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2021-01-15 08:37 26003965 Anonymous /XSG/ XRP Schizo General #535 (Q-flare-spoon-feed2.jpg 1365x1500 463kB)
Previous Thread: >>259993584 >Flare/Spark Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bM GWE6dJiw&t=1s Flare Finance Intro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OA7 UN3RboLM&t=193s https://blog.flare.xyz/creating-and -redeeming-fxrp/ >SEC Lawsuit https://www.sec.gov/news/press-rele ase/2020-338 https://www.sec.gov/litigation/comp laints/2020/comp-pr2020-338.pdf >Staggered Spark token distribution https://blog.flare.xyz/further-info rmation-on-the-spark-token-distribu tion/ >XRP Ledger https://dex.xrplapps.com/ >Flare Finance Source Code https://github.com/flrfinance/ >XRP/Flare Decentralized Finance https://flr.finance/ >XRP Richlist Stats https://ledger.exposed/rich-stats >Past /XSG/ Threads: https://pastebin.com/pZdQbREq >Insiders Threads: https://pastebin.com/Z39w20qf >Insider/UHNWI/Mellon Threads: https://warosu.org/biz/thread/S1659 5583 https://warosu.org/biz/thread/S1726 6853 https://warosu.org/biz/thread/S1791 4598 https://warosu.org/biz/thread/S1810 2776 https://warosu.org/biz/thread/S1841 7446 https://warosu.org/biz/thread/S1928 3439 https://warosu.org/biz/thread/S1991 9081 https://warosu.org/biz/thread/S1998 0410 https://warosu.org/biz/thread/S2009 8041 https://warosu.org/biz/thread/S2042 9829 https://warosu.org/biz/thread/S2072 0991 >The Myth of Market Cap: http://galgitron.net/Post/The-Myth- of-Market-Cap---Version-2 >XRP FUD BINGO fudbingo.com >Twitter: https://twitter.com/@JoelKatz https://twitter.com/@looP_rM311_721 1 https://twitter.com/PRX0202 [Mr. Pool archives] >What wallet do I use? Hot storage - XUMM or TrustWallet Cold storage - Paper/Metal or Ledger/Trezor ***Do not use Droplet wallet - it's a scam***

0 min later 26003984 Anonymous
deadshit coin

3 min later 26004028 Anonymous
if I buy my Ledger Nano S from Amazon will I still land on that hacked shitlist?

3 min later 26004050 Anonymous
ITT Pol nigger MIGA blackpill demoralization FUD shills

4 min later 26004081 Anonymous (275.jpg 1280x996 126kB)
>>26004024 Remember this frens. We are in a bad timeline. It's only going to get worse. So lets get comfy while we still have things to be comfy about.

7 min later 26004129 Anonymous
>>26004081 Have you got a sauna where you live? If God allows me safe passage from what I believe is about transpire then I will likely build myself one with enough space for ALL frens.

8 min later 26004147 Anonymous
>>26004081 >>26004082 All policies in the UNITED STATES has not been American policies but corporate policies by the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA INC. which is incorporated under the British crown. in puerto rico.

9 min later 26004178 Anonymous (ledger security.jpg 1307x600 82kB)
>>26004028 You'd be risking a compromised device. Only purchase directly, but risk your info being leaked bc they cannot be trusted. Mail to a PO Box, dont use real name or number, and use a burner email. Seriously though, fuck ledger.

14 min later 26004269 Anonymous
Holy shit. Its happening! Check the price!

14 min later 26004273 Anonymous
>>26003965 Based op https://youtu.be/Ha4L9fI1800?t=6

14 min later 26004294 Anonymous (A59C588C-32D5-4514-BFD9-0A665F434D36.jpg 828x825 91kB)

15 min later 26004300 Anonymous (bac.jpg 1194x900 139kB)
>>26004129 My building has a sauna in it. I enjoy it as often as I can though I wish I had frens to go with. It's not very big. When this is all over I'll sauna with you fren, we can use hit eachother with small tree branches for maximum sauna experience.

16 min later 26004328 Anonymous
>>26004028 no, the hack was before a certain date so if you bought after that you are fine. i bought mine on amazon so i wasn't on the list. they didn't hack the ledger itself only the credit card information and the addresses.

16 min later 26004333 Anonymous (369268421.jpg 820x791 139kB)

16 min later 26004340 Anonymous (1610664647888.jpg 1919x1779 3489kB)
>>26004147 I see fren. I think many of us only see it now we are seconds away from midnight. What have we done?

19 min later 26004394 Anonymous
>>26004300 >we can use hit eachother with small tree branches for maximum sauna experience. Kek, I used to work with a Fin who would invite us to do this this with him and his beautiful lady.

19 min later 26004408 Anonymous
>>26004340 Yes, we had to come here to the precipice to understand what is at stake, the Deepstate has exposed themselves out in the open for everyone to see, their mask has fallen off, the world is awake now.

21 min later 26004441 Anonymous (8196c8b4c9d8a61c.png 1708x959 1122kB)
Pelosi about o have a bad day.

21 min later 26004465 Anonymous
Seeing the bullshit with ledger is starting to freak me out- I purchased from their Amazon store, shipped to my house and shit. Am I good? Now I’m worried my personal info is compromised

23 min later 26004489 Anonymous
>>26004465 your fine. the hackers hacked legers website so anyone who put in info on their side was leaked.

23 min later 26004501 Anonymous (1607842892768.jpg 236x351 26kB)

24 min later 26004509 Anonymous
Newfag here What do I use for trading kraken or binance? And do I need xrp to activate my account to accept the spark coin?

24 min later 26004511 Anonymous
>>26004441 Why anon? What do you think happens on the 20th? I think walls, barbed wire and 30000 troops say a big event is about to happen and not a online inauguration

25 min later 26004537 Anonymous
>>26004489 Thanks anon for dat confirmation I’m thanks

26 min later 26004562 Anonymous

27 min later 26004580 Anonymous
What’s the price of XRP after the 20th going to be?? Hmmmm

27 min later 26004581 Anonymous
>>26004511 linked her to antifa and the riot that happened, they got her laptops when they stormed capital hill, laptop had connections to Chinese operatives and soros connected. its why they are rushing for impeachment

27 min later 26004590 Anonymous
>>26004509 The spark snapshot happened a month ago, you won't get spark if you didn't have Xrp at the time. Kraken is nice but look if it works well for on your specific country or region.

27 min later 26004592 Anonymous
>>26004562 I only see green dildo for stinky :^(

28 min later 26004604 Anonymous
>>26004581 What do you think happens in the coming days/ week?

