dose or you will build a tolerance and have to deal with the pain of withdrawal >>26004775 fun fact: kratom is the closest relative to coffee

8 min later 26004854 Anonymous
lowers testosterone when used regularly like opiates

8 min later 26004856 Anonymous
>>26004740 for social anxiety, phenibut also is very helpful but you really, really don't want to get addicted to that. it's good for once/twice a week, never daily. good luck! you know what helped me the most with social anxiety? realizing that everybody else is just as anxious as me, and probably not paying attention to me hardly at all.

10 min later 26004873 Anonymous
>>26004740 I don't socialize much and my anxiety went down as I've gotten older anyways, but I can see how it would yeah. First few times I took kratom I felt euphoric most of the day, but after that I just experienced a softer mood boosting effect.. Don't find it addictive in the slightest personally, I often forget I have some in my pantry. >>26004775 Thanks... I wonder what taking both would feel like.

10 min later 26004876 Anonymous
>>26004824 Yep. Ive become addicted (2-4 scoops a day) but im moving to korea for a year this month where its illegal. So I have no choice. It will be brutal. But hopefully Kava will be there when I need it. As something celebratory, at the least. But with kratom I would take it before literally *any* situation.

11 min later 26004905 Anonymous
>>26004658 I've never really "felt" kratom at all, just a little buzz and some nausea. Not nearly anything like drinking, smoking herb, or even popping a xanny Then again I've tried heroin (nasally) and morphine (IV) and didn't get the big deal with them either. Some people have a lower response to opioids than others, maybe I'm just lucky.

17 min later 26005036 Anonymous
Just admit youre an opiate fiend and use the superior heroin

22 min later 26005138 Anonymous
>>26004658 All the Tongan boys I used to build stonewall with drank kava. It is a relaxant, you kind of get that feeling like having just 1 alcohol drink no matter how much kava you drink. Helps with sleep, will relax and rejuvenate you. Great after doing manual labor. Great when paired with weed. Kind of tastes like drinking mushroom dirt water, so not for taste queens.

24 min later 26005178 Anonymous
>>26005138 All I need is that tangible headchange/body warmth for laying in bed and listening to music and reading about crypto after a long day at the funny farm

25 min later 26005193 Anonymous

28 min later 26005272 Anonymous
>>26005178 You won't get a head change from it. You'll notice your tongue is tingly and maybe a bit numb, and you will feel relaxed. CBD is a good comparison. Not a "high" effect though.

28 min later 26005274 Anonymous
>>26005193 Lol if its bad for your liver, then mine is fucking destroyed. Working fine so far though

29 min later 26005302 Anonymous
>>26005272 Fuck.

30 min later 26005315 Anonymous
Learn how to use TOR and the Darknet like the rest of us functional people and buy edibles instead.

31 min later 26005336 Anonymous
>>26004876 I bet you would be fine traveling with it in carryon. Just buy several bags and put it in like a matcha tea container or anything similar. Sure slight risk but I'd say its negligible. Ive done it before with kratom and GHB

33 min later 26005374 Anonymous
>>26005315 Not all of us enjoy a marijuana high

35 min later 26005398 Anonymous
I drank kratom and got passed off idk. It was a weird hipster bar with vaping smelly looking dudes kinda like here.

36 min later 26005416 Anonymous
Pissed off*

43 min later 26005560 Anonymous
Has anyone tried anything else? Blue lotus extract? Kanna?

46 min later 26005621 Anonymous
It's alright, kind a mellow. Maybe nice if you are nervous but I wouldn't call it an edge. It's more likely a handicap, but it's nice to not feel on edge. I used to take it after falling while cycling. If you want to trade maybe try Modafinil, although there's a lot more bad side effects that come with the benefits it has.

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