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2021-01-15 08:33 26003878 Anonymous /smg/ stonk market general (4241D451-9E7E-419C-9C3C-ED0666516E21.jpg 1200x1545 297kB)
Cara edition >Brokers: https://pastebin.com/F1yujtVq >Stock market words: https://pastebin.com/VtnpN5iJ >Risk management: https://pastebin.com/sqJUcbjp >Live Bloomberg stream: http://www.livenewson.com/american/ bloomberg-television-business.html >Educational sites: https://www.investopedia.com/ https://www.khanacademy.org/economi cs-finance-domain >Free chart: https://www.tradingview.com https://www.finscreener.com/ >Screeners: https://finviz.com/ https://www.tradingview.com/screene r https://etfdb.com/ >Pre-Market Data and Live data: https://www.investing.com/indices/i ndices-futures https://finance.yahoo.com/ >Bio-pharma Catalyst Calendar: https://biopharmcatalyst.com >weekly update video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bnf 6XY3NAWM [Open] >Boomer Investing 101: https://www.bogleheads.org/wiki/Get ting_started >Dividend Reinvestment (DRIP) calculator: https://www.dividendchannel.com/dri p-returns-calculator/ >List of hedge fund holdings: https://fintel.io/ >Misc: https://squeezemetrics.com/monitor https://market24hclock.com/ https://tradingeconomics.com Previous: >>26000484

20 min later 26004316 Anonymous

24 min later 26004423 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210115-015717.png 1080x2280 136kB)
GME be good

26 min later 26004455 Anonymous
>>26003878 There is already a thread: >>26000498 >>26000498 >>26000498 Delete this before I delete you.

57 min later 26005133 Anonymous
>>26004423 CLF better

1 hours later 26005907 Anonymous
>>26003878 shill me some biotech stocks that gonna x100 possibly no pump and ddump

1 hours later 26006042 Anonymous
>>26005907 BIGC. 3rd most shorted stock. gme waiting to happen. Morgan Stanley set low price target below their buy in average playing jew tricks to keep it down. Just needs a light on it. Shopify with no fees on businesses. 1/20th Shopify market cap. 10% shopify revenue. I'm a web dev for ecommerce stores been switching lots of big clients to it lately. Most people are also starting on it over shopify, but it doesn't have the attention yet.

1 hours later 26006070 Anonymous
>>26006042 Ecommerce, but still a easy 6x withing a year the earnings from black friday/christmas are going to be insane.

1 hours later 26006080 Anonymous
ALCRB printing again

1 hours later 26006104 Anonymous
Can't you faggots link the new thread?

1 hours later 26006115 Anonymous
The eV bubble has to be near peak. Just about every company now has their toe in the eV market All the major autos are now onboard Last week Apple made an eV announcement This Amazon purchased a 15% stake in eV company lion electric and will receive 500 eVs per year starting in 2020. Today Sony made their eV announcement.

1 hours later 26006121 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210115-042007_Robinhood.jpg 1080x2400 319kB)

1 hours later 26006157 Anonymous
>>26006115 Is it due for a correction? Yes. Would it pop like a bubble? No because the future is in EV and till the market is saturated with EV vehicles, it won't happen.

1 hours later 26006184 Anonymous
>downgraded for no reason by CITI >still up 5% Based PLTR imnune to wallstreet kikery

1 hours later 26006195 Anonymous
>>26006157 What happens when ford sells more eVs than tesla?

1 hours later 26006266 Anonymous
>>26006195 Then Telsa crashes but the EV market is then propped up by Ford?

1 hours later 26006276 Anonymous
>>26006195 Elon fanboy's already switched to saying Tesla is an energy company.

1 hours later 26006315 Anonymous
>>26006266 What do you mean by propped up? t. Ford Bagholder

1 hours later 26006354 Anonymous
>>26006315 American ev sector getting interesting. cadillac producing electric vehicles and making dealerships put in charging stations. Gm to make a flying electric vehicle. Corvette making a hybrid vehicle.

1 hours later 26006393 Anonymous
The market cap of the auto industry should remain relatively stable, unless people start buying two cars for some reason. Tesla stole some of that share by being one of the first major eV suppliers, but now other auto companies have entered the eV market. In other words, I think teslas share of the eV market has peaked because they will now be facing increased competition

2 hours later 26006607 Anonymous
>>26006393 Burry predicted the housing crisis Burry predicted the GM short He predicted the Tesla fall I would buy other EV stocks that is not Tesla atm.

2 hours later 26006689 Anonymous
>>26005907 Cvm

2 hours later 26006706 Anonymous
Did you guys buy OGI yet? Do it soon or miss out on the moon mission

2 hours later 26006802 Anonymous
>>26006607 I'm up 40% on ford and just started a position in GM today. I think the traditional america automakers are going to destroy tesla in the eV market when it comes to the rural areas.

2 hours later 26006921 Anonymous
>>26006802 Best time to buy is when it is red. Pump Pump Pump

2 hours later 26007052 Anonymous
I think it's time to go big into MOON. I was skeptical at first but it has proven its worth with time

2 hours later 26007076 Anonymous
>>26006802 lol

2 hours later 26007161 Anonymous (wd.png 1071x1219 920kB)
I like wasting money. I have comically large silicone breasts/ass pads and pregnant bellies, and an insecure gf that wears whatever I make her put on. I have more maternity clothes than I have clothes for myself. Big fantasy of mine is wedding dress sex and pregnant wedding dress sex so that's what we do. Just have to do some alterations so they'll fit right, which is kind of fun to do in its own right. Apparently nobody had tits in all of human history until about 1996 because all the dresses that fit in the waist have like fucking A or B cups, 15" pit to pit, so many descriptions like this I could shit my pants and scream. I've been making her take 4 Yasmin pills and 3iu ugl hgh a day in hopes of larger breasts for the last three months, so-so results but I recently learned of simulated pregnancy so she will be getting weekly progesterone and estrogen shots soon. Waiting for payday this Friday. I was talking to a tranny and the tranny consensus is the weird forms of estrogen and progesterone don't lead to nearly as much breast growth as the forms produced by actual girls. They bitch about it being expensive but I sourced 500mg progesterone and 40mg estrogen valerate, 4 months for under $750. This is some 8 times higher than the tranny dosages too, broke ass bitches. Whining because their Dr won't prescribe it but like 10mg one shot every two weeks, completely ignoring half life, peak, and trough. I'd fire my doc if I used one for my hormones and he said to take 100mg testosterone enanthate every 14 days. 125mg every 3.5days is the absolute minimum anyone should ever consider. If you have the money why not? Spend a lot upfront to secure her ass and make her do what you want, slowly decrease gifts until its just shit you like such as lingerie. You're still going to retire pretty quickly as long as you invest 30%+ of income in crypto. No trading, just buy and hold actually good crypto and you'll beat all but the luckiest investors.