28 min later 26004605 Anonymous
>>26004580 XRP 2K EOY

28 min later 26004609 Anonymous
Knowing qtards like xrp makes me happy I dumped that garbage after the flare snap. Q being so popular with tech illiterate single moms who stopped taking their lithium prescription is the single best piece of evidence that it is complete dog shit that only the lowest in society fall for

28 min later 26004615 Anonymous (1576028026301.jpg 399x384 17kB)

29 min later 26004624 Anonymous
should i cancel my doctor's appointment today in case shit goes down im sweating man

29 min later 26004630 Anonymous
>>26004609 >single moms who stopped taking their lithium prescription Based. Meds, DO NOT TAKE THEM.

31 min later 26004689 Anonymous
>>26004590 In america Just wondering cause I could get xrp on binance. It says suspended

31 min later 26004691 Anonymous
>>26004609 why do qtards like xrp so much ?

32 min later 26004718 Anonymous
>>26004624 What “shit” goes down

33 min later 26004724 Anonymous (ewscripps.brightspotcdn.jpg 1280x720 309kB)
>>26004604 They built a wall around capital hill, keep us out or keep them in? Thousands of national guards going to DC Special law allows national guard to directly work under the Marines The Marines are the personal army of who? Navy has warships stationed on both coasts where is the best stage to have military tribunals aired?

33 min later 26004736 Anonymous
>>26003965 Which baker went to the effort of finding some Qshit pic?

35 min later 26004763 Anonymous
Seeing how hard bagholders are coping about how this shitcoin is 600 sats eoy is both hilarious and sad

35 min later 26004783 Anonymous
>>26004691 They don't Q has a been a psyop since /xsg/'s inception. Don't believe check the archives, hell even Mellon said Q was a psy-op. There's a couple of burgers hoping that Trump is a good guy otherwise they would have to get off their couch and do something.

36 min later 26004808 Anonymous
>>26004724 I think them in- think about it- all the shady people will be within that circle at the same time, also Trump controls the NG that was deployed from his doing. So what do u think

37 min later 26004814 Anonymous
>>26004691 They don't, more Qboomers hold BTC than xrp. There's like one riddle with Q.

37 min later 26004816 Anonymous
>>26004783 Mellon only knew from his perspective Don't assume all riddlers or insiders are on the same side or are giving you truth. Everyone has an agenda.

38 min later 26004845 Anonymous
>>26004763 No one will give a single shit about sats and Bitcoin will not be mentioned anymore outside of history books. You should be crapping your pants about the tether lawsuit.

39 min later 26004859 Anonymous
>>26004808 not him but i think its to stop people from stopping the fire squads

40 min later 26004880 Anonymous
>>26004859 Who do u think they are getting for treason

41 min later 26004894 Anonymous
>BTC scheduled to die today. >XRP dumps harder

42 min later 26004925 Anonymous
>>26004624 >>26004718 It's over. Sell your bags. Lock the doors. They're coming.

43 min later 26004949 Anonymous
>>26004880 Democrats and Republicans, Wallstreet, soros, bankers, many more.

45 min later 26004974 Anonymous
>>26004925 Who? Who is coming

46 min later 26004990 Anonymous (1585997093651.jpg 540x493 46kB)
>>26004294 God I sure do hope history does repeat.

46 min later 26004992 Anonymous
>>26004949 But what are the actual chances of this happening, I feel like it’s not even one percent

46 min later 26005002 Anonymous (1610629956561.jpg 1200x5400 1794kB)
https://freemantv.com/planetary-loc kdown-elana-freeland-billy-hayes/ https://freemantv.com/aliens-and-th e-ark-of-the-covenant-tom-montalk/ https://freemantv.com/is-this-wwiii -elana-freeland/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=quo ZCgPiUyo gematriaeffect.news

46 min later 26005007 Anonymous
>>26004894 No I think we'll be a comfy 29c throughout the whole affair They should have called it SRP Stable Ripple

47 min later 26005025 Anonymous
>>26004992 I was 60% sure a few months ago but now 100%.

48 min later 26005042 Anonymous

48 min later 26005046 Anonymous
>>26003965 for fucks sake its still not even going above 30c while absolute shitcoins moon i hate this thing so much why the fuck didnt i just listen to the link cultists back in 2018 instead of getting stuck with this retarded bullshit how is it even meant to go higher if jeb just keeps dumping? why do they even do that? no one answers, that this dude who has so many of these things and is more in the know than us is selling off so many when he could just be patient and hodl and become a trillionaire apparently fuck this thread and the opportunity cost that its incurred on me

49 min later 26005052 Anonymous (disclosure.png 1042x284 29kB)
>>26005025 >ET disclosure

50 min later 26005069 Anonymous (GESARA.png 1300x1800 2316kB)

50 min later 26005070 Anonymous
>>26005025 I’m excited for the 20th and remaining hopeful fren

51 min later 26005091 Anonymous
>>26005025 Didn’t they move him out of the White House today though?

52 min later 26005119 Anonymous (1581014072787.jpg 1919x1045 176kB)
>>26005052 >UFOs I want to believe

52 min later 26005122 Anonymous
>>26005091 he's on a military base or some secure location

57 min later 26005230 Anonymous (Q flare.jpg 1365x711 104kB)
>>26004736 I made it, using clues from Flare Promo. Psyop checked. Trump is an actor, playing good guy role.... Q is spoon-feeding normies into thinking good guys are winning. When the Great Reset happens, they'll think it's for the greater good. OP pic is to illustrate that Q is the architects plan to usher in the new financial system. It's all connected. NCSWIC

57 min later 26005241 Anonymous
>>26005119 there is a breakaway civilization in space, they have already colonized all our planets and moons, they have already visited other stars and mapped out other galaxies. all the science we were thought in schools was a lie. the US already has Prometheuss class starships through black budget. there are off world human slave colonies. first we have discloser and expose the underground, free the children in cages and take back the tesla technology that was stolen from us. then the space declassification.

59 min later 26005280 Anonymous
>>26005091 He's in Texas or something still.

59 min later 26005287 Anonymous (1598667566029.jpg 2171x6420 2191kB)

1 hours later 26005301 Anonymous

1 hours later 26005401 Anonymous
What coin should I buy? Or what should I keep a track on?

1 hours later 26005404 Anonymous (1586815744791.jpg 300x225 7kB)
>>26005230 awesome work fren but Q still can just be a good thing and this all ends positive for everyone saved

1 hours later 26005418 Anonymous (1603538949835.jpg 1787x3413 2766kB)
>>26005241 >>26005287

1 hours later 26005467 Anonymous (1605659250382.jpg 780x751 159kB)

1 hours later 26005470 Anonymous (red-hot-hollywood.jpg 550x550 71kB)
>>26005241 Sry anon https://youtu.be/nr6g7Pe92C4

1 hours later 26005495 Anonymous
>>26005046 >XRP goes down after SEC lawsuit, the only thing that made it budge, goes down. >All coins pump and dump on repeat, but XRP stays stable. How are you not seeing what's happening before your eyes. If you think this is a token to make quick money gain, you're sadly mistaken. Either hold or just leave. You don't have the patience for this.

1 hours later 26005586 Anonymous
Are we going to dump now? What should I do bros?

