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2021-01-15 08:48 26004186 Anonymous BITCOIN (BTC 3-Year Cycle.png 1142x1723 174kB)
I like you guys, so here's a final warning: Sell your BTC now. The bull run is over, and we will soon see a slow descent to 20-25k. Buy up again when it's cheap and hold until the next cycle repeats. Good luck.

1 min later 26004205 Anonymous
>>26004186 zoom out

1 min later 26004226 Anonymous
>>26004186 don't care virgin

2 min later 26004238 Anonymous
>>26004186 zoom in

2 min later 26004249 Anonymous
>>26004186 kys

4 min later 26004288 Anonymous
>>26004205 what will that change

4 min later 26004305 Anonymous
>>26004288 it will be zoomed out

5 min later 26004319 Anonymous
>>26004186 Why would the ath be a mere 2x from previous?

6 min later 26004338 Anonymous
>>26004186 >you guys are alright. don't come to Bitcoin tomorrow.

7 min later 26004375 Anonymous
>>26004319 Running out of steam

9 min later 26004413 Anonymous
>>26004186 the price always increases after each boom and bust retard, its still a long term hold

16 min later 26004579 Anonymous
>>26004319 Instead of looking at multipliers, look at how much actual money has gone into it. Doing a 100x from $1 to $100 is easy when all that takes is a couple million shekels. Doing another 100x from 20k to 2M is a little less easy because you need to pump in trillions.

17 min later 26004608 Anonymous (1608704863820.jpg 267x280 68kB)
>monitoring the situation

19 min later 26004636 Anonymous
>>26004186 Based shorted 100%

19 min later 26004655 Anonymous
>>26004186 New to biz. Im wanting to buy BTC. So I know to wait till its cheap again, anything else I should know?

19 min later 26004656 Anonymous
>>26004186 https://decrypt.co/54145/grayscale- sucks-up-2000-bitcoin-on-first-day- back

20 min later 26004675 Anonymous (1571967775471.jpg 750x673 33kB)
>>26004579 monay prinder go burrr >>26004088

20 min later 26004678 Anonymous
>>26004579 Makes sense. So you believe this run is over as well?

24 min later 26004757 Anonymous (btcanalysis.png 1642x873 61kB)
>>26004186 here are my thoughts.

25 min later 26004792 Anonymous
>>26004678 No because 500k is a very realistic target. At worst BTC will hit 100k and then people will begin looking for other opportunities. ETH might actually hit 5k or potentially even outgrow BTC if EIP-1559 is approved and ETH 2.0 launches this year.

25 min later 26004800 Anonymous
>>26004413 Post is aimed at those who bought during the bull run, at >25k. >>26004655 I would recommend an initial investment during the dip in the coming months and then dollar cost averaging a percentage of your income. BTC is still a viable long-term investment.

27 min later 26004833 Anonymous (btcanalysis2.png 1807x929 170kB)
>>26004757 my bad missed a buyzone

27 min later 26004841 Anonymous (1610681105458.webm 576x1024 2501kB)

28 min later 26004844 Anonymous
>>26004319 Because the MCAP is massively higher, genius.

28 min later 26004852 Anonymous
>>26004579 not that I'm knowledgeable about these things but didn't a bunch of institutions get into bitcoin now? plus some of the 17ers didn't exactly put their life savings in the first time the bought some. We also have the shortage since so many people are holding

30 min later 26004891 Anonymous
>>26004792 A brainlet question about etherium generally. Can I just hold the same ones or are all the upgrades and variants different coins ?

32 min later 26004940 Anonymous
>>26004792 Your tone just seemed contrary to your previous post. Seemed like you agreed with the sentiment that this run is done here. Just to clarify, you're talking about this cycle?

34 min later 26004972 Anonymous (The Tether Scam.jpg 4096x2753 1106kB)
>>26004319 Because crypto is running out of greater fools. Everyone knows how prone to manipulation the whole space is. So they're not gonna throw money at it that easily. In the future, BTC will either stabilise and be used as a store of value with similar volatility as gold. Or crash and burn completely, becoming a relic of the past in a few decades, like a fax machine. The golden bullruns are over.

36 min later 26005020 Anonymous (77B85D2E-6212-4B44-AC61-4070CA44EA2A.jpg 1044x643 138kB)
>>26004972 They got the biggest fool of them all

38 min later 26005043 Anonymous
>>26004852 Institutions don't have infinite money to throw at BTC either and for most of them the high volatility is still too much of a risk. Imagine converting the majority of your funds and waking up one morning to find out that your company is now worth 45% less than it was yesterday because chinese miners dumped their BTC. >>26004891 I don't know what you mean. There is only one ETH token. >>26004940 Yes I'm talking about this cycle. I say 500k is "realistic" because that's what is theoretically still possible depending on how hard people FOMO into it and how the economic situation will look like in the coming years. Remember that I am talking about 500k worth of future "post-inflation" USD.

40 min later 26005090 Anonymous
>>26004844 >MCAP Backed by tethers

40 min later 26005093 Anonymous
>>26004655 Define cheap and I'll tell you if you have realistic ideas.

40 min later 26005095 Anonymous
>>26005043 I think your viewpoint on this cycle is shared by the more technically inclined folks in the space. What would your retort be to OP's chart in his pic related?

41 min later 26005102 Anonymous (1a826afb7d3ff58914166f0b09f01474.jpg 461x467 20kB)
>Dude trade your make it tickets for rapidly depreciating fiat currencies.

41 min later 26005115 Anonymous
>>26004186 we're not steep enough yet.

42 min later 26005140 Anonymous
>>26005093 between 25.5 and 26k

45 min later 26005197 Anonymous
>>26005095 I can't predict the future but I am very confident that we are not at the top yet; far from it. Like I said, I do think BTC will reach AT LEAST 100k in the near future so it really doesn't matter if you buy now at the local top because you will always be at a profit eventually.

47 min later 26005240 Anonymous
>>26004205 There is nothing to zoom out, it's almost 100% the identical timescale.

47 min later 26005254 Anonymous
>>26004319 You must be very smart

47 min later 26005255 Anonymous
>>26005140 Maybe. But it is set to go much higher still, first.

49 min later 26005291 Anonymous
>>26004841 More

49 min later 26005294 Anonymous
>>26004319 It went 10x from march's low. 2014 and 2017 also went 10x

58 min later 26005447 Anonymous
>>26005043 while I agree that they don't literally have infinite money to invest they definitely have more than individual investors. And they're on a completely different time schedule since they can take loans and investment. If bitcoin drops 50% its not necessarily like they lost millions of dollars they just say we have an asset that worth millions that we can't sell right now. Plus we also saw trump, biden and the fed are perfectly willing to bailout wallstreet and funds and such if they get into trouble.

1 hours later 26005491 Anonymous
>>26004841 I would coom buckets over her body

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