2 hours later 26007424 Anonymous (1511289496989.png 683x672 380kB)
am i retarded for buying a $64 put of PLUG this morning? Im trying to bet that it will go down but i dont understand spreads and deltas and I dont know what im doing aaaaaaaaaaaa

2 hours later 26007451 Anonymous
>Xiaomi haha end my life, get me the rope

2 hours later 26007455 Anonymous
So what’s the game plan for today? Wait, same as everyday. Do nothing, hold, and reap gains.

2 hours later 26007496 Anonymous
>>26007451 Thought was a Good Buy

2 hours later 26007552 Anonymous (6f0.jpg 758x644 38kB)
Where me fellow CCIV gamblers at?

2 hours later 26007608 Anonymous (EnKWEH0VgAAFp3t.jpg 2692x4096 810kB)
>>26007451 It'll bounce back, don't worry about it so much. Xiaomi got strong fundamentals and quality products. With Biden in office, some of those restrictions are likely to be lifted as well, so just hold. In four months or so when it hits 5 USD you'll be happy you did.

2 hours later 26007637 Anonymous
>>26007608 and yet, investing two days later could have had me started at a much better point

2 hours later 26007662 Anonymous
SENS got called today by the same guy who called BNGO BNGO pretty much doubled my stimulus check. Here's hoping for round 2. BNGO is either going to peak tomorrow after their last day at that expo, or shit the bed monday. Here's hoping for the 10 dollar mark.

2 hours later 26007686 Anonymous
>>26007637 Get out of this bitch ass mindset, investing several years ago would have had you at a better point, but where does that thinking get you? Nowhere. Play the hand you've been dealt, not the one you could have had.

2 hours later 26007696 Anonymous (En1dCSnUYAEoXRY.jpg 2893x4092 3476kB)
>>26007637 Yes, and if you had invested a year ago you'd be up 100%. Never beat yourself up over shit like that. It feels bad now but you'll make a profit in the end.

2 hours later 26007749 Anonymous
>>26007662 i meant to add in that it could explode, also. this entire week has been dick waving at that expo. if they get their FDA approval, they can run genome sequencing at a fraction of the cost, and possibly cure every /biz/ autists. and maybe make anime real.

2 hours later 26007775 Anonymous (boqii-nyse2.jpg 400x267 71kB)
10$ eom

3 hours later 26007790 Anonymous
>>26007686 >>26007696 o-ok

3 hours later 26007800 Anonymous
>>26007552 Waiting on that news

3 hours later 26007832 Anonymous
>>26007662 Things that go up like that pre-market worry me, it looks rather like a pump and dump. Too easy to manipulate the price pre market. Have you done any DD or just because some guy called it? They're currently unprofitable and don't look to become profitable until 2025, what kind of turbo gamble is this?

3 hours later 26007923 Anonymous
>>26007552 1000 shares and waiting. I was tempted to dump when it rose to 19 bucks last night but I will hold and it WILL PRINT

3 hours later 26007924 Anonymous
>>26007832 its been a wild ride. DD includes that they got their shit straight to keep listed 2 weeks ago on NASDAQ. After that, it shot up like 600%, and has been floating around that mark. This week has been a dick wagging expo for them, releasing all their info (prior to their peer reviewed studies, which is more common for math papers as opposed to science, but it gets the word on the street to buyers). also, they found another underwrtier last week to issue more stock at 3 bux at offer, it dropped, but then re stabilized to 5. I am also slightly worried about their profitability, but they got people lined up to buy it, so maybe they can ride the hype train.

3 hours later 26007937 Anonymous
I have a good filling that SOS will pump over 3$, again, today.

3 hours later 26007951 Anonymous
>>26003878 I bought S&P 500 shares two days ago and Im alread down 8 bucks WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS BOOMER SHIT first I cant even buy the stocks because the exchange closes after 5:30 (wtf?) and then immediately these stonks crash I hate this boomer shit Im about to panic sell and fomo it all in BTC at least I will see some gains

3 hours later 26007966 Anonymous
>>26007832 oh, you were talking about SENS. I'm dumb. I dunno, its 100. Its a retard gamble. The post/pre market jump is probably from people on WSB and other r*ddit holes of neckbeards following some rando's pick.

3 hours later 26007986 Anonymous
>>26007951 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lg9 jPLoeWJc You are down 8 bucks and you are crying?

3 hours later 26008004 Anonymous
>>26005907 TYME

3 hours later 26008029 Anonymous (__paimon_genshin_impact_drawn_by_yu1__f1b74ec3bc5eaab47b45d304b66c45bf.png 1000x1423 759kB)
>>26007790 Stay calm. It's already stabilizing, pressure to sell is mostly gone. There might be more selloffs coming, who knows, but the big investors who wanted to get rid of it did so by now. People will see this as a cheap chance to get back in and Xiaomi will be back to normal in no time. Remember, nothing has changed about them or their fundamentals. Their products are top-tier even on an international standard and they're very well positioned to take over huge parts of the Chinese consumer tech market. Even without their international business, they'd be doing amazing. Also, if Biden does kill that blacklist (far from guaranteed but a very real possibility), we're going UP.

3 hours later 26008035 Anonymous
>>26007966 Yeah, SENS, is there some kind of FDA approval expected or coming? Usually things that get hyped that like pre market at low volumes come crashing down about 1-2 hours later. Good luck with it though Fren.

3 hours later 26008060 Anonymous
>>26007951 Speaking of BTC. SOS limited let people pay their health care products with bitcoins.

3 hours later 26008096 Anonymous
>>26008060 I wouldn't be surprised if we see a fat BTC correction to around 20k some time between now and January desu.

3 hours later 26008141 Anonymous
>>26003878 Don’t know shit about stocks but I know for sure Cara is cute

3 hours later 26008162 Anonymous
>holding individual stocks yikes

3 hours later 26008202 Anonymous
>>26008162 >he doesn’t have a 70:30 split between his own picks and funds >he doesn’t try and beat those funds in percentage with his own picks You’re missing out on the fun.

3 hours later 26008246 Anonymous
Biden plan good or not good? getting mixed signals from CNBC about it will there be another rotation like in early november?

3 hours later 26008260 Anonymous
>>26008162 made 70% returns on holding GME alone this year lmao @ u

3 hours later 26008322 Anonymous
>>26008162 Stocks are fun because you can gamble. Options are even better.

3 hours later 26008327 Anonymous
>>26007608 all they sell is chink spyware and you deserve your losses for in investing into them

3 hours later 26008328 Anonymous
>>26003878 can someone explain why GHIV is getting memed? i cant figure out what they hold that makes any sense to invest in.

3 hours later 26008345 Anonymous
>>26008162 The S&P 500 is krab. Pick winners, of you'll never beat the 3% daily inflation.

