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2021-01-15 08:38 26003979 Anonymous What did Elon Musk mean by this tweet just now? (273FD169-F74C-4C80-AFB4-5E16999CD6A1.jpg 849x1567 537kB)
https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status /1349977642708168704

1 min later 26004005 Anonymous
>>26003979 It means that doge will pump

2 min later 26004023 Anonymous
>>26003979 it means buy dogecoin

3 min later 26004053 Anonymous (xv7.png 3513x1788 173kB)
heres a bone kid

4 min later 26004078 Anonymous
>>26004053 take your meds

4 min later 26004085 Anonymous
he's just correcting the pseudo-smart dude who said "lol money moves value across spacetime". elon is correct, money is just a method of quantizing labor.

4 min later 26004086 Anonymous
>>26003979 It means funny meme

4 min later 26004089 Anonymous
>>26003979 it means he doesnt care about the store of value aspect or he doesnt understand it, but it's probably the former

4 min later 26004091 Anonymous
>>26004023 imagine buying the top

4 min later 26004098 Anonymous
>>26003979 That's kind of a brainlet take though. Decreasing latency has diminishing returns. Reducing tx time from 1 day to 1 hour is amazing. Reducing it from 1 hour to 1 minute is great. Reducing it from 1 minute to 1 second is good. Reducing it from 1 second to 1 ms is kind of irrelevant. Bitcoin's high latency is irrelevant for a lot of use cases.

5 min later 26004102 Anonymous
Literally an exact quote from an early edition of the Dogecoin whitepaper.

5 min later 26004114 Anonymous (47F74FD0-42AF-4D9B-9DC2-0FFD1B2A9177.png 173x292 8kB)
>>26003979 MUSK TWEETED???

6 min later 26004122 Anonymous
>>26004102 link it

6 min later 26004126 Anonymous
>>26003979 fucking kek Whats Tesla’s P/E ratio elon? hahahahahaha

7 min later 26004142 Anonymous
twitter is so gay for any discussion. even elon cant make it not gay.

8 min later 26004158 Anonymous
>>26004053 How heavy are those bags?

8 min later 26004161 Anonymous
>>26004053 >3 transactions per second lol is this real?

9 min later 26004172 Anonymous
>>26004098 Decreasing from ms to μs lets you go from black and white tv to HDTV in color.

9 min later 26004175 Anonymous
>>26004098 >Bitcoin's high latency is irrelevant for a lot of use cases. It's relevant for crypto ever replacing fiat in daily transactions which BTC will NEVER be adequate for. As a store of value BTC will persist likely forever but it will not be the currency that a payment system is based on.

9 min later 26004176 Anonymous
>>26004085 >dunning kruger elon is wrong. money does not represent units of labor. the value representation is correct.

11 min later 26004221 Anonymous
>>26004176 no, it's labor. otherwise you have a transaction where two people have different "Value" associated with the trade. one person values the money more than the widget, the other sees the inverse, or else the trade would not occur. value is relative, labor is not.

12 min later 26004236 Anonymous
>>26004172 We're talking about transacting value, not watching television. Even a credit/debit card transaction takes longer than a second to process.

13 min later 26004264 Anonymous
>>26004175 I agree. But there are already plenty of shitcoins with tx around the 1 second mark. Going much lower than that isn't useful.

14 min later 26004282 Anonymous
>>26004221 >what is bartering?

15 min later 26004321 Anonymous
>>26004282 an inefficient way of trading labor

16 min later 26004337 Anonymous
>>26003979 IIT: Elon exposes himself as a communist

16 min later 26004344 Anonymous
>>26003979 buy stakenet

16 min later 26004353 Anonymous (bigoltitties.jpg 605x330 39kB)
>>26004053 was this released before or after the SEC lawsuit was filed? That's still pending right? Nevermind I'll pull it up.

18 min later 26004378 Anonymous
>>26004264 Yes but most are only fast because of low volume, with higher volume they also become slow. Also fees are retarded. Someone should tell Elon about Nano

18 min later 26004381 Anonymous
>>26004264 I completely see where you're coming from. We've hit a bottleneck with adoption and once that's overcome lower latency coins might end up becoming relevant once again.

19 min later 26004406 Anonymous
>>26004085 "Units of labor" sounds like a pretty dunning kruger ass pull to me.

19 min later 26004414 Anonymous
>>26004378 >Elon shills nano >Tons of normies get burned by it AGAIN

19 min later 26004427 Anonymous
>>26004221 this would be true in a perfect world but the money is not worth labor as the currency is rigged from the ((top)). Instead its really just worth what you can buy with it. More like a good-goy token. Meanwhile the real wealth is stored in assets.

