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2021-01-15 08:54 26004341 Anonymous Why did it fail? (images - 2021-01-15T033012.971.jpg 542x534 20kB)

0 min later 26004352 Anonymous
>>26004341 don't care virgin

0 min later 26004356 Anonymous
poo willy bum

1 min later 26004366 Anonymous

1 min later 26004370 Anonymous
>>26004341 fuck off pajeet

1 min later 26004373 Anonymous
Nazi platform for nazis and Trump supporters who are also nazis and bad people.

2 min later 26004396 Anonymous
>>26004341 still going strong in price tho

5 min later 26004467 Anonymous
>>26004341 Because newfags missed it. Now that "insert shitcoin" is the new Bitcoin. The cycle starts again only this time me and my low iq late adopter friends get rich.

5 min later 26004471 Anonymous
>>26004373 I'm not even going to read your stupid Nazi meme FUD. We are finally returning to normal and we will be well on our way passed 60k this time next week.

5 min later 26004472 Anonymous
>>26004373 This. Bitcoin funds Nazism.

6 min later 26004481 Anonymous
>>26004472 wait, do we think thats good or bad?

6 min later 26004484 Anonymous
>>26004467 keke

6 min later 26004486 Anonymous
>>26004471 Copy pasta

6 min later 26004488 Anonymous
>>26004341 The same reason the first anything fails New tech not polished / finished

7 min later 26004506 Anonymous
>>26004481 thats based, only the normie NPC doesn't approve that thought

7 min later 26004518 Anonymous
>>26004481 We do if we want Biden to FUD it.

35 min later 26005116 Anonymous
We should thank the fudders. This rally was overheating.

40 min later 26005234 Anonymous (84E26DF4-43E7-4041-8DFD-6B7C670F222F.jpg 945x634 60kB)
Today is the day

2.368 0.022