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2021-01-15 08:49 26004206 Anonymous Statera (1609809567100.png 300x300 56kB)
We never ever go below 7c again. Volume in the Stanos pool and price are increasing steadily and no more sell pressure from hacker and Chinese whale. Get ready for the fantastic weeks guys.

2 min later 26004260 Anonymous
What caused the volume spike yesterday anon??

4 min later 26004327 Anonymous
Fuck those pools are starting to work great

5 min later 26004349 Anonymous (1606089130803.png 680x680 166kB)
cannot wait to pool on you haters

17 min later 26004614 Anonymous (1608804223043.png 1082x695 459kB)

18 min later 26004646 Anonymous (7584.png 343x426 224kB)

20 min later 26004694 Anonymous
5c EOD. It always goes down.

24 min later 26004793 Anonymous (1609195752703.jpg 1280x720 127kB)
>>26004694 >>26004646

43 min later 26005170 Anonymous
moon started

1 hours later 26005888 Anonymous (1600513081325.jpg 250x243 8kB)
>>26005170 Don't fuckin lie to me

1 hours later 26006457 Anonymous
Comfy as fuck. 75% infinity 25% stanos

1 hours later 26006482 Anonymous
When will this hit $1?

1 hours later 26006491 Anonymous
>>26004793 You come out of your mom's basement every time it pumps. We are just making fun of your desperate shilling.

1 hours later 26006518 Anonymous (neo.jpg 2375x1786 622kB)
We will hit 22c by Sunday. Screencap this. t. 155k stacklet

1 hours later 26006530 Anonymous
>>26005170 No it didn't. >>26006482 When there is only one sta left.

1 hours later 26006654 Anonymous
>>26006518 Fucking hope not. Wagiepay inc monday..

1 hours later 26006732 Anonymous
>>26006518 screen capped and choosing the redpill.

2 hours later 26006858 Anonymous (wojakred.jpg 1808x1204 120kB)
Ok admit it, which one of you is selling at these prices. What kind of sadistic fetish do you have to have to keep suppressing prices like this

2 hours later 26007199 Anonymous
>>26006858 I won't be selling before $15.

2 hours later 26007916 Anonymous (image0 (4).jpg 720x706 70kB)
>>26004206 if you bought statera and aren't pooling it all right now you are a fag

3 hours later 26008302 Anonymous
>>26007916 wSTA really kickstarted pooling. It’s beautiful to see. I remember prior to wSTA everyone was just holding STA and waiting for a moon which was dumb

3 hours later 26008367 Anonymous
>>26007916 Yup. IF YOU'RE NOT POOLING, YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG. Sorry for shouting - I left my megafone at home.

3 hours later 26008507 Anonymous
>>26008302 At this rate we’ll have well over a million in Stanos by the end of the month.

3 hours later 26008692 Anonymous
>>26008507 Huge. Got poolpilled last week and I am not even looking price of Statera anymore.

3 hours later 26008766 Anonymous (1601435173016.jpg 677x677 311kB)
could i get a QRD on stanos vs pheonix vs infinity? im 60% pheonix and 40% stanos

3 hours later 26008834 Anonymous
>>26004206 This scam again? You had 4 PUMP AND DUMPS to get out. Anyone still holding this deerves to lose 99%. Mine Safex until 2021.

3 hours later 26008852 Anonymous
>>26008766 Infinity seems over-saturated but might be good when we get more volume. Phoenix and Stanos are both very good but stanos is more popular for some reason

3 hours later 26009045 Anonymous
Stanos is more popular because its a throwback to our original Alpha pool. Also, the volume in there yesterday was incredible. If you scroll through all the Balancer pools, you'll see that some pools that have liquidity in the millions don't even have 100k of volume. :)

3 hours later 26009160 Anonymous
>>26007199 Unironically 500k stack and not selling before $1. Took my initial out half a year ago so I’m just letting it roll.

3 hours later 26009194 Anonymous
>>26009160 $1? I hope that was sarcasm, anon. $1 is a pittance in the grand scheme of things. You should be aiming much, much higher and then pooling ;)

3 hours later 26009201 Anonymous
>>26009160 $1 isn't even 100M marketcap. Lol

3 hours later 26009205 Anonymous
>>26004206 I just bought OP, so sorry but we are most definitely going down to 3c.

3 hours later 26009273 Anonymous
>>26009194 >>26009201 I live in a 3rd world country so 500k USD is enough for me to retire so don’t want to risk it beyond that.