1 hours later 26005638 Anonymous
>>26005586 >bros bros = sell

1 hours later 26005659 Anonymous (d4ctrump3.jpg 1023x677 495kB)
>>26005495 Meanwhile I just bought 60 xrp Let's gooood!

1 hours later 26005682 Anonymous
>>26005586 How about eat a bullet BRO

1 hours later 26005808 Anonymous
>>26005495 >quick money gain i have held this shit for like 2 years, you fuckwit go kys

1 hours later 26005821 Anonymous (1596357918499.gif 373x324 2352kB)

1 hours later 26005901 Anonymous (1610689389879.png 901x1249 1036kB)

1 hours later 26005924 Anonymous (d0af813f11302601afad70c1bc1cb98778b4067ede003fe46c8de2e6c221d259.png 378x357 64kB)

1 hours later 26005947 Anonymous (1602178007543.png 400x386 243kB)
>>26005901 you literally couldn't act more scared if you tried

1 hours later 26005964 Anonymous
>>26005638 >>26005682 Okay. I bought more. Thanks. >>26005901 >>26005924 >2016-2020 happens >the establishment: >No Trumps Allowed

1 hours later 26006078 Anonymous
>>26005964 Trumps love of big Titties saved him from being bought off and blackmailed with little kids.

1 hours later 26006105 Anonymous
>>26005659 You got this man >>26005808 I'm sure you did.

1 hours later 26006361 Anonymous
>>26004328 this

1 hours later 26006368 Anonymous
>>26005230 >Q is spoon-feeding normies into thinking good guys are winning. When the Great Reset happens, they'll think it's for the greater good. >OP pic is to illustrate that Q is the architects plan to usher in the new financial system. It's all connected. NCSWIC I'll allow this take for not being a smooth brained "it's all a part of the Q mastermind plan. Trump is good and democrats are bad."

1 hours later 26006387 Anonymous (masks.jpg 1024x808 131kB)
>>26005404 The QFS will be a better system, while at the same time pulling us deeper into a technocratic world and away from the natural kingdom. Don't forget it is being ushered in due to rona. Problem. Reaction. Solution. Positive for everyone? Perhaps only for those who wake up. Truth is the maskers are actual zombies, shaming those who do not conform. If digital soldiers are 1%ers, then schizos are .1%ers. Sucks when the only cope is on the internet in anonymous boards.

2 hours later 26006642 Anonymous
XRP is up 0% over the past two years BTC is up 1000%

2 hours later 26006649 Anonymous (Tard.png 598x291 18kB)
I hate riddlers with a burning passion

2 hours later 26006673 Anonymous (Bildschirmfoto 2021-01-15 um 10.44.24.png 1590x638 119kB)
wow, it really is over is it shizos

2 hours later 26006718 Anonymous
>>26006673 >ECB Lagarde FUDS BTC >BTX maxi fags FUD XRP

2 hours later 26006740 Anonymous
>>26006718 Like pottery.

2 hours later 26006744 Anonymous (Nisemonogatari - 10 [BD 720p 10bit HEVC].mkv_snapshot_18.04_[2019.09.21_13.31.48].jpg 1280x720 296kB)
>>26005007 >it didnt moon so it wont dump nah markets dont work that way. not mooning means its shit and dump even harder

2 hours later 26006753 Anonymous
>>26006649 What if the SeC and Fed reserve took control of the escrow. Checkmate

2 hours later 26006762 Anonymous
>>26006649 That account legit seems like it's ran but Bubacucks. It's also one of the worst riddlers. >>26006673 oh noes just sold BRO

2 hours later 26006828 Anonymous
>>26004300 based sauna-bro. I also enjoy the hot wooden chamber. All bodily stress that you can manage is to the benefit of your health.

2 hours later 26006847 Anonymous
>>26006673 >citing market reaction to sec lawsuit >you guys are too dumb for us to be bagholding with you

2 hours later 26006868 Anonymous
Can I buy the spark tokens?

2 hours later 26006880 Anonymous
>>26004763 You will never be a woman.

2 hours later 26006976 Anonymous
>>26003965 OP got the wrong ID for the previous thread, its: >>25993584

2 hours later 26006984 Anonymous
>>26006868 some are buying IOUs at some exhanges at .02c or some shit

2 hours later 26007007 Anonymous
>>26005046 You will never be a woman.

2 hours later 26007039 Anonymous
>>26006984 its about 19 or 70 cents. they are iou's and a pajeet scam. flare hasn't been dropped yet.

2 hours later 26007103 Anonymous
>>26007039 But in all meme timelines xrp probably shoots up before flare hits At this point we won't see sub 10cents flare, so it may be like investing ahead of the curve. But it may also drop to 1cent once all pajeets sell their airdrop when mainnet starts, it's as much of a gamble as xrp is

2 hours later 26007168 Anonymous
>>26007103 >At this point we won't see sub 10cents flare But it'll be $0.00 upon its release according to Flare.

2 hours later 26007218 Anonymous (cianiggs.png 884x648 359kB)
>>26006673 I've recently watched this documentary. It's blatant as fuck that BTC is made by glowniggs or hijacked by them. I'm getting demoralized frens. Everday it seems more and more that xrp is just a decoy so you will miss out on all other gains. >don't trade because muh flip switch Mean while if you sold 10k xrp at 0.60 cent you could have had around 30k xrp after the SEC fud. If you invested the 10k xrp back and putted the profit in some other coin that got shilled on /biz/ you'd have profitted and could buy more xrp. Mean while people will keep calling meme dates so you are afraid to sell because muh switch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qk4 gZrBR9CU

2 hours later 26007288 Anonymous (13-15 volatility coming.jpg 888x1518 173kB)
>>26006976 Yeah I saw that I put an extra 9 in there. My B, but that thread sucked anyways. Just a bunch of vax & Trump drama... We need anons scanning the news. Something big is gonna drop today. Etoro is predicting volatility for the wknd!

2 hours later 26007309 Anonymous
>>26007168 Well, right that's what they have to do. But the market decides the price. If you want FLR, you can go to Bitrue, but FLR, leave it in your wallet and when it drops, you get FLR, the real coin and withdrawal. So yes. The present price is indicating what the market thinks FLR should be RIGHT NOW. Once it drops, the staggering and general hodl mentality of holders will cause exchanges to eventually have to push the price up with their high frequency wash derivative trading, and then as the DeFi starts up the price will go higher as well. I suspect the price to drop when it launches, for a bit, because some people will dump their initial 15%.

2 hours later 26007379 Anonymous (83196039_p0_master1200.jpg 847x1200 311kB)
mornin frens any news?

2 hours later 26007429 Anonymous
>>26007218 how the fuck is XRP the decoy and BTC not? Look at the sentiments surrounding both, not only on this board, but out there in the wider community. BTC is in all the MSM outlets right now fgs. If anything thats the decoy.

