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2021-01-15 08:45 26004132 Anonymous LCX thread boys (IMG_20210114_071433_017.jpg 211x320 10kB)
Get the fuck in here, lets talk about the AMA of yesterday

0 min later 26004143 Anonymous
>>26004132 Btw arms dealer here

2 min later 26004173 Anonymous
I sold. Had a 41k stack. This will take off but I was down 50%. Swung into Telcoin cause it's going up through eom ez with gcash launching. Then I'll get another position in lcx again. I think lcx will pump but not soon. What're your price expectations this year?

3 min later 26004187 Anonymous
>>26004173 smart man

7 min later 26004302 Anonymous
>>26004173 0.26 EOY obviously . Im going to fill my last bags after the btc correction, hoping to buy at 0.014 or lower

8 min later 26004307 Anonymous
shill me your lcx bags, i'm listening t. smoothbrain xcm holder

10 min later 26004362 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210115-084719_Telegram.jpg 1080x2220 148kB)
Guys what should I text my crush?

11 min later 26004398 Anonymous
""- With regulatory approvals, LCX will roll-out several high-profile #STO's with partners."" that;s all you need to know. Ballin

12 min later 26004402 Anonymous
>>26004302 Can you share how you're getting that number? I evaluated it for 10-12c somewhere along the timeline based on tokens and utility. I could see higher like your estimate but I'm curious to your thought process.

20 min later 26004610 Anonymous
>>26004402 >>26004173 2026/2027 will be over 100$

27 min later 26004764 Anonymous
>>26004402 0.26 is best case scenario, 0.12 is realistic. Still a very good investment. Make sure to come back to the LCX crib on time

28 min later 26004788 Anonymous
AMA SUMMARY https://twitter.com/montymetzger/st atus/1349752832036110337?s=20

34 min later 26004911 Anonymous
looks like a pump n dump congrats

39 min later 26005016 Anonymous
>>26004173 i had a similar stack and sold because of the news in the ama and considering alts are pumping a lot. I know lcx will pump, but at this moment it must be the worst bet. I'll accumulate later and get back to 50k, but I couldn't miss the dexg and the prq pumps

42 min later 26005068 Anonymous
Let this shitcoin just pump one last time and I'm out

43 min later 26005077 Anonymous
This is just sad.

45 min later 26005135 Anonymous
>>26004362 Dick pics obv

46 min later 26005159 Anonymous
Alright fags i got my 10k stack lemme in the telegram.

48 min later 26005187 Anonymous
>>26004132 Scam coin alert.

51 min later 26005260 Anonymous

51 min later 26005269 Anonymous (1609933236696.png 1000x1260 789kB)
>1 dollar hahaha 2 dollar hahaha

53 min later 26005322 Anonymous
i would sell the half at the next ath and buy back again lower with a quarter of what you sold. ez dubs

54 min later 26005338 Anonymous
>>26005322 Checked

55 min later 26005352 Anonymous (lcxscree.jpg 1280x720 771kB)
great ama - several unannounced secret advisors not allowed to mention yet - several high profile STO's - daily talks with wikis jimmy wales - registering for additional licenses - list on other exchanges and partner with platforms - LCX well funded and doesn't rely on funding - liquidity increase more pairs adding - tokenize diamonds - crypto patents hint dropped and most of this all in 2021 he said

57 min later 26005378 Anonymous
>>26005322 i was thinking of doing this selling when it hits .024 again and waiting for it to drop to .016 when btc eventually crashes but another part of me says just leave it alone and close my phone for a year

1 hours later 26005444 Anonymous
The next meme date would be the 20th january, with the wef conference

1 hours later 26006025 Anonymous (wef9days.jpg 918x720 105kB)
>>26005444 I see this one it says the davos agenda and has a countdown WEF having a countdown freaks me out

1 hours later 26006197 Anonymous
>>26004132 Why aren't they burning tokens anymore? I haven't seen the AMA

1 hours later 26006477 Anonymous (tokenburn.jpg 498x568 72kB)

2 hours later 26006712 Anonymous
जब चाँद

2 hours later 26007053 Anonymous
>>26004132 wheres my KYC airdrop????

2 hours later 26007673 Anonymous
>>26005352 All well and good. But that shit is going to take like 5 years.

3 hours later 26008606 Anonymous
>>26006477 >yeah we removed all things that might give value to the coin because we want to be listed on bigger exchanges so we can dump the team tokens on idiots

3 hours later 26008786 Anonymous
>>26005352 So nothing but some paid "advisor" shills

3 hours later 26009363 Anonymous
>>26004398 Absolutely bullish

4 hours later 26009779 Anonymous
Guys, I bought at 0.48... What do.

4 hours later 26010258 Anonymous
>>26009779 Hold

4 hours later 26010304 Anonymous
Someone is yet to explain to me what the incentive is to hold this now that the burn is gone. Why would someone buy LCX on Coinbase if you can only use it for fees on LCX? Makes no sense. Literal car wash token. And the used tokens will be dumped back on the market, too.

5 hours later 26010857 Anonymous
>>26010304 so why would u buy binance token, ftx token, kraken token? tell us anon

5 hours later 26010892 Anonymous
>>26010304 Are you trying to start up something again coinmetro faggot?

5 hours later 26010954 Anonymous
>>26010892 This

5 hours later 26011608 Anonymous
>>26010304 Coinbase sells ZRX (0x) and UNI (Uniswap), so that ends your theory right there.

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