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2021-01-15 08:59 26004457 Anonymous (images (38).jpg 336x437 11kB)
AĆ aaaaaaaaaaaaah Sold ETH at 1180 and now is mooning

3 min later 26004526 Anonymous
>>26004457 Once you sell you have to hiking or camping and ignore for a few days so you don't die

4 min later 26004560 Anonymous (1609691079316.jpg 400x400 16kB)
>>26004457 Why do you faggots never learn?

4 min later 26004564 Anonymous
>>26004457 when will you mongoloids learn to stop selling?

7 min later 26004620 Anonymous
>>26004526 i second this

12 min later 26004751 Anonymous (951B3ABF-BE58-469A-90A0-44685E612079.jpg 773x1000 111kB)
>trading in a de-centralized crypto for meme fiat dollars >in the midst of an obvious attempt by central banks to btfo their own currency so they can transition us to a new monetary system Why do retards keep doing this?

15 min later 26004804 Anonymous
The highest volume pairs involve USDT >Tether has to go to court today >everything USDT pumps Yikes. Dump inbound.

16 min later 26004831 Anonymous
>>26004457 Low IQ

16 min later 26004842 Anonymous
>>26004751 You should at least get back as much fiat as you put in. I'm going to sell a third of my ether at 1450. this covers the rest and a bit extra. if I goes to 20k great I'll have a bunch. if it goes back to a buck than no big deal I didn't lose anything. this applies to gambling as well.

35 min later 26005235 Anonymous
wut a dipshit

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