3 hours later 26008373 Anonymous (1610640840690.jpg 1197x988 225kB)
>>26008328 GHIV is a racist stock it will moon next week

3 hours later 26008385 Anonymous
wtf is this INTC delusion?

3 hours later 26008393 Anonymous (1605069760311s.jpg 250x181 6kB)
>>26008345 Europoors don´t have inflation, we have deflation or at best 0.3 inflation

3 hours later 26008398 Anonymous
>>26008345 S&P + Dividends beats inflation. But it just does that. Beat inflation. You will never get make money playing indexes.

3 hours later 26008407 Anonymous
>>26008393 Good for you! At least your currency doesn't devalue everyday.

3 hours later 26008410 Anonymous
>>26008393 0.3 inflation is 30% bro. That is hyperinflation, you mean 0.03%?

3 hours later 26008417 Anonymous
What stocks do you guys think are a must buy for the new normal? It seems clear to me this is never ending, what stocks will have infinite growth for when everything is digital?

3 hours later 26008443 Anonymous (debt.png 654x413 309kB)
>>26008410 >That is hyperinflation Yes.

3 hours later 26008457 Anonymous
>>26008417 Do you want to make money? What is your risk tolerance? If you only want to see green, just put it in a fixed deposit.

3 hours later 26008466 Anonymous
>>26008410 yes, I take the numbers from the CPIs in the countries and didn´t adjust it properly, just look at the economic numbers: Spanish CPI (YoY) (Dec) -0.5% French CPI (YoY) 0.0%

3 hours later 26008467 Anonymous
>>26008443 Bitcoin will fucking spike when this happens.

3 hours later 26008475 Anonymous
>>26008328 Because you Got HIV!

3 hours later 26008476 Anonymous (FkjxNfT.png 349x491 207kB)
>>26008385 I don't know but I'm getting tired of holding AMD.

3 hours later 26008504 Anonymous
>>26008467 >Bitcoin will fucking spike when this happens. It already has. You're now aware of the US hyperinflation.

3 hours later 26008514 12
>BTC down 3% >AMPL down 35% >dude it's just correlation JUST BASE IS ON TOP NOW HOW CAN’T YOU SEE IT???!

3 hours later 26008515 Anonymous
>>26008466 I am saying 0.3 and 0.3% are different numbers...

3 hours later 26008531 Anonymous
>>26008504 Why are people pretending BTC isn't tied to USD dollars. If you really think hyperinflation is coming, everyone is fucked whether you have money or not, best bet is to actually buy guns and ammo. I am not kidding.

3 hours later 26008532 Anonymous
>>26008457 Low risk but I'm just asking what to look out for, made a decent amount of money and I'm just wondering what you guys think will moon. Probably gonna get some fivg and NET

3 hours later 26008567 Anonymous
>>26008532 >Will Moon >Low risk I don't comprehend Are you asking for an easy way to make money?

3 hours later 26008586 AMRS advocate
AMRS AMRS AMRS Printing money for the past month AMRS AMRS AMRS

3 hours later 26008590 Anonymous (BTC-USD.png 899x439 52kB)
>>26008531 Here is the graph of BTC-USD. >Why are people pretending BTC isn't tied to USD dollars It is. Hence, you can see the hyperinflation in BTC price.

3 hours later 26008598 Anonymous (1602743282227.jpg 583x646 37kB)
>>26008476 that makes two of us

3 hours later 26008603 Anonymous
>>26008567 I'm asking for opinions based on the market, I don't mean money flip moon but what companies do you think will perform the best as a result of the paradigm shift to UBI welfare state. Everyone knows Amazon etc will do well, but what about some other companies like cloud flare for example?

3 hours later 26008610 Anonymous

3 hours later 26008629 Anonymous
Yoooo. How the fuck did that anon yesterday fuckingggggg call the pltr pump. Thanks you based bitch I think the calls I bought yesterday are going to fuckingggggg printttt

3 hours later 26008636 Anonymous
>>26008603 Cloudflare will reach peak saturation and will only stand to lose if they continue to deplatform goyim websites they don't like.

3 hours later 26008642 Anonymous
>>26008590 Will Biden be blamed for the economy? That would be hilarious won't it. Fuck him tho. He sent all my holdings down last night.

3 hours later 26008669 Anonymous
>>26008603 TSM cause semi conductors are the foundation of technology. TSM is a fundamental stock anyway so it is not like I am shilling it to pump it.

3 hours later 26008681 12

3 hours later 26008705 Anonymous
What’s going on with weed stocks!?

3 hours later 26008708 Anonymous
>>26008642 >Will Biden be blamed for the economy? The 12-year Harris administration won't take any blame for the 'Trump economy'.

3 hours later 26008732 Anonymous
>>26008373 is that a human?

3 hours later 26008737 Anonymous
>>26008708 12? They will animate Biden for 16 years bro.

3 hours later 26008764 Anonymous
>>26008636 You get rewarded for playing ball with Mr noseberg, not the other way around. >>26008669 Thank you good suggestion

3 hours later 26008822 Anonymous
>>26008764 Don't expect meteoric gains tho. It will be up by like 10-20% by end 2021.

3 hours later 26008878 Anonymous
>>26008822 That's more what I meant I guess moon was wrong term if taken literally.

3 hours later 26008889 Anonymous
>>26008642 >Force lockdowns to get Trump out of office >Destroy cities and economies in Democrat states >Suddenly want to reopen when Trump is out of office These people have to be blamed. Imagine you put 20 years of your life in a restaurant in New York and you see this shit.

3 hours later 26008938 Anonymous (2b98af7c3a4bce8e.jpg 1200x900 113kB)
how much do I need to leave this shithole and start a new life you cant really "make it" in germany

3 hours later 26008943 Anonymous
>>26008889 On the flipside, all economical damage caused by the big don will easily be blamed on the dems. We have seen that happen time and time again. >>26008878 Good luck and do your DD still, don't buy because I said so.

3 hours later 26008983 Anonymous
>>26008943 I can't find TSM on Simply Wall St. No idea what's going on there.

3 hours later 26008991 Anonymous
>>26008938 yes krautbro, the only thing that makes me stay is my university degree, but I don´t even like my field anymore and rather trade stocks.

3 hours later 26009005 Anonymous
https://seekingalpha.com/news/36517 29-gamestop-director-sells-810k-sha res?mail_subject=gme-gamestop-direc tor-sells-810k-shares&utm_campaign= rta-stock-news&utm_content=link-3&u tm_medium=email&utm_source=seeking_ alpha GME director cut his stack in half on tuesday lol

3 hours later 26009013 Anonymous
When is JPM reporting Q4?

3 hours later 26009037 Anonymous
>>26008983 Taiwan Semiconductor Mfg. Co. Ltd. NYSE: TSM

3 hours later 26009067 Anonymous (589000D5-F24A-4CE1-88DF-0DAD02A4BF94.jpg 482x427 76kB)
>>26003878 >bought nio at the top >sold gme at 29 >bought back in at the top

3 hours later 26009070 Anonymous (1610634599280.jpg 730x783 215kB)
BBChads we're on track to open above 12. Feelsgoodman.

