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2021-01-15 09:05 26004599 Anonymous (file.png 1400x787 994kB)
PRQ broke it's ATH a few hours ago. Collab with AAVE announced Payment company collab coming up this month. We're in price discovery phase right now. Time to get some PRQ before you're priced out. 5$ EOM This is like the early link.

2 min later 26004652 Anonymous
For the people that want to buy, don't FOMO now!

4 min later 26004695 Anonymous
I was gonna say that $5 was unlikely but aave announcement seriously out preformed my expectations. If it's circle it may be $2 eom for sure.

9 min later 26004811 Anonymous
>>26004695 $2 is a question of hours

12 min later 26004864 Anonymous
Where to buy now?

12 min later 26004865 Anonymous
this is such bullshit. i cant believe this is taking off when it has 1/1000 the usage that the graph does.

12 min later 26004867 Anonymous
>>26004652 FOMO later!

13 min later 26004898 Anonymous
>>26004865 HAHAHAHHHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA this is why you retards will never make it

14 min later 26004918 Anonymous
After FOMOing in past 5 times, I've learnt my lesson. I'll be patient and wait for a correction

17 min later 26004967 Anonymous
>>26004918 KEK It’s not even start yet See ya poor fag

18 min later 26004996 Anonymous
>>26004865 thanks for the laugh i still hold some GRT though just in case some retards moon it PRQ is the three year hold though

22 min later 26005072 Anonymous (8tlcxcyevt161.jpg 306x306 16kB)
>>26004967 haven't heard that one before

25 min later 26005134 Anonymous
>>26005072 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oy3 pZE73Anw ngmi

27 min later 26005174 Anonymous
>>26004996 Just stake it brah What point of never selling don’t you understand

1 hours later 26006148 Anonymous
>>26004865 they're not even the same product ?

1 hours later 26006232 Anonymous
What anons dont understand is that parsiq does offer similar services to the graph. Yes, they're not the exact same thing, but yes also they are similar useful tools for developers. PRQ is only getting started. Easy 10x throughout 2021. I'm way up, but havent even considered selling.

1 hours later 26006314 Anonymous
AAVE havent even announced yet. This pump is PRE AAVE! $2 eom confirmed.

1 hours later 26006541 Anonymous
>>26004918 Just DCA into it

1 hours later 26006570 Anonymous
>>26004652 I keep hearing this but no one is predicting a good buy in price, it’s like your saying this so we can miss the train

1 hours later 26006600 Anonymous
>>26006570 dude you are aware it can pull a 200% out of nowhere right?

1 hours later 26006618 Anonymous (photo_2020-12-20_09-00-19.jpg 279x170 10kB)
Parsiq will be top 10 at some point. I might sell a few then but all my tokens are going in the lending pool as soon as it launches.

1 hours later 26006678 Anonymous

1 hours later 26006709 Anonymous
>>26006570 No can tell you a buy in price since AAVE haven't tweeted about the integration yet which is due to happen soon. I think 85c-90c if you can before that.

1 hours later 26006722 Anonymous
>>26006618 Is there minimum amount what you can put in the pool?

1 hours later 26006767 Anonymous
>>26006570 All I can do is explain the factors. 1) if AAVE tweets about the partnership it will pump again. This could be tomorrow or never. 2) If parsiq announces their payment processor collab tomorrow it will pump again. If they don't you have the weekend to find a dip. This announcement will come within 4wks. 3) if any company using Parsiq sees the price jump and wants to lock in their services on the cheap, they will buy tokens and it will pump. You may be able to get in 75-85 if no patience swingers sell before any of the above happen. But if any of the above happen 90¢ dips will be unlikely.

1 hours later 26006805 Anonymous
>>26006767 Also potential listing

1 hours later 26006909 Anonymous
>>26006805 And lending protocol. But those are probably a month or more away. These motherfuckers need to go look at a link chart and see how much of an impact 85-95¢ is

1 hours later 26006914 Anonymous (1 srUfAHe_YFkKwTgTbvC2hQ.png 262x262 35kB)
>>26006722 Nothing mentioned about it yet.

1 hours later 26007115 Anonymous
>>26004599 Token not needed

2 hours later 26007325 Anonymous
>>26004599 Very interesting. I've just bought some PRQ and gonna buy more. Can you say something regarding AAVE? I own 2,9 without really knowing when I bought them. Must have been after the 2017 bloodbath. So right now I got like 411$ - Is aave some hot shit that might even increase further?

2 hours later 26007368 Anonymous
>>26006618 Lending pool? Could you please elaborate?

2 hours later 26007392 Anonymous
>>26006570 honestly don't ever buy anything until around 7am pst thats when btc dips and all coins go down for a while I've been buying everyday around 7am and selling around ath or 1am pst

2 hours later 26007420 Anonymous
>>26004599 >This is like early _____. Thanks, not buying.

2 hours later 26007589 Anonymous (photo_2020-11-16_07-53-17.jpg 632x632 58kB)
>>26007368 https://blog.parsiq.net/parsiqs-new -iq-protocol/ It's some sexy shit.

2 hours later 26007629 Anonymous
ya im not buying now, maybe when it drops to 60 again

2 hours later 26007695 Anonymous
>>26007589 Okay, interesting but why would somebody want to borrow PRQ? And who guarantuees the lenders to be paid back?