3 hours later 26009356 Anonymous
>>26009273 You do you, man. I think you'll regret it in a few years tho when we're at double digit dollars ( not to mention the pooling returns you'll have by then!) and you could've retired even more spectacularly! :D

3 hours later 26009364 Anonymous
>>26004206 I've been hearing about sta for months now, but anytime I try to read about it I just fail to understand why the fuck it would ever go up in price the token does nothing but sit in a pool with other assets, and 'balance' itself against them. Firstly, why would anybody want to put funds into these pools in the first place, when there are 1000 other pools more reputable and with better returns? and why does the token even need to exist, there is nothing unique about it. Why can't someone just come along with a copy+paste erc20 shittoken, pool it with btc/ethwhatever, and basically copy this entire project? what is the unique value in the sta token that will make it go up in price? i just don't see it.

3 hours later 26009397 Anonymous
>>26009364 and please don't come with this deflationary bullshit, just because you are burning the supply of a token doesn't mean people are going to suddenly want it. It has to actualy do something, and be useful in some way, for the scarcity to be a factor. But sta doesn't do anything

3 hours later 26009427 Anonymous
>>26009364 >The APY from earned fees depends on the market factors: total volume and liquidity. If we convert the daily returns to APY, we get that the median APY as 174%. The range of the interval is 20% to 1047% with a 95% confidence interval. This range is so wide because it highly depends on the continued levels of volume and liquidity (which range widely, and with only 90 days can not be perfectly projected to 365 days). Yeah, idk either. https://stateratoken.com/docs/State ra_Investments_20200910.pdf

4 hours later 26009454 Anonymous
>>26009397 Nigger the deflation creates arb opportunities out of thin air increasing volume and also means the autobalancer has to work harder again increasing volume. The scarcity is just an extra addition which over time affects statera on a macro level according to the laws of supply and demand

4 hours later 26009456 Anonymous
200k heavy weight dolhpin here not sellling before $5

4 hours later 26009504 Anonymous
>>26009397 This is not true. The deflation itself is nothing new, but putting it into a Balancer Pool (the first crypto to EVER do this, by the way) is an absolute game-changer. It's a simple-yet-genius idea. This causes extra volume, and arb opportunities, thanks to the addition of wSta, which causes more volume, more balancing, more fees... And the cycle goes on and on. If you think there's better returns to be made in 1000 pools elsewhere, please feel free to point them out. I personally can't see a single pool on Balancer that is able to beat 100k of volume in 24 hours with a half a mill pool. I also can't see many pools with 2,3,4 million even beating that. And that's a fact, not my opinion. Go and take a look!

4 hours later 26009529 Anonymous
>>26009364 >Firstly, why would anybody want to put funds into these pools in the first place, when there are 1000 other pools more reputable and with better returns? Arbitrage and why does the token even need to exist, there is nothing unique about it. Why can't someone just come along with a copy+paste erc20 shittoken, pool it with btc/ethwhatever, and basically copy this entire project? You can, but nobody will take a copy coin seriously if the original works as intended. Purpose of sta? Add deflationary element to an index. If you don't like it, then buy something else anon, nobody got a gun to your head.

4 hours later 26009585 Anonymous
>>26009160 This is kind of a problem when brainlets get access to huge stacks. Like that china whale who dumped millions at 3 cents. Well at least we got some high Iq whales/dolphins

4 hours later 26009697 Anonymous
>>26009504 >the first crypto to EVER do this, by the way Big if true

4 hours later 26009772 Anonymous
>>26009697 It is true. Find me another crypto that done it before Statera :)

4 hours later 26009826 Anonymous
>>26009772 Statera was unironically what kickstarted the DeFi summer altseason and the liquidity pool craze.

4 hours later 26009953 Anonymous
>>26009826 For sure.

4 hours later 26010179 Anonymous
>>26007916 Got over 100k unpooled, shill me a pool lads

4 hours later 26010756 Anonymous
>>26006457 66.6% Infinity, 33.3% STANOS. Based nigga.

5 hours later 26011259 Anonymous
>>26010179 Phoenix or stanos, both are based

5 hours later 26011273 Anonymous
>>26010179 Stanos is essentially the first-wave bullrun pool. Jump in if you think the big coins have legs. High-risk probably has more room to grow - but may take a little longer to see gains.

5 hours later 26011317 Anonymous
>>26006530 LOL COPE

5 hours later 26011472 Anonymous (1593846250075.png 888x888 101kB)
>>26009826 Inevitable.

5 hours later 26011627 Anonymous
WTF is pooling and how will it make me rich?

5 hours later 26011764 Anonymous
>>26011472 Wait till you realize that if it dumped back down it would be bought up because of the decreasing supply and pooling returns enabling solo running pooling in best case scenario. Fuck me. Disgustingly early

5 hours later 26011772 Anonymous
>>26010179 put that shit into stanos

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