3 hours later 26009089 Anonymous
Are the Pfizer "leak" and Norway death reports real or just memes?

4 hours later 26009094 Anonymous (1602666847977s.jpg 250x208 5kB)
>buy Daimler puts cause I know they will get sued by investors >stock doesn´t move at all Why the fuck do I try to be reasonable

4 hours later 26009139 Anonymous (2021-01-15 12.34.14.png 600x433 31kB)
Reminder (tomorrow=today)

4 hours later 26009142 Anonymous
>>26009070 whats your average? I want to get in but its run too much already

4 hours later 26009149 Anonymous (4498591580ab5c85beeb1bd9a7f733cff49f770b475cacf7df0dcbfb225216d0.gif 607x609 839kB)
>>26008590 If inflation would be the only catalyst then gold and silver would have a bull run as well. Bitcoin is fueled by greed.

4 hours later 26009172 Anonymous
>>26009089 what could possibly go wrong with a rushed vaccine? >https://www.bitchute.com/video/bvj XhYzZYOGJ/

4 hours later 26009203 Anonymous (1610641535038m.jpg 1024x576 48kB)
Pretty new to stocks and branching out from crypto some. Which Chinese stocks are worth looking at? Or should I just dump some more money into ARK? Also what's the best "set it and forget it" fund? Low risk

4 hours later 26009237 Anonymous
>>26009203 >Low risk we are nearing the end of the credit cycle everything is high risk

4 hours later 26009238 Anonymous
UUUU looking good. Prepare yourself for the boomer sell wall at opening though, they have paper hands and will sell at a pre market like this.

4 hours later 26009240 Anonymous
>>26009142 I got in on the 8.99 dip just before the eternal moon. I'd imagine it'll rocket on open so you might be able to catch some gains if you're quick.

4 hours later 26009244 Anonymous
>>26009203 >Or should I just dump some more money into ARK? sure, just don't buy the top, which is right now

4 hours later 26009245 Anonymous
>>26009172 There literally just hoping it kills less people than covid

4 hours later 26009259 Anonymous
>>26008938 I hate giving 1/4 of my gains to the state

4 hours later 26009268 Anonymous
>>26009067 >He bought chinese You did this to yourself fren

4 hours later 26009277 Anonymous
>>26009203 >set it and forget it" fund? XOP or XLE, oil funds

4 hours later 26009280 Anonymous
How are stocks looking today? Are we keeping up with inflation?

4 hours later 26009294 Anonymous
>>26009280 Psychedlicchads and bears will make it, everybody else will suffer.

4 hours later 26009312 Anonymous
>>26009268 It’s gonna be huge

4 hours later 26009321 Anonymous (1607612176026m.jpg 1024x576 170kB)
>>26009244 When will it not be the top? What indicators should I look for? I figure the stock market will moon once Biden is sworn in since globohomo will be back on track, wanted to get in before that happens

4 hours later 26009323 Anonymous
>>26009245 Do you think these people are scared of the new Covid mutations? Otherwise this doesn´t really make sense to me. You risk the health of young people who have a survival chance of over 99,96%. Just give it to the old people and let the young people get through it.

4 hours later 26009335 Anonymous (i7t8qbtjsbb61.jpg 1242x730 172kB)
>>26009280 33% SSPK, 33% APHA, 33% TLRY it's gonna beat at least 6 inflations

4 hours later 26009366 Anonymous
>>26009321 Bro. Biden's speech last night killed any gains I made in ytd's market. He is bad news for stocks.

4 hours later 26009377 Anonymous
>>26009321 Wait until everybody goes AAAAA and becomes depressed. I wouldn't buy ARKK for more than $138.

4 hours later 26009386 Anonymous
>>26009366 no matter which way you look at it, his program can´t be good for stocks in the long run.

4 hours later 26009403 Anonymous
>>26009386 His program isn't good for companies that are reliant on tax cuts. Which is most of them. But those who are reliant on the Govt dole will suffer the most.

4 hours later 26009407 bb shill
>>26003878 Ctrl+f no blackberry WSB pumping this today. put an AM order in and call it a day.

4 hours later 26009411 Anonymous
>>26009377 Good luck dude

4 hours later 26009424 Anonymous
>>26009172 dis nigga really be dreamin of takin a quick jog

4 hours later 26009444 Anonymous
>>26009407 For some goddamn reason my broker only list the common shares listed in toronto's stock exchange and I can't touch that without risking being fucked by the fx.

4 hours later 26009460 Anonymous
I’m only good at investing if I sleep until noon and don’t pay attention

4 hours later 26009467 Anonymous (2021-01-15 12.49.16.png 455x377 34kB)
>UVXY bearbros, we're gmi

4 hours later 26009525 Anonymous
When is the time to get leveraged TSLA bear shares?

4 hours later 26009553 Anonymous
>>26009525 Why shares? Just buy calls.

4 hours later 26009554 Anonymous
>>26003878 What the heck is going on with NIO?

4 hours later 26009560 Anonymous (1602767681315s.jpg 124x119 2kB)
>>26009467 Bearbro, I have a Twitch stream as a big warning signal. These people bought into Bitcoin in 2017 when there was the big hype, 1 month later the whole shit crashed. These people don´t know anything about stocks, but suddenly they speak about stocks and search for new investments. We are close

4 hours later 26009561 Anonymous
how to figure out what to buy

4 hours later 26009578 Anonymous
>>26009554 I bought

4 hours later 26009580 Anonymous (priced in.png 922x902 82kB)
>>26009149 >gold and silver would have a bull run as well Yes. Can you say p-priced in?

4 hours later 26009603 Anonymous
>>26008029 I've set a limit order for 300 at 29 HKD.

4 hours later 26009611 Anonymous
>>26009560 >>26009467 please have mercy with my portfolio

4 hours later 26009616 Anonymous
Why yes I bought ALPP, why haven't you sir ? You wanna ngmi ?

4 hours later 26009627 Anonymous
>>26009149 Gold and silver bull runs take years. Don't jump into conclusions so quickly anon.

4 hours later 26009648 Anonymous
>>26009560 normies around me talk about stocks and bitcoin, the end is nigh. Same thing happened to a lesser extent with gold in 2011-2012. >>26009611 Remember to take profits when you start to have doubts about how much higher it can go, because others share the same doubts and take profits which starts the reversal.

4 hours later 26009661 Anonymous
>>26009560 Oh well, I guess we're gonna get some cheapies soon :^)

4 hours later 26009672 Anonymous
>>26005907 Nvax.

4 hours later 26009681 Anonymous
>>26009554 Buy the dip

4 hours later 26009705 Anonymous
>>26009560 Good time to average down your stock prices.

