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2021-01-15 08:43 26004104 Anonymous Christine Lagarde wants your Coins! (cla.jpg 512x386 57kB)
It was a nice run while it lasted boys, it is my misfortune to inform you all that the central bankers now want to regulate all your crypto at a global level. Christine Lagarde infamous central banking cunt is head of the spear and this aged French hag will get your coins. The coming tether collapse will be the excuse to do it. Its over sell before the normies find out! https://www.coindesk.com/ecbs-chris tine-lagarde-says-speculative-bitco in-needs-regulation

0 min later 26004118 Anonymous
>>26004104 don't care virgin

1 min later 26004131 Anonymous
mmmh... what a gilf.. would like her poopyhole all night long

4 min later 26004188 Anonymous (chla.jpg 2333x3500 1089kB)
>>26004104 Don't let this cunt fuck you out of your money take profit before they do it for you!

4 min later 26004193 Anonymous
>>26004104 she sexually abused that young latinx to her left.

5 min later 26004204 Anonymous
>>26004104 Literally a guy btw

5 min later 26004217 Anonymous
Orange woman bad

6 min later 26004239 Anonymous
>>26004104 thats a man, baby. on the right

11 min later 26004348 Anonymous (clp.jpg 3068x2154 998kB)
>>26004104 The writing is on the wall the central bankers are mad as hell. When she wants your coins you can bet she will have them. Dump your bags on the normie fags guys, before its too late. https://markets.businessinsider.com /currencies/news/bitcoin-price-rall y-risk-investors-bulls-return-to-cr yptocurrency-2021-1-1029967954

20 min later 26004574 Anonymous (rf.jpg 1200x1200 137kB)
>>26004239 That is Ronan Farrow a famous new York city journalist and a homosexual. His step father was movie director child molesting incest freak Woody Allen. His real biological dad is actually famous singer Frank Sinatra.

1 hours later 26005593 Anonymous
>>26004104 Looks like a partially atrophied coomer arm

1 hours later 26005668 Anonymous
>>26004348 >the parasite is angry as it realizes the host has found a cure

1 hours later 26005930 Anonymous
>>26004104 >>26001455 >>26002917 >>26003452 >>26004474

1 hours later 26005967 Anonymous
>>26004104 >>26005930 >>26001797 >>26003462 >>26003849 >>26004474

1 hours later 26006545 Anonymous
>>26004217 kek this

1 hours later 26006572 Anonymous
>>26004104 >>26006395

1 hours later 26006620 Anonymous
noooo you can't grow up for decade you must feed bbc and rekt twice or four times like eur did

2 hours later 26006810 Anonymous
>>26004104 Let me translate that for you: Banking Elite Cunt regrets poor people profiting off a new asset class she didnt take seriously, now wants to controll all access to this asset class so all profits are funneled through international finance. Btw this is extremely bullish longterm for all relevant coins.

2 hours later 26006833 Anonymous
>>26005668 also this

2 hours later 26007014 Anonymous
>>26004217 came here to post this.

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