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2021-01-15 08:46 26004164 Anonymous (1606618679804.jpg 904x1200 368kB)
A debt collection attorney on behalf of a debt collection agency who bought the debt that was charged off from a bank for 2 credit cards I didn't pay have sent me a letter. Basically saying I have 30 days to request validation or the debt is assumed mine. They are trying to collection on the agencies behalf or they own it now, not really sure. Is it worth sending a letter back asking for validation if I know the debt is mine and it is still within the SOL? Should I just reply back with a settlement offer that is 30% of the debt's worth (because this is all I have at the moment). If all else fails I might just file bankruptcy. At this point my credit is already shit. I might just do it if they decide to sue, which they might from what I've read about this firm. Is there anything I can add to this or avoid doing? Not really sure how to handle this as this is the first time I'm dealing with this and I am young and dumb. Also is debt consolidation a scam or would it help?

8 min later 26004354 Anonymous
Why would you possibly consider sending a letter back admitting receiving their letter and taking responsibility for a debt they have to prove you owe. Talk to an attorney before you do dumb shit. >guess what I do

10 min later 26004393 Anonymous
>>26004354 >guess what I do Retail worker? I can't afford an attorney.

26 min later 26004777 Anonymous
>>26004354 Please respond

43 min later 26005121 Anonymous
>>26004354 It says in the letter if I don't, the debt will be assumed mine if I don't reply.

45 min later 26005167 Anonymous
yeah just ignore it forever seriously its all bluffing

46 min later 26005198 Anonymous
>>26004164 literally ignore them for 7 years and it all goes away.

47 min later 26005218 Anonymous
>>26005198 >>26005167 But won't they sue me? They are attorneys.

47 min later 26005228 Anonymous
>>26004164 Ignore them forever, I'm still waiting for my court summons, that was 6 years ago, they are bluffing cunts

50 min later 26005279 Anonymous
>>26005218 How much do you owe

50 min later 26005296 Anonymous
>>26005279 $11,270

52 min later 26005324 Anonymous
>>26005296 put your 3k in btc fuck them

53 min later 26005353 Anonymous
>>26004164 Is this debt anywhere in the 5 figure range? If not it probably wont be worth their time chasing it down. You were just another number in a database that received the letter, if you respond you might draw attention. If its near 10k or more, then yea anon they gonna want that shit or atleast a settlement.

54 min later 26005362 Anonymous
i owed like 5k on a credit card they eventually stopped bothering me

56 min later 26005387 Anonymous
>>26005353 >You were just another number in a database that received the letter Never thought of it like that... So with 11k I'm fucked?

1 hours later 26005480 Anonymous
Serious question: How do people get away with having debt that is over 5 years old or older and not get sued?

1 hours later 26005599 Anonymous
>>26005480 No point suing someone who have no money to give.

1 hours later 26005616 Anonymous
>>26005480 what is statute of limitations

1 hours later 26006286 Anonymous
Ignore it and move on, it will go away. Credit is worthless anyway, just settle it later when you have money t. guy whose ignored debt collectors for 10 years

1 hours later 26006439 Anonymous
Just pay the absolute minimum every month, they'll agree to some arrangement like that

1 hours later 26006468 Anonymous
>>26006286 Isn’t your credit report fubar?

2 hours later 26007101 Anonymous
ah jeez dude

2 hours later 26007321 Anonymous
>>26006468 No i have good credit now. When you have the money to pay off the collectors you cut a deal for like 30%-50% of the debt on the condition that they will remove the collection from your credit score. You can also have a credit repair company send out letters to the collections agencies and if they don't respond in time the debt comes off your report. I've cleared 2k in debt that way

2 hours later 26007411 Anonymous
>>26005599 but if you bought a ledger you gonna get sued

2 hours later 26007486 Anonymous
Lol, you probably won't believe me, but I did this back in 2012. Please note, I am from UK - might be different where you are. >No job, government paid me unemployment and full rent cost. Living with Mother and Brother (both employed) >Government says they overpaid me £1300 or something, passes on to debt collector who sends me threatening post and emails >Write them an email telling them that I have never shown them proof of identity nor entered into a contract with them, and that under common law, the debt was extinguished the moment they purchased it from the local council (Government) >Tell them it's entirely their remit to prove I am who they say I am, and for any contract to be legal and recognised in a court of law (not a de-facto court), they would need to provide a contract with two wet signatures and ID proof that I signed it >Tell them to stop their unsocilited claims and harassment and to contact me once they can provide me this information >Receive reply "We will consult with our client and come back to you" >Never heard from them again

2 hours later 26007505 Anonymous
>>26007101 I don't have money on account of these PILLSSSS!

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