2 hours later 26007468 Anonymous
>>26007288 I appreciate all schizo ramblings regardless of subject matter, nevertheless I forgive you Interesting from etoro, that was sent to you today? and checked

2 hours later 26007511 Anonymous
>>26007309 Sorry if a brainlet question but how will the IOU's from Bitrue et al affect the initial price upon launch?

2 hours later 26007614 Anonymous
>>26007218 i mean the solution is to not be poor and diversify. ill get shit , but guess what, im going to use all my gains to buy BACK in at some point and have tons. im 50% xrp 50% other projects. Nonetheless, be patient crypto can only increase so much in value before the final hurdle of institutional adoption confronts it, and the question should then be what projects are best poised to conquer that obstacle, is it still better to invest in low mcaps at that point? etc.

2 hours later 26007665 Anonymous
>>26006744 This ain't no market. The price is 30c because ripple want it to be. Don't you think it's strange it and XLM haven't budged

2 hours later 26007680 Anonymous
>>26004783 Is Mellon into XRP ?

2 hours later 26007710 Anonymous
>>26007511 Because right now, if you want to buy FLR. It doesn't cost .00 cents. It costs .179 cents. So FLR, being "released at" 0 is just so that no one can say they are corrupt or anything. It's basically saying "i am not a financial institution that thinks it can set the price of things, the market will decide what the price of our asset is." Well the market responds by having a small IOU market for people who want the coin as soon as it does drop on exchanges. The market decided it needed some sort of quasi on ramp to getting FLR now, and the market has decided on s price of about almost .18 yet when it does hit exchanges, it might take a hit to whatever the price is the because the people that are just going to dump, are going go dump.

2 hours later 26007753 Anonymous
>>26007710 is bitrue the only place to buy it right now?

2 hours later 26007777 Anonymous (di molto.png 640x489 520kB)

3 hours later 26007977 Anonymous (xsgDRAFTheadshot114.png 1128x1200 915kB)
Wakes up gets shitty left over coffee turns on /xsg/ sees q stuff ... gets up starts coffee pot... cracks knuckles.... sits on a chair... sip... Biz+Q+memedates.... today rules...

3 hours later 26007991 Anonymous
>>26005287 these threads have had some real interesting posts over the last few days. it's good that somebody is archiving all of them- whoever goes through them and studies them in the future will emerge with a pretty good record, i think. thanks to whoever is making these.

3 hours later 26008008 Anonymous
>>26007777 >>26007977 Checked

3 hours later 26008010 Anonymous (547cb7879015655ad17d5c187189005fe80bf2ebe7451d6ecaa4996456bcd817.jpg 281x180 8kB)
>>26007977 thank you for reminding me to go get my coffee i have heating up also fug u guys nobody checked my quads

3 hours later 26008020 Anonymous
>>26004894 as long as it stays down until about 9am i'm good, that's when my check hits and i can make my last purchase

3 hours later 26008083 Anonymous (0117fd011545253196b22fdc5add89a5d853559a36d611f59a43399ea7d1178f.jpg 890x862 96kB)
>>26004894 why is it gonna die?

3 hours later 26008094 Anonymous
>>26008083 It's tethered to Tether.

3 hours later 26008131 Anonymous
>>26007777 >>26008008 >>26008010 No.

3 hours later 26008139 Anonymous (320ee808f616b36ca92c025ed50ac8b8a7df769b1692f178b3e67fac8990b018.jpg 1024x946 54kB)
>>26008094 what does that mean

3 hours later 26008171 Anonymous
>>26007977 We told you. Bigger tits. That was the priority. Not the coloring.

3 hours later 26008192 Anonymous
>>26008171 do not listen to this man small chests need love too

3 hours later 26008211 Anonymous (4F47801F-E4B6-4E14-BE39-197F3F48B4CB.png 352x425 7kB)
>>26008139 Jesus where did you come from

3 hours later 26008216 Anonymous (3AqgpSA.gif 300x225 1035kB)
>>26005007 >I think we'll be a comfy 29c throughout the whole affair how long is that pal? I think tonight is a new moon, idk if anyone saw the moon last night but it was a peek sailor moon crescent. Tonight if there is no moon it's a new moon. idk what day is phoenix day but i know its coming up soon. lots of interesting dates.

3 hours later 26008228 Anonymous (5709002B-94E0-4665-84DB-9A0BD0145FB8.png 768x768 212kB)
>>26008139 basically Tether is the gigantic BVLL fuck cock that will rape the market into oblivion

3 hours later 26008237 Anonymous
>>26008211 I am from here, i am just not smart, i bought when xrp was low and am holding on for it to moon and also because this community is fun

3 hours later 26008289 Anonymous
>>26008139 >Chyna print USDT >Chyna not back USDT with USD (~26% unbacked) >Chyna buy BTC with unbacked USDT >BTC price go up >Rinse and repeat

3 hours later 26008313 Anonymous (1596763554042.png 930x626 457kB)
>>26008228 What time is stuff happening?

3 hours later 26008368 Anonymous
>>26007777 >>26008010 >>26008083 >>26008139 >>26008192 >>26008237 >fug you guys, basically frens posting >why is it gonna die?! >what does it mean? >small tits comparable to big tits >this community is fun Bros, what does it mean?

3 hours later 26008369 Anonymous (A4D9CB7B-5D8D-4F22-AE3C-29F7DD0B6FB4.jpg 959x667 121kB)
>>26008313 Give it till 12pm western burger time Right now it’s 6am here east coast, I need to see them red wojaks.

3 hours later 26008389 Anonymous (1606946353290.jpg 1024x1016 78kB)
>>26008369 I'm ready to pick up some BTC

3 hours later 26008395 Anonymous
>>26008368 it means dum and autism

3 hours later 26008428 Anonymous
Is the SafePal Hardware Wallet a good option for cold storage?

3 hours later 26008463 Anonymous
>>26008389 Why would you buy BBC when great reset gilf is fudding the shit out of it and calling for world wide regulations on it

3 hours later 26008469 Anonymous
is this the day of the rope?

3 hours later 26008483 Anonymous
>>26008469 its the day of the pope

3 hours later 26008496 Anonymous
>>26003965 How can i make passive income using flare

3 hours later 26008529 Anonymous (1504312801044.gif 500x211 1008kB)
>>26008171 >>26005052 If there ever was a reason to read watchmen now is the time. or if you have some time... watch this... https://youtu.be/mLdqKIj3-A0 This is part 1. of 12 tldr. fake alines to make world peace. but at what cost. anytime people here talk about aliens i think bluebeam and DVB. https://youtu.be/Eix9mMrPPmE >>26008171 lol, working on some idea. bro its hard to just magic a person together that fits a feeling and a mood of xsg. draft ideas have her sitting on a chair with coffee in her hands. one leg up on the chair. in cleavage showing shirt. >this is a good hobby to tick tock some time away waiting for the moon.

3 hours later 26008548 Anonymous
I store xrp on xumm, where can I store xlm in similar way (hot wallet i guess)?

