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2021-01-15 08:58 26004428 Anonymous Build.Finance (4CFCD31B-E70B-4539-9692-816EE7AA9A42.jpg 400x400 10kB)
What is Basis Gold? >If you know, you know

5 min later 26004543 Anonymous
>>26004428 Shill me on this I can’t afford another scam

6 min later 26004570 Anonymous
Pajeet scam /thread

18 min later 26004850 Anonymous
>>26004428 Isn’t there only like 500 of these which makes it extremely volatile and valuable too holds. Can I cop on uni

34 min later 26005162 Anonymous
$400 EOM. iykyk, not going to spoonfeed you. just look at when expansion starts on basis gold.

36 min later 26005211 Anonymous
>>26005162 spoon feed us faggot

40 min later 26005320 Anonymous
>>26005162 400 for build finance? It tanked pretty hard today...

44 min later 26005388 Anonymous
>>26005320 it was $7 a week ago, not surprising we saw a sell-off https://etherscan.io/address/0xe787 deec0be77db98a1294193e2c1600c8a8687 d why do you think this wallet is stacking build? he knows..

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