2 hours later 26007927 Anonymous (photo_2021-01-12_18-27-15.jpg 1059x1200 126kB)
>>26007695 You don't ever give the tokens, you hold them and they borrow the hold, every service requires tokens to be held. So customers either need to buy or borrow tokens. Absolutely risk free with a variable APY based on demand. Parsiq will integrate with everyone on and off chain, they will have customers requiring millions of tokens. I am very excited.

2 hours later 26007976 Anonymous
>>26004865 >happy im making grt gains >see this >not happy anymore

2 hours later 26008319 Anonymous
>>26007927 Thanks again.Unfortunately, I only have 150 PRQ, but hey - let them reach 4$ and I am happy.

2 hours later 26008374 Anonymous
>>26008319 Gains are gains mate. Good luck.

3 hours later 26009319 Anonymous
>>26008319 4$ end of Q1

3 hours later 26009347 Anonymous
we telling our biz bros literally since 6months prq is the next link. every altcoin generation has got his winners. 1 generation was btc, 2. eth, 3.link and now in the new 4. circle it is prq my chads.

3 hours later 26009360 Anonymous (16833F0F-423F-4908-8EB6-38CD011BBDC1.jpg 680x717 185kB)
Why does holding this coin make me feel like I’ve already made it? I still need it to hit $100 from here but I know it’s just a matter of time. Cheers, frens, wagmi.

3 hours later 26009497 Anonymous
it is not hard to buy prq, it is hard not to sell, if we go higher, imagine u sell at 3$ and this goes to 10 and more

3 hours later 26009542 Anonymous
>>26009497 Just live off the lending.

4 hours later 26010126 Anonymous
>>26009542 I am still very sceptical towards this approach.

4 hours later 26010178 Anonymous
>>26009542 >>26010126 Yeah there's no info on how profitable that will even be or how much is required to worth it. It could be more profitable to sell and seek passive income elsewhere

4 hours later 26010253 Anonymous
>>26010178 If you are a ICO on coinmetro you get 12% annual on the bond. basically double % from most high paying dividend stocks

4 hours later 26010663 Anonymous
>>26010178 True but I don't really need the money for anything so I'm holding for top 10. I will lend and seek gems with the passive income.

4 hours later 26010987 Anonymous (6tld84getjs31.jpg 250x202 8kB)
>>26009360 and that is only 10b mc. I'm gonna wait it out to like 50-100b mc.

4 hours later 26011091 Anonymous
>>26010987 retiring at 10 mil sire?

4 hours later 26011100 Anonymous
>>26010663 If this hits top 10 I will unironically become a millionaire so I'm trying to remain skeptical

4 hours later 26011137 Anonymous
>>26011100 checked, wagmi fren

4 hours later 26011165 Anonymous
>>26011100 1) same. 2) it will. 3) just hold and don't even think about skepticism or anything. perceive this as the most important bet of our lifetimes we happened to get in on early.

4 hours later 26011371 Anonymous (Achroo..png 657x527 21kB)
We going to China!

5 hours later 26011521 Anonymous
>>26011091 never retiring, I love what I do and it gives my life meaning. desu my life will change very little and the money will just be a safety net for me and my loved ones.

5 hours later 26011624 Anonymous
>>26011521 Based serfdom

5 hours later 26011669 Anonymous
>>26011521 I'm 21 so I'm at least semi-retiring. Gonna find a girl and finna explore.

5 hours later 26011702 Anonymous
Bros I dumped 20k at $0.99 to cover my initial and I'm holding the other 80k forever. LFG.

5 hours later 26011876 Anonymous
is a suicide stack fine for a 21 year old? (10,000)

5 hours later 26011948 Anonymous
>>26011876 yeah as long as you don't sell it before $100

5 hours later 26012104 Anonymous
>>26011669 yeah, I'm older than you and went through that phase. it will get old quicker than you think. if you have a passion, try to pursue it and build your skills. money only will never give you the fulfilment you need. finally reminder to not let anyone (yes even your parents) around you know how wealthy you are - IT WILL bite you in the ass badly and kill many relationships. just reassure people that you are doing fine, never disclosing your actual wealth.

5 hours later 26012200 Anonymous
>>26012104 This guy knows money.

5 hours later 26012285 Anonymous
>>26012104 thank you dearly based olderfag anon.

5 hours later 26012384 Anonymous
>>26012104 Is this jack ma?

5 hours later 26012570 Anonymous (86sooxn32v461.jpg 1125x757 54kB)
>>26012384 yes I am in heaven fren

5 hours later 26012626 Anonymous
>>26012570 what do you do? I'm looking to get into FinTech or cybersecurity or a master's in physics.

5 hours later 26012714 Anonymous
>>26012104 Nice

5 hours later 26012803 Anonymous
>>26012626 go for cyber security (CISSP). My job is literally throwing money at me for switching from what I do now to become an information security officer

5 hours later 26012911 Anonymous
>>26012626 I am a automotive designer. Do whatever you like best, I am not familiar with those fields so cant comment.

5 hours later 26012936 Anonymous
>>26012803 anon you are unequivocally based.

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