3 hours later 26008551 Anonymous
>>26008463 you saying great reset gilf does not paint a pretty picture

3 hours later 26008601 Anonymous
>>26008469 Day of the cope. Roping comes later as reality sets in for bit-tards.

3 hours later 26008632 Anonymous
>>26008529 >tldr. fake alines to make world peace. but at what cost. Are you going to get on the ship, anon?

3 hours later 26008662 Anonymous
>>26008632 demons in disguise as x has said in the past.

3 hours later 26008678 Anonymous
>>26008662 Sexy demons?

3 hours later 26008693 Anonymous
>>26008469 Please make it happen, it doesn’t matter for my 11000 XRP I got Spark tokens out of it that will be worth more later this year.

3 hours later 26008729 Anonymous
>>26008693 are spark tokens a good idea?

3 hours later 26008748 Anonymous
>>26008529 Just kidding, drawing is cool, make it as best you can really. But if it was up to me, give her clothes resembling either Aqua or Harley Quin, with bigger tits from last pic, in a way that doesn't seem too much, IE, perky tits.

3 hours later 26008798 Anonymous
>>26008496 staking or lending on Flare, or providing liquidity and yield farming on Flare Finance. more info at top of OP

3 hours later 26008821 Anonymous
Why did xrp dump when sec had lawsuit but btc has a bigger lawsuit and hasn’t budged?

3 hours later 26008842 Anonymous
>>26005470 BASED

3 hours later 26008880 Anonymous
So what will be the cope when BTC ends the day with a price? kek enjoy sitting out the golden bullrun with your 30c shitcoin faggots

3 hours later 26008905 Anonymous
>>26008729 I believe in the tech and the community that continues to help build the network. The Flare Network are expanding to work with other projects with Litecoin airdrop coming in Q2.

3 hours later 26008916 Anonymous
>>26008821 BTC is China

3 hours later 26008947 Anonymous (846ce29c05dc4df9a27c7e340d6be11653b330852ab45b3cfb01670d9f1d7a11.jpg 208x242 9kB)
>>26008748 Disgusting cow tits >>26008916 FUCK CHINA

3 hours later 26008965 Anonymous
>>26008916 which is why bitcoin will win. XRP has been dead for almost a decade, its just Brads personal slush fund

3 hours later 26008980 Anonymous (1601885296524.jpg 1030x950 111kB)
>>26008880 >More people who can't comprehend the concept of owning more than one coin

3 hours later 26009098 Anonymous
>>26004624 Why is everyone saying today (Jan 15)? Inauguration is on the 20th. I feel like I've missed out on some crucial details and I spend a lot of time on /pol/. What's happening

3 hours later 26009117 Anonymous
>>26008980 just go all in on BTC bro, price will surge soon. XRP will bleed to 1c

4 hours later 26009200 Anonymous
>>26008980 i went all in on xrp

4 hours later 26009230 Anonymous
>>26009200 R.I.P bro... you gonna miss out bigly

4 hours later 26009265 Anonymous
>>26009230 hey i took a chance, if it doesnt work out i wont try crypto again

4 hours later 26009270 Anonymous
>>26009230 They too into the cult to see that bro

4 hours later 26009285 Anonymous
>>26009230 Bro, what a great take bro. I think you're right. Bro.

4 hours later 26009300 Anonymous
>>26009270 >>26009285 bro bro brobrobro? bobobobobo

4 hours later 26009336 Anonymous
>>26009300 Bruh

4 hours later 26009351 Anonymous
>>26009270 >>26009285 >>26009300 >bro YOU GUYS ARE EVIL GET AWAY FROM ME FUDDERS!!

4 hours later 26009368 Anonymous
>>26009351 whas wrong bro

4 hours later 26009372 Anonymous
>>26009351 Did you do the Spark airdrop?

4 hours later 26009376 Anonymous
>>26009368 clearly he's hobrophobic

4 hours later 26009394 Anonymous
>>26009351 Bro it'll be okay shhhhhh.

4 hours later 26009441 Anonymous
>>26009376 >hobrophobic Kek

4 hours later 26009480 Anonymous
>>26008980 haha take my updoot kind sir!

4 hours later 26009500 Anonymous
>>26009372 Yeah bro, my sparkies are dropping into my wallet as we speak

4 hours later 26009592 Anonymous
>>26007429 this guy gets it

4 hours later 26009640 Anonymous
>>26009351 >he doesn’t know about BRO/XRP Bro...

4 hours later 26009641 Anonymous
>>26009500 Spark network haven’t launched yet If you did the airdrop you can leave this shithole and profit and covering any XRP losses with the spark token.

4 hours later 26009649 Anonymous
>>26009592 Right the number of people who know about XRP but aren't crypto investors is likely in the thousands, compared to millions (billions?) who know about Bitcoin.

4 hours later 26009657 Anonymous
>>26007429 BTC is the decoy to XRP being the decoy of BTC decoy. It's always been this way you just had to read the twitter rambles upside down

4 hours later 26009709 Anonymous
>>26009640 >I only just know about BRO/XRP Bro... 190 XRP for one BRO... That's why the schizo don't like bro...

4 hours later 26009719 Anonymous
>>26008216 New Moon was the 13th

4 hours later 26009731 Anonymous (1595913151915.png 1416x1425 2618kB)
>>26007429 Bitcoin is everywhere, I'm seeing a massive increase in numbers of news stories, there are even ads on buses here advertising bitcoin. Some guy in UK offered their local government £50million or something to help him find a harddrive with £200million worth of bitcoin on it that got thrown in a dump.

4 hours later 26009751 Anonymous
>>26008289 what's the endgame?

4 hours later 26009758 Anonymous
>>26009731 B+ schizo image sir

4 hours later 26009807 Anonymous
>>26009751 Extraction of wealth from the west.

4 hours later 26009837 Anonymous
>>26004129 Im hoping to build a series of hot tubes ranging in temperature degrees. A few outside on the deck of a snowy mountain. Get out of the tub roll in the snow get in the hot tub A nice cook making hot cocoa, truffle popcorn, and delicious snacks.

4 hours later 26009840 Anonymous (trumpwhitepill.png 1621x3065 1248kB)

4 hours later 26009854 Anonymous
>>26008965 >he thinks China is winning I didn't vote Trump. But he wrecked them. Probably his only job. Public sentiment has turned and it will only get worse. USNATSEC will make BTC illegal. All Trump's EOs last two years minimum as per the SCOTUS ruling on DACA. Gonna get bumpy. But the chinks are 100% administered by traitorous europeans. It's over for them.

