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2021-01-15 08:51 26004266 Anonymous (wat.jpg 589x441 36kB)
Tell me this man isn't working for Bitcoin anymore

1 min later 26004308 Anonymous
he isnt wrong

29 min later 26004943 Anonymous
Fees? Is this an american thing?

37 min later 26005103 Anonymous
>>26004266 buying btc IS fucking stupid if you're a poor normie faggot

38 min later 26005128 Anonymous
>>26004943 >not tipping the computation provider rude

39 min later 26005139 Anonymous
the dump bobos predicted since 13k took us down from 34 to 32k rofl don’t run for this shit be a smart dude now the best options is staking, high-liquidity services, NFT and multi-level pools that’s why join modern poolz finance, you will like it lmao

43 min later 26005237 Anonymous
>>26005128 >tipping Kek So it is an american thing

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