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2021-01-15 08:57 26004403 Anonymous (Combined.jpg 636x527 113kB)
These articles will keep on going until Bitcoin collapses to $20k-$10k Maybe you don't give a fuck about any of them, but the normies will

1 min later 26004432 Anonymous
when the FUD wears off and the price hasn't crashed , the bull run resumes

1 min later 26004443 Anonymous
>>26004403 The jew fears the uninflatable crypto currency

1 min later 26004451 Anonymous
>>26004403 The FUD has been consistent for a decade now.

2 min later 26004466 Anonymous
>>26004432 Idk, even Christine Lagarde is fud-ing BTC right now If they force exchanges to ban tether from trading, it's pretty much over, regardless if Tether is fraud or not

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