4 hours later 26009855 Anonymous
>>26009837 are you talking about gay sex or something else

4 hours later 26009862 Anonymous
>>26007429 >>26009592 When normies finally started staying "Wow yeah, have you heard of Bitcoin, I'm buying!" BITCOIN DIED. When the media and general sentiment was still that BTC was some incomprehensible internet hacker money and that the guy you know that's into it is a weird " le conspiracy theorist....." That was when Bitcoin was still alive, when you should have bought. The normies are now into BTC, meaning; the market already has something objectively better and it's just a matter of time before it changes. And then it might change again. Is BTC going to end up like AOL? Askjeeves? Or more like a Bing, or a DuckDuckGo? Because it's definitely not being a Google, a Lockheed Martin or other militaryindustrial company. At best, maybe it'll be like Amazon. Surviving parasiticly off of funds and resources that are illegitimate or off in some way, except instead of Amazon being basically a public utility at this point because of all the government money...... BTC is Chinas money Amazon because of course they control most of the criminals in the space and paired with the other banker criminals and the exchanges and the regulators, BTC is a massive shitshow and it will go away. While Ripple, the better thing the market has made, will and has passed through regulators and will be accepted as the standard and implemented in finances at the nation-state/multinational corporation level as the defacto exchange mechanism behind the scenes.

4 hours later 26009878 Anonymous
>>26009351 Whats wrong bro? Take your meds bro

4 hours later 26009885 Anonymous (flat-thinking-concept_23-2148163823.jpg 626x626 62kB)
Should I buy more xrp now or maybe wait a few days?

4 hours later 26009963 Anonymous
>>26009862 I agree 100% This is further cemented in my mind talking to my crypto involved friends. I share warning flags about BTC and its impending doom. All they do is parrot the Winklevoss twins and Pomp back to me. Normies are much closer than we think

4 hours later 26009971 Anonymous
>>26009878 >Take meds >Woah what the hell... What's this XRP thingamajig on my computer? >Sounds scary I think I'll sell them What got over me, thank you friend. Now I may live my life like a normal human. Good day

4 hours later 26010027 Anonymous
>>26009649 A decent amount of people know about XRP but the criminals have created the natural sentiment in the crypto space that they were altruistic Jesus characters and that BTC was going to save humanity from the central bankers economic hell. So when you mention XRP, almost the entire community gives you this spiel about this sort of puritan idealism of BTC (even thought BTC has been locked up as digital gold and not peer to peer cash,, the original goal) and how XRP is the bankers devil coin and that the evil people are really XRP. That XRP is never going to work and if it does go up in price its bad and evil because le bankers..... But then covertly China has destroyed and installed control from within BTC and the crypto media propaganda arm by feeding peoples need to feel like they are a good person doing the right thing, using BTC against le evil bankers, when in reality. They are supporting the CCP against freedom and general sovereignty itself.

4 hours later 26010031 Anonymous (1598707966871.png 187x198 67kB)

4 hours later 26010112 Anonymous
fucking piece of shit not even Grayscale wants to hold this utter piece of junk anymore

4 hours later 26010227 Anonymous
>>26009840 I like this story, as scary as it seems.

4 hours later 26010279 Anonymous
>>26009840 excellent history I would add the "Crime of '73" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coina ge_Act_of_1873 which outlawed the silver standard Completely unrelated fun fact: The rothschitts "loaned" the US $1.3 billion between 1873 and 1877 - worth about $26 billion today https://guide-to-the-archive.rothsc hildarchive.org/the-london-banking- house/depts/loans-business/list-of- major-business-of-the-london-house- 1818-1945

4 hours later 26010314 Anonymous
>>26009963 Yes. Normies ruin everything. The normie ruining of 4chan happened 2 years after kids started getting internet on their cell phones. The normening. The forever summer fagening. Now, posters lurk and post for years, never become based, but because they learned the lingo, they think they're not still new fags. You are always a newfag no matter how long you've posted. You are no longer a newfag when you're based. Yes, that means that there are some who are technically born as oldfags. Two years ago, I was telling people to watch Andreas talk on BTC to understand crypto. Now all the normies are buzzing around BTC retardedly like old drunk boomers watching le sports circus nigger ball. How long will it take the normies to go through the path? From initial "Hmmm. Bitcoin? What's that?" To "Ohhhhh got it blockchain is a thing I can like and NOT ONLY LIKE BTC WOOOWWWWW" A long time... because there's more to go Then realizing, "Oh, so the banks, my bluepill overlords, all made a coin alongside all the crazy people I think are conspiracy theorists and all the other crazy militant people are in ultra privacy coins like XMR ZCASH, but im a normie and that scary so I now finally realize XRP is the standard." Yeah. We're still early lol. Wait for BTC to ATH and then we'll see what people do when the drop hits.

4 hours later 26010469 Anonymous
>>26004273 I lol everytime

4 hours later 26010497 Anonymous
>>26010031 worth nine dollars

4 hours later 26010529 Anonymous
>>26004580 .27

4 hours later 26010605 Anonymous (416d035094be17d423e08d97e5033f49861f799cde984eeda89ed527e025e2a7.jpg 255x235 14kB)
Our weekly average is in the red now fug

5 hours later 26010700 Anonymous
>>26005808 Then wait longer? Are you fucking brown??

5 hours later 26010730 Anonymous
>>26009098 tether SEC case

5 hours later 26010757 Anonymous
>>26009878 weak shit you're not anybody's brother

5 hours later 26010759 Anonymous
https://cryptopotato.com/grayscale- moves-to-dissolve-xrp-trust-amid-se c-ripple-fiasco/?amp muh institutions

5 hours later 26010784 Anonymous
why are we doomping bros?

5 hours later 26010804 Anonymous
>>26010759 Didn't GS own like 15 million in XRP? lmao

5 hours later 26010831 Anonymous
>>26010804 yeah, and they are dropping it anyway go figure

5 hours later 26010856 Anonymous
>>26009270 Why are brown people like this

5 hours later 26010891 Anonymous
>>26010831 Shhh, a bunch of online schizo losers know more than billion dollar financial institutions and insiders kek... >muh dot connecting

5 hours later 26010909 Anonymous
>>26010891 yeah we do actually

5 hours later 26010947 Anonymous
>>26010909 and you are all billionaires now in minecraft

5 hours later 26010973 Anonymous
>>26010891 Why are you calling yourself a loser?

5 hours later 26010983 Anonymous
>>26010112 >>26010759 >>26010831 Really wish we could somehow establish some kind of melanin check for these threads

5 hours later 26011012 Anonymous
>>26003965 dump your shit ass XRP and rotate into ETH. The "stakening" is starting and 1/57 of all ETH is currently being staked and cannot be sold. https://ethereumprice.org/eth-2-dep osits/ ETH going to 3K EOY.

5 hours later 26011013 Anonymous
>>26010947 This is literally the most brown person shit to say, lmao. Please stop shitting up the thread nigger

5 hours later 26011027 Anonymous
>>26010947 It's true. On the 22nd, our minecraft world becomes real and Trump serves his first term as President of the United States as in the sovereign nation, not the corporation.

