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2021-01-15 08:33 26003897 Anonymous BTC IS DEAD IN THE WATER (pink-wojak-atm.png 1410x1145 782kB)
EXIT THE MARKETS NOW The reason why the bullrun will not go to muh $1 million USD per btc is purely psychological and very real: nobody can double or tripple their money anymore if one BTC coin is 50k or 100k. This is now a playball for rich ppl and they might drive it up to 100k but never higher than that. Who puts the value of his house on a fake coin just because it might rise by 10%? cmon, nobody. This has been pure psychology for years now, there is no real utility in bitcoin anymore nor is it used as a currency. And psychologically the bitcoin ride ends at 50k-100k at the very latest.

1 min later 26003917 Anonymous
>100k times two is 1 million Ok

1 min later 26003919 Anonymous (yabadabadooo.png 264x191 5kB)
>>26003897 Thanks OP I just bought more

1 min later 26003935 Anonymous
nice buy signal

3 min later 26003960 Anonymous
>>26003919 we both know you didn't because deep down inside your heart you know that BTC is a dead shitcoin worth around 20 USD per coin

3 min later 26003964 Anonymous
>>26003897 How selfless of you to try and save us all. I mean really, that is a charitable act on your part. You inspire me to be a better person. I think I will change directions now..all because of you..wow, such an impact.

3 min later 26003972 Anonymous
>>26003897 >pink man >too many words, don't bother to read thanks for letting me know to buy 1 more btc

5 min later 26004009 Anonymous
>>26003897 Where does your short get stopped out, anon? I hope it's not 38.5, because that's cooming soon.

6 min later 26004011 Anonymous
>>26003897 Thanks senpai, just took out a second mortgage on my house to buy more Bitcorn.

6 min later 26004037 Anonymous (bogdanoff-phone-call-768x768.jpg 768x768 55kB)
>>26003972 guess who's calling, it's fate. BTC will remain a stable coin at 40k-50k for a year and then dump slowly over 1-2 decades into the trashcan where it belongs. You heard it here first, don't say I didnt warn you.

8 min later 26004071 Anonymous
https://99bitcoins.com/bitcoin-obit uaries/ rip bitcorn

10 min later 26004111 Anonymous
>>26003897 thx just bought 10 btc

14 min later 26004189 Anonymous
>>26004071 Past performance does not predict the future. Sorry, buckle up. It's going to be a bumpy ride down into nothingness.

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