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2021-01-15 08:40 26004014 Anonymous (gci9kw3ydw521.jpg 246x232 4kB)
Is it too late to buy in?

3 min later 26004100 Anonymous
>>26004014 Depends what you're buying. The answer is: no. But there are good options and there are bad options.

4 min later 26004120 Anonymous (1609783818963.jpg 340x296 24kB)
>>26004014 Time is an illusion.

5 min later 26004135 Anonymous
>>26004014 if you have to ask, yes.

6 min later 26004162 Anonymous
>>26004014 Which coin?

6 min later 26004169 Anonymous (7420C090-F864-41CE-96C1-6CCA67946E0A.jpg 2470x1688 136kB)
Big brain to actually buy rn, I’m waiting for loans to be approved so I can buy more

7 min later 26004170 Anonymous
>>26004014 yes You will see a great opportunity in Bitcoin soon, but it will be just an illusion. Do Not Take It!

8 min later 26004199 Anonymous
>>26004162 Was thinking a mix of eth/btc/link but I've only got a few thousand to start with

10 min later 26004228 Anonymous
>>26004199 With only a few thousand, I'd try to use this cycle to stack sats instead of buying BTC.

11 min later 26004263 Anonymous
>>26004199 All in on ETH. It moves identically to BTC but usually outperforms it in terms of gains.

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