5 hours later 26011044 Anonymous (1584563246221.jpg 1280x720 66kB)

5 hours later 26011058 Anonymous
>>26011013 >>26010983 you seem to be obsessed with your skin colour, why all the self hate? Did your Stacy leave you for Tyrone? In minecraft?

5 hours later 26011092 Anonymous
>>26011027 good for you

5 hours later 26011113 Anonymous (1607739389823.jpg 451x677 54kB)

5 hours later 26011139 Anonymous
>>26010831 Yea. So they have chump change locked up and decided it wasn't worth the liability for chump change.

5 hours later 26011142 Anonymous
>>26005046 You sound like a depressed 20 year old who has achieved nothing on his life. This coin isn't for you. Try chainlink or bitcoin.

5 hours later 26011186 Anonymous
>>26011027 hahahahahahahaha and what will be your cope on the 23rd when nothing happened?

5 hours later 26011226 Anonymous
Lol @ the FUDers they get so mad when XRPBTC pair is rising. They can't stand seeing the value transfer just begin. Were only getting started kids, buckle up

5 hours later 26011244 Anonymous
>>26011113 in the end we are all the same the racist ones at least

5 hours later 26011276 Anonymous
>>26011058 >obsessed with your >in minecraft Holy shit lmao And Ive never been with a girl that has wanted a shit colored cock so thats never been a problem for me actually

5 hours later 26011293 Anonymous
>>26011186 Nothing really. Everything is fine. Maybe jerk off, play some vidya, make some good food, stare at my stacks of precious metals, think about easy free money, might come here to post about moving the goal posts and other predictable things that upset you enough to trigger a response to keep you here in your hamster wheel of rage. Hbu?

5 hours later 26011299 Anonymous (FyGqy6cejYtnAAAAAElFTkSuQmCC.png 225x225 9kB)
>>26005046 need more loser blog like this

5 hours later 26011378 Anonymous (4D2B061A-CE59-45C5-B11C-AF35740AE947.jpg 1080x601 150kB)
I think Q is a psyop for retarded normies desu People talked about corrupt government and satanic pedo rings for literally decades, this is the core of Qanon and it’s not wrong, at all. The riddle shit filters out midwits who aren’t high IQ schizo chads Picrel

5 hours later 26011412 Anonymous
>>26011276 BASED

5 hours later 26011436 Anonymous
>>26011012 i used ETH yesterday to change my 1inch into XRP and it took 45 minutes and $15 to do 2 transactions. a similar switch would have taken me 30 seconds and .10 with ripple, at most

5 hours later 26011484 Anonymous
>>26011276 Don't you know in Minecraft is the new funny me me? So actually he's being REALLY funny

5 hours later 26011488 Anonymous
>>26011436 nobody cares about that shit bro... all that matters is whether number goes up bro.. and number for BTC and ETH go up bigly

5 hours later 26011518 Anonymous
>>26011488 peak midwit

5 hours later 26011529 Anonymous
>>26011518 this kek

5 hours later 26011558 Anonymous
>>26011226 Xrp went from 4k sats to 700 sats in the past 2 months

5 hours later 26011631 Anonymous
>>26011058 just stop, youre embarrasing yourself

5 hours later 26011632 Anonymous
>>26009840 nice and scary

5 hours later 26011678 Anonymous
>>26011558 Which allowed smart money to cash out btc into xrp. The bottom is in, and the value transfer is just beginning

5 hours later 26011798 Anonymous (1588200005042.png 664x570 318kB)
wtf is this Yip Yap about? ----------------------------------- ----- It's going get worst... Seems the next hack like Solarwind is in the pipeline... Red 2 incoming.... FCC EBS on line 16th.... Saturday 7pm.. Embedded video in coding.. https://youtube.com/watch?v=XQtjJZ0 Ltu0 Stay home... The final 10k NG arrives Saturday. ----------------------------------- --------- https://twitter.com/blockofwoods/st atus/1349854154899009546 ------------ WTF is "The final 10k NG arrives Saturday." Does xsg have an official Ham radio frequency?

5 hours later 26011900 Anonymous
>https://www.fxstreet.com/cryptocur rencies/news/jerome-powell-confirms -the-fed-is-studying-stablecoin-ris ks-as-ripple-dives-in-the-ring-for- cbdcs-support-202101150712 >Ripple, a San Francisco-based Blockchain Company, is ready to dive into CBDC's race using its XRP Ledger (XRPL). According to Ripple, banks can issue stablecoins on XRPL due to its "unique, fungible token functionality called Issued Currencies. Seeing more media mentions about CBDC's and XRPL... interdasting

5 hours later 26011950 Anonymous (1610404696953.jpg 739x739 91kB)

5 hours later 26011966 Anonymous (fuck.jpg 656x354 46kB)
clf dead?

5 hours later 26011978 Anonymous
>>26011798 If 7pm eastern comes tomorrow and I don't have frazzled drip live streamed into my eye balls followed by military tribunals and firing squads, Q is gay and fake and a nerd and pee pee po po.

5 hours later 26012012 Anonymous (677350F5-A0EB-4987-9FF3-93A0202C169F.jpg 960x640 46kB)
>>26011950 the jew fears the self-aware high functioning schizo

5 hours later 26012107 Anonymous
>>26011978 >implying q isnt already gay and fake and a nerd and pee pee po po

5 hours later 26012244 Anonymous
>>26011966 I mean, it's not an exorbitant amount but i has concerns

5 hours later 26012257 Anonymous
>>26012107 “Q is a psyop” is a psyop

5 hours later 26012461 Anonymous
News: CNBC is digging into Biden's Covid Stimulus package (hes not even in office yet....) Its 1.9trillion and includes more stimulus checks (hope your saving/investing those), unemployment, and buisness bailouts. the amount we're getting is still up in the air, but looks to be about 1400-2000. I cant see them passing another one of these without raising taxes, im almost begging them to raise taxes.

5 hours later 26012477 Anonymous
>>26011966 But why would the board cash out of they knew a steel super cycle was coming, unless it isn't. The sizes look like they're paying themselves bonuses...fuuuuck probably nothing

5 hours later 26012480 Anonymous
>>26012257 ""Q is a psyop" is a psyop" is a counter psyop, psyop.

5 hours later 26012563 Anonymous
>>26012480 now you understand

5 hours later 26012584 Anonymous
>>26011798 >chanology.com/teardrop the countdown ends 00:00 GMT tomorrow - on the cusp of 16-17 January 17th for the "happening"?

5 hours later 26012660 Anonymous
>>26012563 I got it right anon?

5 hours later 26012692 Anonymous
>>26012480 double negative

5 hours later 26012731 Anonymous
>>26012692 Negative

5 hours later 26012733 Anonymous (1595912145607.png 2592x1440 1566kB)
>>26012461 >Raising taxes If Biden gets in everyone will be paying 90% taxes within a year because it's the only way they'll be able to cover reparations.

6 hours later 26012748 Anonymous
>>26007288 Dutch government collapsed?