4 hours later 26009720 Anonymous (1592238909449.png 278x238 103kB)
>can't pay attention to line today because I have to do some fucking project work for university Why the fuck did I even sign up for this shit

4 hours later 26009741 Anonymous
>>26009720 If you have no time to play stocks, just buy ETFs and take the dividends. You beat inflation but just.

4 hours later 26009763 Anonymous (1520038049414.png 1278x720 783kB)
If I'm not retarded, most people will sell Xiaomi when the American market opens, right? Is that a good time to buy the dip?

4 hours later 26009771 Anonymous

4 hours later 26009777 Anonymous
>PLTR >Trending

4 hours later 26009786 Anonymous
>>26009763 What is your basis for this?

4 hours later 26009792 Anonymous
>>26009763 perhaps, perhaps not a dips like this could cause it to slowly bleed for days

4 hours later 26009798 Anonymous
What happens now PLTR bros? Are we getting a big green dildo at open?

4 hours later 26009812 Anonymous
Who's in BB at open ? Im thinking to jump in.. but its already up 40%..

4 hours later 26009816 Anonymous
>>26009741 > You beat inflation but just. show me ETF that goes up over 3% everyday

4 hours later 26009822 Anonymous
>>26009798 We got big green dildos at open last night but still closed lower.

4 hours later 26009824 Anonymous
>>26009786 If I were American, I would sell as fast as I could.

4 hours later 26009827 Anonymous (__paimon_genshin_impact_drawn_by_muku_muku_coffee__42febc8972c9f00774522ab769be799a.png 1048x1374 952kB)
>>26009603 >>26009763 Bought another 2000 for a total of 10k shares now. Xiaomi will blow through 6 USD by the end of the year, possibly sooner. Screenshot this post.

4 hours later 26009833 Anonymous
>>26009763 Maybe don't buy the dip is soon as it start, wait for it to settle at the bottom a bit. Look at AMD's latest dump for instance.

4 hours later 26009841 Anonymous
Guess who is the energy secretary for Biden, Jennifer Graholm. And Jennifer Graholm is one of the directors for Proterra. Proterra will be $100 eoy and Biden plans to have EV buses and Prottera will be leader. https://www.proterra.com/team-membe r/jennifer-granholm/

4 hours later 26009842 Anonymous
Lost ten pounds since I started working out for the New Year. Broke down and had 2000 calories worth of Taco Bell for dinner. Is this bearish or bullish?

4 hours later 26009846 Anonymous
>>26009816 Your 100 dollars is not worth 97 dollars tomorrow

4 hours later 26009849 Anonymous
>>26009816 TQQQ

4 hours later 26009851 Anonymous (1610679791650.png 886x886 71kB)
>>26009827 >by the end of the year a-aren't we supposed to have a correction or crash this year?

4 hours later 26009871 Anonymous
>>26009851 If we keep spamming rocket emojis, we might avoid the crash.

4 hours later 26009888 Anonymous
>>26009842 i think you could have done worse damage. just work out hard today.

4 hours later 26009890 Anonymous (phew.png 1029x98 18kB)
>>26006042 Close, i almost started considering it before i saw this

4 hours later 26009897 Anonymous (apu_based.png 656x513 51kB)
>>26009871 >If we keep spamming rocket emojis, we might avoid the crash. makes sense, fren

4 hours later 26009901 Anonymous
>>26003878 Wtf is that thing? I just Google it and am convinced it's an evil creature

4 hours later 26009909 Anonymous
>>26009897 Make Money Not Cents

4 hours later 26009912 Anonymous (562919E5-737A-4CBC-8B85-31C5AC2D74A1.jpg 2048x1676 435kB)
>mfw none of you niggers are talking about CPSH

4 hours later 26009920 Anonymous
>>26009851 You do realize people predict a crash literally every single fucking year, right? And then they get smug when they get it right one out of ten times.

4 hours later 26009928 Anonymous
thoughts on FTFT ? I'm down 20%

4 hours later 26009935 Anonymous
>>26009912 tell me about CPSH, why is it going up so much?

4 hours later 26009940 Anonymous
AMD please go up today.

4 hours later 26009945 Anonymous
>>26009920 Pretty fun when there was a dip last year and people pretended their doomsaying was true and then the bull market took over and ran them over.

4 hours later 26009958 Anonymous
>everything is red except my stocks in premarket yet again Feels good

4 hours later 26009960 Anonymous
Do I buy more bfarf today?

4 hours later 26009964 Anonymous
>>26009920 >predict a crash literally every single fucking year yep, I agree those like zerohedge are kinda retarded but there are too many red flags this year or it could be that only a correction would come because almost everyone is aware of the instability of the markets right now

4 hours later 26009968 Anonymous (1602473299353.jpg 551x550 38kB)
>>26006195 >What happens when ford sells more eVs than tesla? Might be the most retarded thing I've read all week.

4 hours later 26009970 Anonymous
>>26009912 looks like fun what can you tell us about it

4 hours later 26009989 Anonymous (1609332243038.jpg 540x378 161kB)
>>26007552 Locked and loaded with my 5k waiting for take-off when Andrew gives the signal that it's official.

4 hours later 26009990 Anonymous
>>26003878 Aw shit. My entire portfolio dies at the moment, frens. Everything deep red.

4 hours later 26010008 Anonymous (1607731723692.jpg 542x839 60kB)
AMRS up 10% in the pre-market. My hands are getting weak boys

4 hours later 26010009 Anonymous
>>26009812 tempted. might put a limit order in an just leave it

4 hours later 26010038 Anonymous
>>26008398 Isn't there tons of statistical and historical data to prove you wrong? Unless 10% average yearly over a long period is "barely beating inflation"

4 hours later 26010051 AMRS advocate
>>26010008 It's from a small number of shares. Wait until market open to see where it goes.

4 hours later 26010054 Anonymous
>>26009238 sold the rest of my TLS yesterday and i was just looking for a new place to put those dollars

4 hours later 26010055 Anonymous
>>26010008 I'm on AMRS as well. What are your thoughts on it?

4 hours later 26010063 Anonymous
>>26009912 >mfw not a SPAC INGERDASTING! SELLS ME MORZ!

4 hours later 26010068 Anonymous (Screenshot_2021-01-15 biz.png 917x173 41kB)
>>26009827 I hope you're right.

4 hours later 26010071 Anonymous
>>26007451 Bought the dip on HK, and will buy more if it dips another 10% in the next few days. Heck, I actually wish it will dip another 10%. BABA was one of my easiest trade ever, this one will be too.

4 hours later 26010076 Anonymous (1607892655932.jpg 1024x588 407kB)

4 hours later 26010077 Anonymous
>>26008443 Alan (((Sloan))) says orange man bad Every, single, time.

