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2021-01-15 08:46 26004159 Anonymous Daily CoinMetro thread (Suppometro.jpg 1219x836 96kB)
Good morning Yuropmetro. Nice end of the week after a 120% gains. Next week, that 20c resistance is going to be our new support. Don't forget, 13:00 UTC AMA with Kevin on YT.

5 min later 26004276 Anonymous
>>26004159 Finally friday! Or as we call it, amaday 100k xcm here, we're gonna makeit boy$!

38 min later 26005015 Anonymous
What are the chances of it reaching something like 2€?

40 min later 26005047 Anonymous
>>26004159 Jesus I remember this piece of shit from 2017 shilling steem like the dev team had a gun to his head. This fucker is the worst.

48 min later 26005216 Anonymous
>>26005015 We're just above ICO price now, €2 might be a stretch this year, should be easy by 2022. They have been growing exponentially the last few months, price is just catching up right now. >>26005047 Ok, it's 2021 now.

1 hours later 26005824 Anonymous
>>26004159 oh my god its happening

1 hours later 26006273 Anonymous

1 hours later 26006381 Anonymous
>>26004159 Yt shillers only now starting to notice

2 hours later 26006741 Anonymous
>>26006381 Soon these YT idiots will start hyping and calling it a gem, and we will already be at 10X when the youtube paki's start buying in. Great times.

2 hours later 26006893 Anonymous
>>26005015 €1-2 this year and €3-10 next year.

2 hours later 26006996 Anonymous
>>26005216 >>26006893 God i hope so

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