20 min later 26004442 Anonymous
>>26004161 Yes.

20 min later 26004452 Anonymous
>>26004321 all labor is not equal

22 min later 26004475 Anonymous (but why.gif 581x327 3905kB)
>>26004406 it's pretty elementary dude, this isn't a new concept

22 min later 26004479 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210115-005538.png 1416x2048 1036kB)
>>26004236 Ok retard. Did you know if you can transact faster you can short and long stocks before the rest of the world can adapt to the price?

22 min later 26004480 Anonymous
>>26003979 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zEM 3gshfnmQ it means buy XRP dumbass

23 min later 26004510 Anonymous
>>26004337 marx's labor theory of value is still valid even if you don't subscribe to the goal of a stateless classless society

23 min later 26004521 Anonymous
>>26004142 Echo chambers were never meant for discussion. The guy was a genius, he monetized it.

25 min later 26004544 Anonymous
>>26004161 Satoshi's grand plan for btc got cucked

25 min later 26004545 Anonymous
>>26004053 Now compare nano which is even faster, has zero transaction fees, can handle even more transactions per second and it's decentralized unlikely shitcoin XRP.

26 min later 26004586 Anonymous
>>26004545 >nano Nah no

27 min later 26004595 Anonymous
Unironically XRP

28 min later 26004618 Anonymous
>>26004510 I dug a hole and filled it back up again. You owe 500 USD worth of bitcoin.

28 min later 26004632 Anonymous (1564259799186.jpg 1278x1181 125kB)
I think he means tesla stock will go down because they don't provide enough products and services

29 min later 26004645 Anonymous
>>26004475 It's a shit unnecessary concept.

29 min later 26004648 Anonymous (1607149352980.png 968x733 211kB)

30 min later 26004660 Anonymous
>>26004545 >decentralized Why would the central bankers want that?

32 min later 26004710 Anonymous
>>26003979 can't completely agree, currency also needs to hold value, goods and services matter but so does the purchasing power of my currency

32 min later 26004721 Anonymous
>>26003979 It's means it's bullish for ETH.

33 min later 26004750 Anonymous
>it means: >xrp >eth >doge >etc Worst board ever.

36 min later 26004801 Anonymous
>>26003979 Are you retarded? He clearly says money has value and is just good to enslave people and create products. Nothing related to crypt here

36 min later 26004812 Anonymous
>>26004645 yeah, thats most philosophical investigations. i dunno, it's necessary to understand to some degree. kinda like how understanding that inflation isn't just "lol price go up", but "lol the amount of currency in circulation go up"

39 min later 26004860 Anonymous (1548441553916.png 1846x752 1199kB)

39 min later 26004861 Anonymous
>>26004710 Value is subjective. Perform labor earn currency, unless you're a poor, which of course is the very successful "existence = currency" formula that built America.

40 min later 26004890 Anonymous
>>26004660 They dont want bitcoin either, china owns that. So a decentralized option is better if they cannot own it themselves. "Either we own it or no one does"

1 hours later 26005791 Anonymous
>>26003979 >What did Elon Musk mean by this tweet just now? He's shilling his stocks basically

1 hours later 26005845 Anonymous
>>26004406 >"Units of labor" sounds very faggit... why couldn't money be ''unit of place where you live'' --houses ''because you buy house with a job''--- this is not always true Money is gold btc and houses.. skip the dunny krugers

1 hours later 26005920 Anonymous
>>26003979 He's tripping

1 hours later 26005986 Anonymous
>>26004161 YES BUY SHITCOINS!!!

1 hours later 26006022 Anonymous
>>26003979 You get paid for what people decide is important.

1 hours later 26006028 Anonymous
>>26003979 >Elon being a public figure now and CEO of a public listed company has to hide his powerlevel >Robert Sneedlove tries to school him on Bitcoin >Elon shows 0.01% of his power level >Robert gets blinded and can't sneed

1 hours later 26006033 Anonymous
>>26003979 Well he is redpilled and based. Sounds more and more like he holds XRP

1 hours later 26006043 Anonymous
It means DOGE/XLM are the best currencies in the market right now.

1 hours later 26006053 Anonymous
>>26004176 >>26004406 >dunning kruger Go back to *eddit you fucking faggot midwit

1 hours later 26006056 Anonymous
>>26004890 Elites own XRP

1 hours later 26006109 Anonymous (1608667778628.gif 280x158 812kB)
>>26003979 Wow he's still a retard on it He's the richest man in the world now and doesn't understand MONEY >Labor theory of value I always knew elon was kind of a retard who just kept trying >>26005845 Exactly Worth is its own dimension lol, nonreducible Why do people exchange lots of "labor units" for baseball cards, elon? Or for fancy watches like Kevin O'leary collects for some reason?