4 hours later 26010078 Anonymous
>>26009812 Pulling the trigger bro

4 hours later 26010079 Anonymous
>>26010008 strong hands here, i dont give away a single share

4 hours later 26010081 Anonymous (capitol_pepe.png 1024x683 787kB)
Putting all into BB and holding till $50 if I get doubles

4 hours later 26010090 Anonymous (1604843033440.gif 370x424 2392kB)
>3DPD It's like you want us all in the red. FUCK YOU

4 hours later 26010095 Anonymous
>>26009812 >but its already up 40%. Fuck me, is it even still worth it at this point?

4 hours later 26010101 Anonymous
>>26009827 And why would it blow up like that?

4 hours later 26010116 Anonymous
>>26010038 Are you telling us that if I just invested in S&P I would see a 10 year average of 7% of growth after inflation? Fuck. Who here is beating the 10% annually?

4 hours later 26010123 Anonymous
>>26010081 likewise but doubles or not

4 hours later 26010139 Anonymous
>>26010123 You're going against keks will, be ready for punishment.

4 hours later 26010164 Anonymous
>>26010139 123 is equal value imo

4 hours later 26010174 Anonymous (bilibili.jpg 805x400 173kB)
I'm gonna be fucking rich.

4 hours later 26010187 Anonymous
>>26010116 All of us.

4 hours later 26010193 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210114-210222_Finance.jpg 1079x1524 304kB)
What do I buy today?

4 hours later 26010199 Anonymous (FB_IMG_1610065164468.jpg 1080x566 55kB)
>>26010116 >10% annual Kek. Funds actually lose you money in the long run. You've gotta be making +3% daily otherwise yohr money is worth less than it was the day before. Everyone knows this, retard.

4 hours later 26010201 Anonymous
>>26010123 I'll toss in a grand if dubs

4 hours later 26010202 Anonymous (20DE90C1-89EB-4671-B466-69CB6279B35B.jpg 225x225 11kB)
>did a ton of DD on BNGO >/smg/ tells me i would be retarded for buying after it makes a little run and has dipped >decided to listen to /smg/ >BNGO now reaching new ATH Could’ve made a lot of money but I made the rookie mistake of listening to people here

4 hours later 26010217 Anonymous
>>26010199 >>26010187 What happens if you have no money? Does it go negative?

4 hours later 26010221 Anonymous
>>26010116 >>26010174 I take that back, not this guy

4 hours later 26010236 Anonymous
Making 12 an hour idk how I'm gonna get money with this shit job but whatever lol

4 hours later 26010242 Anonymous
>>26010116 started in august 2019 as a total retard putting 80% of my money in boomer stocks and now 80% if my money is in memes and since opening my account im up 24%

4 hours later 26010244 Anonymous (3F814D7C-8CD8-42D7-A27E-40B0F16ECBCC.png 450x430 454kB)
It’s fastfood breakfast Friday. What should I get?

4 hours later 26010259 Anonymous
>>26009935 >> CPS Technologies Corp. engages in the provision of advanced material solutions to the transportation, automotive, energy, computing or Internet, telecommunications, aerospace, defense, and oil and gas end markets. The firm focuses on the design, manufacture, and sale of custom metal matrix composite components. Any positive green energy or space news is bullish for CPSH.

4 hours later 26010263 Anonymous
>>26010244 Gastric bypass

4 hours later 26010264 Anonymous
>>26007552 I’m either gunna make it or go broke on this

4 hours later 26010280 Anonymous (0572EF6E-EDA1-4CB1-9955-FEA15622F3A6.jpg 750x882 130kB)
>>26003878 >government shell corporation >investing in defense sector >IPO occurred after Biden won >CEO connected to Biden >CEO was a founder of Goldman Sachs during the Clinton Administratuon PIPP looks like a federal funnel into black projects. It will explode as soon as Biden takes office.

4 hours later 26010285 Anonymous (1603724697459.jpg 1105x787 203kB)
Ok guys I bought SPY puts, it will be green forever

4 hours later 26010309 Anonymous
I'm really surprised nobody ever mentions GIK here. They partnered with lightning emotoros that sells hundreds of thousands of ev vans and has the market on four different class vans. They already have contracts with Amazon, DHL, ikea etc. Some anon did shill it here pre merge and I got bogged buying in on merge day but I'm no longer bag holding. They jumped 15% yesterday and are already up 5% pre market. Merge completes under a new ticker between mid Feb and end of march Do what ya want with this but if I wasn't already in I'd take a position because of the ev boom

4 hours later 26010340 Anonymous
Yesterday one of you called for DD on KTOS because of the upcoming ARKX, seems like some madman listened: https://www.reddit.com/r/wallstreet bets/comments/kxsz3o/cathie_plannin g_arkx_space_exploration_etf_will/ Seems reasonable but I'm on the edge.

4 hours later 26010344 Anonymous
>>26010054 why did you sel TLS shares? it keeps going up. it's only $3.5b market cap

4 hours later 26010351 Anonymous
Why is PLTR cooming so hard in pm`?

4 hours later 26010369 Anonymous (DA7DA49989BF4F4BB9E89A7338D26994.jpg 646x594 257kB)
https://www.reuters.com/article/us- tencent-nintendo-exclusive/exclusiv e-nintendo-ships-1-million-switches -in-china-since-late-2019-launch-id USKBN29G0PC Many chinks are paying double for imported switches and games to get around censorship and these aren't included in the figures. The country doesn't have a console "culture" yet. What's your excuse for not buying NTDOY yet?

4 hours later 26010372 Anonymous (1600839065260.jpg 778x1100 650kB)
>>26010174 We already are, BILI bro

4 hours later 26010376 Anonymous
>>26010116 >Who here is beating the 10% annually? i am up 25% in 2.5months

4 hours later 26010382 Anonymous
>>26010309 Hello sir please buy ACTC they will be merging with Proterra and they have ties with Biden through newly appointed energy secretary, Jennifer Graholm who is a board member for Proterra.

4 hours later 26010405 Anonymous
>>26010340 Yup, gonna explode. I'm holding KTOS, CLF and CLOV. All 3 have potential to go high in upcomming weeks.

4 hours later 26010410 Anonymous (B31B44BB-3A65-4660-84EB-92587B7881FB.png 1170x2532 345kB)
>>26010221 Seethe and dilate

4 hours later 26010427 Anonymous
>>26010351 Cathie brang her fat green dildo

4 hours later 26010441 Anonymous
>>26010369 I have alot of money tied up in the CCIV merger happening. >>26010376 It was a joke anon. I am up 12% but if the CCIV merger happens I will be up close to 200%.

4 hours later 26010442 Anonymous
>>26010199 >You've gotta be making +3% daily otherwise yohr money is worth less than it was the day before. inflation is around 2-3% ANNUALLY. You are shit posting, right? You understand that with 3% daily devaluation 1,000,000 dollars would be worth about 15 dollars in one year, right?

4 hours later 26010455 grim
JPM beat!

