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2021-01-15 08:33 26003889 Anonymous (screamformebobo.jpg 851x485 75kB)
The head and shoulders turned against you bobos. Poetic justice in chart form.

0 min later 26003905 Anonymous
>>26003889 Based. Fuck bobos.

1 min later 26003926 Anonymous
>>26003889 Double Top

2 min later 26003942 Anonymous
>>26003889 Bull trap

4 min later 26003970 Anonymous
>>26003942 bullshit

4 min later 26003977 Anonymous (meh.jpg 480x531 61kB)
>>26003926 Yesterday it was head and shoulders, today it's a double nigger. I'll probably rewrite a eulogy for you bobos once your defeat is ultimate and final.

9 min later 26004087 Anonymous
>>26003977 H&S was a meme. The 2nd shoulder never even reached the first

14 min later 26004182 Anonymous
>>26003889 Jokes on you, I started using dice to determine my trades and I’m finally making money.

14 min later 26004184 Anonymous (1609997563477.png 579x550 977kB)
>>26004087 It's always memes with bobos. A broken clock atleast get it right twice a day. Bobo newfags expect to be taken seriously after getting it repeatedly so wrong to the point that it will haunt them into the next life.

30 min later 26004552 Anonymous
I don't know how you can lurk around this board and not learn more than just muh bull trap and see the writing on the wall that we're continuing the bull run. Some serious stupidity from newfags

31 min later 26004576 Anonymous (1564259742012.png 655x599 283kB)
did people actually think news about some no name coin, from an esoteric court case, which might not even go wrong, which won't even go into effect the day of the decision, which only makes up a microscopic fraction of bitcoins market cap, during the largest bullrun in history, which is primarily driven by normies; would actually have more bearing on the market than a multitrillion dollar stimulus package and policy precedent in an international pandemic and global financial crisis? really?

32 min later 26004603 Anonymous
>>26004184 >It's always memes with bobos You're finally getting it

33 min later 26004631 Anonymous (1553064765215.jpg 462x436 164kB)
>>26004184 This right here

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