1 hours later 26006220 Anonymous
>>26004750 Lmao >insert high tps shitcoin they happen to be bagholdin Fuck

1 hours later 26006224 Anonymous
>>26006109 Furthermore, Belle Delphine's mere existence practically disproves the labor theory of value out of hand

1 hours later 26006234 Anonymous
the whole transaction fud is retarded. what will happen is that trusted companies/entities using Proof of Reserve may issue their own payment rail/token trustlessly backed by btc, nothing else needed

1 hours later 26006269 Anonymous
>>26003979 He talked to Michael Saylor https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bas edRXAaN9Xc

1 hours later 26006290 Anonymous
>>26006269 Huh wtf https://youtu.be/basedRXAaN9Xc

1 hours later 26006410 Anonymous
>>26004545 DAGs are not secure. They are a meme. There's a reason they always get hacked, and need centralised oversight to 'work' properly. >muh free transactions Unless you are incentivising nodes to secure your network through PoW or PoS then it will not be secure. The reason DAGs have 16 gorillion tps is because the token you are transacting has no value, because the network itself is not secure.

1 hours later 26006476 Anonymous
>>26006410 In Nano everyone secures the network. When you want to send a transaction, your hardware has to do the PoW to confirm another transactions. If it wasn't secure it would have gotten hacked already.

2 hours later 26006622 Anonymous
avax confirmed to be god tier then

2 hours later 26006785 Anonymous
>>26004479 what use does that have for everyday transactions? the market is not going to adapt around traders trying to cut off time for high speed transactions. Retard

2 hours later 26006817 Anonymous
>Robert BREEEDLOVE >That jaw >That IQ No fair

2 hours later 26006860 Anonymous
>>26004221 >value is relative >labor is not labor is used to create value, either both are relative or both are not, and both are relative you fucking dumbass nigger

2 hours later 26006962 Anonymous
>>26004053 fiat will always easily beat any crypto in performance centralized systems are unbeatable. xrp is centralized enough to be fast but its a stupid scam only purpose is for the devs to print their own wildcat money and dump it on you clueless fucks.

2 hours later 26007041 Anonymous
>>26003979 he says that alot, that wealth comes from making things and not whatever bankers do

2 hours later 26007071 Anonymous
>>26006224 You just know some merchant economists will defend the theory and claim she's getting her market value. the true redpill is that the economy is inefficient

2 hours later 26007109 Anonymous
>>26003979 He thinks through the faults of money its still somehow the answer to the question, yet he needs to realize one step further in the logical conclusion is that bartering is better than fiat, and now uniswap and aave opens a new world of possibilities without fiat.

2 hours later 26007128 Anonymous
>>26006962 More demoralizing FUD.

2 hours later 26007142 Anonymous
>>26006476 Yeah RaiBlocks is the future, man! Just hop on over to the little Italian cafexchange where we sell it >what there’s only one exchange I mean yeah for now! >couldn’t you rug pull easily? Yeah but we won’t!

2 hours later 26007152 Anonymous
>>26004053 I feel bad for your mental health

2 hours later 26007220 Anonymous
>>26003979 He literally just shilled labor theory... aka what Hitler used to revitalize weimar Germany kek.

2 hours later 26007250 Anonymous
>>26004175 Are there people who still expect BTC to be a currency rather than preserver of wealth / what actual crypto currency will be (and already is) paired against?

2 hours later 26007257 Anonymous
UNIRONICALLY ARK If you think about it

2 hours later 26007274 Anonymous
>>26007128 these are facts and not fud just look at the fucking scams supply distribution!

2 hours later 26007284 Anonymous
>>26004053 shill harder

2 hours later 26007290 Anonymous
>>26004510 >stateless classes society That’s got to be the most retarded thing I’ve ever heard of. Class will always exist. Pareto principle you fucking nigger

2 hours later 26007292 Anonymous
>>26003979 that he wants to use AVAX on Mars. Ticks all the boxes he asks for.

2 hours later 26007298 Anonymous
>>26004114 kek

2 hours later 26007307 Anonymous
>>26003979 > least error and latency Literally NANO, the only crypto that's sub second finally, scalable and never had a double spend. Keep fuding it though, see you literally at $50

2 hours later 26007323 Anonymous
>>26007250 i think bitcoin can't be a currency because any reasonably stable currency has to have flexible supply. in bitcoins early days when its inflation was skyhigh it was sort of a hot potato but that's gone now. by design.