4 hours later 26010457 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210114-223529.png 720x1520 96kB)
>>26010410 No.

4 hours later 26010466 Anonymous
>>26010441 my apologies prease forgive

4 hours later 26010472 Anonymous
>>26010442 it's a meme, man or at least I hope they mean it as a meme...

4 hours later 26010475 Anonymous (__paimon_genshin_impact_drawn_by_ashino_moto__eadb07e6311d26a771d2545fa47d2ece.jpg 1075x1518 358kB)
>>26010101 Like I said, Xiaomi is taking over the consumer electronics market in China, or at least very big parts of it. They are comparable to Apple or Samsung, just that their domestic market is many times bigger. There is no reason why you should expect their growth to stop now, so just look at how they've been doing so far. Never forget how massive China is. Xiaomi doesn't even need the international market to grow, though it does certainly help. Look at the positive side of this shitshow as well. Once Xiaomi starts going up again, this will be a clear sign to investors that despite the Amerilards trying to fuck with them, they survived and are here to stay. This will make the stock appear more solid and less risky. >>26010068 I am. I'll be posting my gainz in /smg/ and you better believe I'll be smug about it.

4 hours later 26010490 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210115-073013.png 760x713 70kB)
Is it to late to buy manganese?

5 hours later 26010495 Anonymous (1603837531585.png 584x413 313kB)
>>26009940 I will pay 88 dollars for another 40 shares and not a sent more.

5 hours later 26010516 Anonymous
>>26010442 dude percentages don't change when you change the time period duh

5 hours later 26010533 Anonymous (PIPPcooper.jpg 796x672 140kB)
>>26010280 Pine Island Acquisition is a newly organized blank check company incorporated in Delaware, formed for the purpose of effecting a merger, capital stock exchange, asset acquisition, stock purchase, reorganization or similar business combination with one or more businesses. While we may pursue an initial business combination with a company in any sector, we intend to focus our search on defense, government service and aerospace businesses, which complements the expertise of our management team, directors and the Pine Island Capital Partners team. Our sponsor is an entity affiliated with Pine Island Capital Partners. Pine Island Capital Partners is a private equity firm founded in 2018 by John A. Thain and Philip A. Cooper on the idea that a talented group of accomplished, highly respected, commercially-savvy and long-tenured former government and military officials, when fully aligned and engaged, could enable a first class investment team with better access, better information, better expertise and better management skills than those typically found in private equity firms. The team took more than two years to construct, focusing on only those compatible individuals with exceptional character, networks and relevant experience who were willing to devote time, energy and resources to build a new firm.

5 hours later 26010537 Anonymous
>>26010475 This but Bili for me.

5 hours later 26010541 Anonymous
How do I invest in k pop? I am certain than plastic/human hybrids are the future of the entertainment industry.

5 hours later 26010542 Anonymous
>>26010475 >Samsung does Xiaomi build ships and oil refineries?

5 hours later 26010563 Anonymous
>>26010495 as long as it hits 100+ over the next 2 weeks i don't care what it does tbhwy, but the sooner it starts mooning again the better.

5 hours later 26010568 Anonymous
>>26010541 Do you have a KR SSN? If no then you can't.

5 hours later 26010570 Anonymous
>swtiched to paperless with my broker >they still send me contract notes in the post >every letter is just a lovely reminder of me buying high and selling low, a couple of days after the loss I bet the person mailing these laughs.

5 hours later 26010578 Anonymous
>>26010475 EOY predictions for Xiaomi?

5 hours later 26010590 Anonymous
>>26010244 Whichever place around you has the best breakfast burrito

5 hours later 26010609 Anonymous (1610326013942.jpg 340x296 30kB)
What's your excuse for investing in anything other than China?

5 hours later 26010612 Anonymous
>Earnings per share (adjusted): $3.79 vs. $2.62 per share expected BUY JPM FFS BUY IT ALL

5 hours later 26010614 Anonymous
>>26006802 And they’re at least 5 years out from being an actual competitor to Tesla TODAY. In five years Tesla won’t even be recognizable. They’ll be the largest company in the world.

5 hours later 26010622 Anonymous (4ACF2FF0-3D29-4780-A803-92462818DFA5.jpg 800x450 27kB)
Cant afford arkk leaps

5 hours later 26010627 Anonymous (1607990198918.jpg 231x250 5kB)
>Martin Luther King Jr. Day That is the reason I can't gamble US stocks on monday? Burgers, what is wrong with you?

5 hours later 26010630 Anonymous (86606871_p1.jpg 868x1228 830kB)
>>26010475 Here's hoping they grow big, PAImon bro

5 hours later 26010645 Anonymous
>>26010442 >You understand that with 3% daily devaluation 1,000,000 dollars would be worth about 15 dollars in one year, right? Haha, that would be silly (glances at Weimar).

5 hours later 26010650 Anonymous
>>26010405 >>26010340 any idea when ARKX might list? February sometime?

5 hours later 26010651 Anonymous
>>26010609 Trust issues

5 hours later 26010661 Anonymous
>>26010622 170C for January 2022 are only like 2000

5 hours later 26010676 Anonymous (1541541048447.png 750x711 89kB)

5 hours later 26010695 Anonymous (1609882669627.png 640x671 506kB)
good morning i love SRNE

5 hours later 26010701 Anonymous (__paimon_genshin_impact_drawn_by_yukie_kusaka_shi__73cfaba07826fe7a5e968916e428e70b.png 2664x2093 1248kB)
>>26010542 Does Apple? >>26010578 Somewhere between 6 and 7 USD.

5 hours later 26010712 Anonymous
>>26010676 Biden

5 hours later 26010714 Anonymous (8a4.jpg 600x384 15kB)
Getting real tired of your shit, AMD. When are we fucking Ryzen up already.

5 hours later 26010728 Anonymous
>>26010661 Yup

5 hours later 26010758 Anonymous
>>26010676 what goes up too hard must come down

5 hours later 26010776 Anonymous
>>26010714 When anyone but miners and scalpers gets a hold of the product

5 hours later 26010800 Anonymous
Should I take profit on BB today and buy JPM

5 hours later 26010813 Anonymous
>>26010174 Based bilichad

5 hours later 26010815 Anonymous
>>26010116 SPY's often quoted "10%" is over the lifetime of its inception in 1993. This takes into account some decent recessions including the pretty good one in 2008. SPY performed better this year because we had such a good bull run:15% and it's grown 95% the past five years. So when people respond to you saying "I'VE BEATEN 10% EASILY!" it's because we've had an unprecedented bull run, and because there's some luck involved. Eventually you have bad years, and investors buying individual stocks get some bad luck and that massively hurts their gains while SPY performs boringly, but reliably. Warren Buffet famously challenged many hedge fund managers to beat SPY and he won the bet over a 10 year period. Also, just to confirm, whenever people quote 10-13% spy returns, does that include reinvested dividends?

