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2021-01-15 09:02 26004535 Anonymous LINK (981C7D94-4671-4CED-9492-41999AD7992B.jpg 828x1792 204kB)
Anyone else buy LINK because that archangel said so on /pol/?

49 min later 26005563 Anonymous
do you have the link?

49 min later 26005591 Anonymous
>>26004535 link to post?

50 min later 26005594 Anonymous
>>26004535 i buyded because of the assblaster shills, dca at 30c OK;LG

1 hours later 26006046 Anonymous
>>26005591 Nah man it was a week or 2 ago but the bloke had the post ID had an Israel flag. The angle was saying a lot of strange/interesting things. And when asked how to make $100k this year he simply replied chain link

1 hours later 26006084 Anonymous
no i bought it because of assblaster

1 hours later 26006101 Anonymous
>>26006046 >>26004535 post the archive >not saving every interesting larp

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