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2021-01-15 08:51 26004255 Anonymous Is link actually going to pump? (73B9B6A3-3997-4E1F-A79B-38AD3859C57B.jpg 125x99 3kB)
Is link actually going to pump or are we going to see another inevitable dump at 20

0 min later 26004275 Anonymous

1 min later 26004284 Anonymous
it's unironically over. the pump lost so much steam.

1 min later 26004291 Anonymous
Bitcoin will dump, bringing link back down to $15 again

3 min later 26004346 Anonymous
>>26004284 Nah we'll get more juice. Sirgay doesn't have infinite bags

5 min later 26004379 Anonymous (wendy 3 레드벨벳 웬디 짐살라빔 고화질 직캠-13617866-[00.45.211-00.49.182].webm 710x1080 2658kB)
should i sell tomorrow or the day after tomorrow?

5 min later 26004399 Anonymous
>>26004379 Don't fucking sell

6 min later 26004429 Anonymous
>>26004379 The closes the price is to $20 the probability of a dump increases to 100%

7 min later 26004440 Anonymous
>>26004379 Sergey tweeted about staking LAST WEEK you fucking retard, don’t sell until staking hits Jesus christ

7 min later 26004445 Anonymous
>>26004255 i genuinely am starting to think it might pump. which usually means its about to dump. do what you will with that info.

9 min later 26004478 Anonymous
>>26004255 im prayin for that dump

9 min later 26004493 Anonymous
>>26004440 You figure that was really a dog whistle?

10 min later 26004498 Anonymous
>>26004379 Fake Hollywood Jewish American Consoomer culture.. Sick of Koreans

10 min later 26004507 Anonymous
it will dump because i am holding it

10 min later 26004508 Anonymous
>>26004379 link always pumps "tomorrow"

11 min later 26004536 Anonymous (6BBE0A2F-DF99-4EF9-A305-2392C7FDF295.jpg 750x1043 174kB)
Oh fug!

12 min later 26004553 Anonymous
Pum pump pump do not sell

12 min later 26004558 Anonymous
>>26004379 never

13 min later 26004567 Anonymous
>>26004379 If you sell now make sure to buy more ROPE

13 min later 26004575 Anonymous (wendy stare 3787987-[02.15.335-02.23.443].webm 1280x720 2516kB)
i am gonna sell tomorrow i don't want to risk it i'll by back at 13 or 15, not sure where it will dump.it's gonna dump somewhere between there

15 min later 26004625 Anonymous
i would have made more gains than people who hodl if i sell now, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. if goes down to 13.00 i am gonna laugh at all of you

16 min later 26004649 Anonymous
The second the arse falls out of bitcoin Link will go with it. That said, that'll just lead to a nice juicy accumulation phase and we'll see a record all time high later this year. I'm also tempted to swing a bit of Link, if it hits $20 I'll sell

17 min later 26004664 Anonymous
>40k sats crab yeah surely this time it will pump and not just follow BTC to the bottom of the ocean

18 min later 26004687 Anonymous
>>26004625 Hindsight is 20/20

18 min later 26004708 Anonymous
>>26004346 13 more weeks until yet another wallet turns on. It might as well be infinite since he doesn't need to slow down to stay flush with tokens.

20 min later 26004734 Anonymous
https://www.tradingview.com/symbols /LINKUSD/technicals/ the technicals still say strong buy. i'll sell it when no longer says that

21 min later 26004768 Anonymous
>>26004734 >ngmi

24 min later 26004827 Anonymous
>>26004768 it dumps every week. knowing this you can easily swing trade without fucking up you just can't fomo (buy at the top like a retard)

27 min later 26004879 Anonymous
>>26004255 Fair price for link is $2700

28 min later 26004902 Anonymous
>>26004879 link a 100 years from now will be like half a million dollars

28 min later 26004908 Anonymous
>>26004664 No, it's still too reliant on bitcoin

28 min later 26004910 Anonymous
Honestly a small retrace to reset oscillators before breaking ath wouldn't be too bad

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