2 hours later 26007355 Anonymous
>>26003979 > "a lesson for elon" How fucking conceited

2 hours later 26007402 Anonymous
>>26006224 no you fucking idiot. the theory is reversed on her. men are paying premium for her labor. she is putting in as much labor as she needs to, to reach economic equilibrium. blame the simps. labor is the root of all value.

2 hours later 26007444 Anonymous
>>26007071 she is technically getting her "economic" value but not her moral value. read the book of Genesis.

2 hours later 26007500 Anonymous
>>26003979 So.. NANO

2 hours later 26007770 Anonymous
>>26007142 lmao are you stupid?¨ There is multiple exchanges, that was only in the beginning and even then there was at least 2 different ones. How should they rugpull?

2 hours later 26007789 Anonymous
>>26007323 I’m listening to a podcast right now that gets into this and how the fixed supply of BTC could present some serious issues as a currency but it’s about macro in general https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=YxDPZ Xj5_co

2 hours later 26007814 Anonymous (1606403453260.jpg 320x320 23kB)
>btc >optimized Fucking normalfag

2 hours later 26007869 Anonymous
>>26004053 stop, spoonfeeding season is over Hahaha ya SEC lawsuit will be the end of XRP for sure guys

3 hours later 26008046 Anonymous
>>26004053 Holy kek you’re STILL bagholding this turd? lmfao

3 hours later 26008078 Anonymous
>>26004005 >>26004023 Never change.

3 hours later 26008095 Anonymous
>>26004053 XRP is dead lol

3 hours later 26008100 Anonymous
>>26004089 Store of value would have to factor into what he's saying if he's given it much thought.

3 hours later 26008147 Anonymous
>>26006056 No, no one owns XRP except for retards

3 hours later 26008169 Anonymous
>>26008100 NANO is a great SoV though, 133m coins, all distributed and redistributed for years, no inflation. Coin is impossible to FUD. Once we started to moon, it's going to $100 and there's nothing we can do to stop that. What's 10 billion honestly, for the perfect normie coin?

3 hours later 26008188 Anonymous
>>26006234 >trustlessly backed by btc that's not possible tho trustless and backed is an oxymoron in the same sentence.

3 hours later 26008207 Anonymous
>>26004114 stay poor faggot

3 hours later 26008229 Anonymous
>>26007789 i have researched what money is the origins and history of money and what games the central banks especially the fed play. i have concluded the bitcoin can never be money nor can gold be money anymore. money evolved with fiat it was a revolutionary step forward and we are not going back.

3 hours later 26008266 Anonymous (29l25mbuqg321.jpg 235x215 10kB)
>>26004053 Grayscale Investments Commences Dissolution of Grayscale XRP Trust

3 hours later 26008337 Anonymous (ARPAmusk.jpg 1100x825 156kB)
>>26003979 Musk is secretly buying ARPA (and presumably farming Bella Protocol) few.

3 hours later 26008357 Anonymous
>>26008095 Yes, the SEC always takes up issues with dead companies and issues like TSLA and Microsoft.

3 hours later 26008377 Anonymous
>>26008229 oh and i also concluded: buy bitcoin you fool! because while fiat is the apex of money evolution it is a system currently heavily abused and used as a wealth pump from the middle class to the richest. inflation is inevitable in a fiat system but when the system is over leveraged with debt on purpose hyperinflation event is likely. fiat: best money ever invented, use it don't be shy! btc: best store of value for your wealth ever invented. but now it's in it's infancy barely adopted so don't go over 20% net on initial. i'm well over 20% now but only because btc did a 1000% the past year.

3 hours later 26008378 Anonymous
>>26008337 No he's not, schizo street shitter.

3 hours later 26008816 Anonymous
>>26004053 >0.3% of global energy consumption No way that's absolute bs.

4 hours later 26009532 Anonymous
He's a dumb retard who doesn't understand money and is using Marxist rhetoric since that makes sense to him.

4 hours later 26010037 Anonymous
>>26004053 It’s a security

4 hours later 26010172 Anonymous
>>26004353 That's old news. The SEC head and the prosecutor both resigned. They were Trump's guys. Biden's guys will be installed soon, and we'll see what their outlook is.

4 hours later 26010246 Anonymous (Hitler.jpg 800x600 79kB)
>>26003979 he's just quoting Hitler again Ford was also fascinated with Hitler something about building cars makes you worship the efficiency and forthrightness of German dictators

4 hours later 26010422 Anonymous
>>26003979 imagine shorting TSLA at the speed of light, a dream coming true soon, thanks based elon

5 hours later 26010718 Anonymous (4L_UNVu2MBx.jpg 431x431 57kB)

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