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2021-01-15 08:42 26004092 Anonymous XSN -StakeNet (xsnchad.jpg 403x408 40kB)
0.6 has been achieved strap in and get ready for 1 dollar mark... Stakelets well this i your last chance

17 min later 26004482 Anonymous
>>26004092 1 dollar mark? Those are rookie numbers. $10? More likely.

19 min later 26004514 Anonymous
>>26004482 yea thats eom we re talking eod here

24 min later 26004635 Anonymous
>>26004092 guys, I hate to be a fudder but there is literally a few positions in order book. no one is interested in buying stakies :|

40 min later 26004969 Anonymous
>>26004635 Yes I'm sure you hate being a Fudder. Look at our chart dummy.

57 min later 26005359 Anonymous
>>26004635 $1 EOD

1 hours later 26005773 Anonymous
>>26004635 Seethe. This shit is about to blow.

1 hours later 26005952 Anonymous
Already got my 15K. Can somebody direct me to my seat on the rocket?

1 hours later 26005978 Anonymous
>>26005952 you re one of the first passengers so you get seat for 98% discount

2 hours later 26006803 Anonymous
Just bought another 500 xsn...please tell me im gonna make it. I have bills to pay

2 hours later 26006869 Anonymous
>>26004092 Check'em, buy now

2 hours later 26007253 Anonymous
>>26006803 Anon, only buy what you can afford, you don't want to have to sell early to pay for your necessities.

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