6 hours later 26012849 Anonymous
>>26012731 Roger, over

6 hours later 26012875 Anonymous (137376540_4220164457999383_5381117577546916121_n.jpg 720x541 42kB)
>>26006828 We are all going to make it fren. Comfy times await. We are going to get rich and enjoy life and sauna and have families and learn to play music and be healthy and live long.

6 hours later 26012892 Anonymous (1605298791685.jpg 1242x945 698kB)

6 hours later 26012917 Anonymous
>>26012875 thats one of the main things i need money for doctors cost an assload for something that should be free

6 hours later 26012963 Anonymous
>>26012748 Yes, the cabinet fell because closed decisions were taken that were harmful and deceitful, Italy is next on the list, inclusive global capitalism as the solution the their own created mess, we moon

6 hours later 26012989 Anonymous (1rl83z.jpg 383x383 28kB)
>>26012917 I hope you can be healthy fren. I don't want sick frens to be sick.

6 hours later 26012998 Anonymous
Is it worth investing in video game companies before a new game comes out? I was going to invest in CDPROJEKT since their stock is low right now.

6 hours later 26013007 Anonymous (1608214555284.jpg 876x912 282kB)
Dunno but I kinda trust this insider story but who the fuck know, a lot of things could happen in past 2 years so maybe ripple is no longer chosen one

6 hours later 26013028 Anonymous
>>26012989 as soon as xrp moons i will buy my way into health

6 hours later 26013040 Anonymous
>>26012963 And of course Merkel's stepping down in Germany.

6 hours later 26013056 Anonymous (1584913078228.jpg 744x762 52kB)
>>26012917 You don't want free healthcare trust me. >t. sat in a hospital bed waiting for an operation for 4 days with a jaw broken clean off on both sides and chin split in two

6 hours later 26013062 Anonymous
Why is LINK poomping so hard?

6 hours later 26013115 Anonymous (134320843_1254378121614098_3115087593442492838_o.jpg 1506x2015 270kB)
>>26013056 are you in Brazil?

6 hours later 26013145 Anonymous
XRP officially ruined my life. I can't stop staring at my shotgun.

6 hours later 26013150 Anonymous
>>26013115 Nope, first world Europe, biggest hospital in the city.

6 hours later 26013154 Anonymous
>>26003965 leave XRP for XLM NOW or stay poor faggot

6 hours later 26013157 Anonymous (4BF621E8-CAF4-42C7-82E6-4973C39F8F88.jpg 540x628 46kB)
>>26013007 So her ultimate goal is to creat Reddit City

6 hours later 26013212 Anonymous
>>26005122 >>26005280 Cannot tell if this is a larp or you guys are genuine

6 hours later 26013239 Anonymous (1608214617005.jpg 1916x2000 550kB)
>>26013157 have you read the full story?

6 hours later 26013240 Anonymous
>>26013056 I never said i wanted free healthcare i'd gladly pay 200 or so dollars a month for good shit but GETTING NEW HEALTHCARE IS CONFUSING BECAUSE OBAMA IS A NIGGER

6 hours later 26013242 Anonymous (1602195616415.gif 400x560 1025kB)
Based link, glad I bought some

6 hours later 26013250 Anonymous
Why is mr pools archives twitter acc gone?

6 hours later 26013262 Anonymous
>>26013062 Read the white paper

6 hours later 26013267 Anonymous
>>26007218 >>26007429 so does this mean XRP is fucked or no

6 hours later 26013299 Anonymous
>>26009230 >>26009270 Trannies begone. You will never be women.

6 hours later 26013325 Anonymous
>>26013262 No. I bought 5k LINK because of the memes. It has given me way more profit than XRP holders will ever get

6 hours later 26013387 Anonymous
>>26013250 I would assume the glaringly obvious reason anon...big brother

6 hours later 26013487 Anonymous (DEB67EA0-170B-4AB7-93E8-359EBAB7F8F0.jpg 119x128 4kB)
>>26013325 Imagine being such a lonely faggot you hang out in threads of coins you hate and talk about the coins you like. Peak beta male faggotry, literally nobody here gives any shits about your BBC induced erection.

6 hours later 26013577 Anonymous (54541430.jpg 400x400 106kB)

6 hours later 26013627 Anonymous
>>26013487 Thats how you know all the fudders are 1) kids 2) brownies 3) paid No respectable white man that actually makes a significant amount of money would waste their time with this shit

6 hours later 26013706 Anonymous (file.png 480x480 505kB)
>>26013577 Checked

6 hours later 26013729 Anonymous (027d1eda5b5f993a8f76fcafd9f4c9e3.gif 320x240 372kB)
>>26013577 >>26007977 >>26007777 oodalalee!

6 hours later 26013730 Anonymous (9phpc8jjw0t41.png 1198x677 972kB)
>>26013487 You caught me out fair and square bro, I am guilty as charged.

6 hours later 26013737 Anonymous (765433456.jpg 254x198 20kB)
>>26013150 We are in the age of the dying light. The world our ancestors made we turned over to international bankers and women. I hate this age.

6 hours later 26013778 Anonymous (1586306044352.png 420x622 293kB)

6 hours later 26013822 Anonymous (LinksWhitepaper.jpg 437x480 35kB)
>>26013262 This right?

6 hours later 26013853 Anonymous
Dubs and I paint my ceiling

6 hours later 26013903 Anonymous (1580929605270.gif 417x229 4167kB)

6 hours later 26013912 Anonymous
>>26013853 Dubs and I'll paint your ceiling.

6 hours later 26013924 Anonymous (pm2dd2ujkzh01.jpg 853x480 90kB)
>>26013778 As much as I respect the man himself.. the meme is relevant. Our comfy years are finished I wish.. I wish we could have one more comfy year. Just one more comy year to not care and enjoy the summer sun.

6 hours later 26013933 Anonymous
I'm genuinely happy for link holders. Congratulations

6 hours later 26013981 Anonymous
>>26013912 Dubs and I'll paint both your ceilings

6 hours later 26014058 Anonymous (1588516431117.png 850x672 528kB)
>>26013924 I spent 2011 to December 2019 severely depressed barely leaving the house. Started lifting in 2016 and got in shape, literally the week I felt like I was out of it I read the first report on a virus in China. Cancer. I hope China gets nuked.

6 hours later 26014120 Anonymous
>>26014058 Rustig aan Hans

6 hours later 26014161 Anonymous (1596281898675.gif 500x200 503kB)

6 hours later 26014220 Anonymous (2wwPkaE97MI.jpg 200x200 7kB)
>>26014058 This retarded nigger actually thinks corona is a threat and isn't 100% an artificial, political virus HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAAAH AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHHA HAHAA Take the vaccine and remove yourself from the genepool

6 hours later 26014264 Anonymous (1605545535684.png 847x880 2088kB)
>>26014220 I know it's fake, I'd want China to get nuked regardless of the virus. Vaccine can fuck off and so can masks.

3.252 0.319