5 hours later 26010820 Anonymous
Fractional contracts when

5 hours later 26010844 Anonymous
>>26010116 I've doubled in 2021 already.

5 hours later 26010851 Anonymous
Omg gme it’s happening

5 hours later 26010867 Anonymous
>>26010820 Never hopefully.

5 hours later 26010878 Anonymous
>>26007424 i would never bet against this green energy market. PLUG; FCEL; BALLARD; also anything EV related, this shit is peak retardness, it wont go down.

5 hours later 26010879 Anonymous
>>26010714 The best part about AMD is it will dip after earnings even tho its going to crush it. Then retard retail will get confused and dump sending in down just a little further before kissing 120 and settling around 112 thereabouts.

5 hours later 26010885 Anonymous
>>26010116 >Who here is beating the 10% annually? It's easy when you abandon common sense and just buy memes or alternatively are big-brained enough to handle options.

5 hours later 26010903 Anonymous (C843A92F-0DE1-4512-9E40-55391CCEBDB1.png 1242x2208 334kB)
>>26010236 You gotta start somewhere. This is my portfolio after 4 months of waging a $12 an hour job saving roughly half of each paycheck.

5 hours later 26010915 Anonymous
>>26010879 I know this, and it's a painful hold, I'll be holding through earnings anyway. I shouldn't have loaded up at 95.

5 hours later 26010917 Anonymous (1603401047258.jpg 1819x2208 2133kB)
>>26010851 oh god oh fuck

5 hours later 26010919 Anonymous
>>26010701 >Does Apple? What the fuck dude. You said Xiaomi should be compared to Samsung, when clearly it shouldn't. Are you literally retarded?

5 hours later 26010929 Anonymous
Who else is buying V calls today? The price is at $202 so it’s free money

5 hours later 26010934 Anonymous
>>26009560 What are some good bitcoin stocks to short?

5 hours later 26010967 Anonymous
>>26010878 What do you think about CANOO, the next Apple Car thing?

5 hours later 26010979 Anonymous
>>26010919 He probably meant to say Xiaomi should be compared to Samsung Electronics Co.

5 hours later 26010981 Anonymous
>>26010815 >many hedge fund managers why are they the benchmark? Isn't the point of hedge funds to try to be as safe as possible, possibly safer than buying SPY and riding the waves up and down (not saying they succeed at it, but if you try to hedge against big dumps it might automatically eat into your performance regardless of how well you manage). > It is common for hedge fund investment strategies to aim to achieve a positive return on investment regardless of whether markets are rising or falling ("absolute return"). Although hedge funds can be considered risky investments, the expected returns of some hedge fund strategies are less volatile than those of retail funds with high exposure to stock markets, because of the use of hedging techniques. We're not hedge fund managers, we take risks, we go all in or all out on a whim, it's very different.

5 hours later 26010986 Anonymous
GME bros..

5 hours later 26010990 Anonymous
>>26010712 How did announcing stimulus plans make things go down though? Because people were expecting 2000 and we only got 1400?

5 hours later 26010999 Anonymous
>>26010903 Remember. Live with parents for free as long as you can and get that portfolio as high as you can.

5 hours later 26011010 Anonymous (Gann-Pic.jpg 900x508 352kB)
>for noobs i highly recommend taking time to research and read WD Gann (1878–1955) was a trader who used market forecasting methods based on geometry, astrology, and ancient mathematics. His mysterious technical tools include Gann angles and the Square of 9. As well as trading, Gann wrote a number of books and courses. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2f Hks5WIXE

5 hours later 26011011 Anonymous
>just ordered a Big Tasty meal from McDonalds with Uber Eats >5% tip for delivery wagie Remember /smg/, sharing is caring.

5 hours later 26011019 Anonymous
>>26011011 Not gonna make it

5 hours later 26011033 Anonymous
>>26011010 >geometry, astrology, and ancient mathematics he took meme lines to another level

5 hours later 26011040 Anonymous (images.jpg 230x219 6kB)

5 hours later 26011047 Anonymous
>>26010986 Don't worry, we hold the line today

5 hours later 26011069 Anonymous

5 hours later 26011080 Anonymous
>>26010967 Cashed out at 19.40 from 12.4 avg and held 20% of initial investment. Riding it out to oblivion

5 hours later 26011088 Anonymous
>>26011011 Uber eats take a huge cut off the prices on the burgers and then you offer a tip too?

5 hours later 26011150 Anonymous
>>26010934 Mara, Riot, Bitcoin Group if you are a Europoor

5 hours later 26011177 Anonymous
>>26011088 Yeah but the tip goes directly to the delivery guy. Th real reason I do it is because the food gets delivered faster, they compete for the jobs they see have a tip on them.

5 hours later 26011180 Anonymous
Should I get the fuck out of semiconductors? TSM had a huge run-up AMD has been crabbing for two months

5 hours later 26011285 Anonymous
>>26010990 Because welfare president = tax cuts for companies = no $$$

5 hours later 26011290 Anonymous
>>26011180 as an optimistic amd cuck i believe that amd will go up soon

5 hours later 26011328 Anonymous
>>26011180 Just hodl.

5 hours later 26011333 Anonymous
>>26010650 The filing says 75 days

5 hours later 26011352 Anonymous (1588871299465.jpg 563x571 41kB)
>>26011010 I'll stick to chicken bones and rune stones thank you very much.

5 hours later 26011385 Anonymous
Drop gme drop to the floor. Back to 30

5 hours later 26011389 Anonymous
>Banks don´t have to write of bad loans and mortgages > report huge profits and buy back shares this shit should be illegal

5 hours later 26011396 Anonymous (1.png 637x398 20kB)
Stock pros, why is the Biontech stock valued so low? They found the corona vaccine and now they might have found a cure for multiple sclerosis.

5 hours later 26011415 Anonymous
>>26011010 >He doesn't just flip a coin Line go up or line go down t's really that simple frens

5 hours later 26011417 Anonymous (nic.jpg 310x310 16kB)
>my friend sold BB just a day before it started pumping like crazy I wish they'd atleast ask first or something

5 hours later 26011451 Anonymous
>>26011396 >more than doubled AFTER vaccine announcement It's not low.

5 hours later 26011489 Anonymous
Open ap the market kike bastids let me buy some fookin gme

5 hours later 26011494 Anonymous
>>26011180 If you are up 20% on TSM, just sell. Otherwise I believe it will climb.

5 hours later 26011509 Anonymous
>>26011333 thank you, I appreciate it.

5 hours later 26011511 Anonymous

5 hours later 26011513 Anonymous
Someone bake

5 hours later 26011531 Anonymous
GME crashes today

5 hours later 26011549 Anonymous
>>26011511 Now I know why it didn't nosedive to 0.1 yet

5 hours later 26011555 Anonymous
>>26011511 >I just burn money everyday, yeeeee boi!

5 hours later 26011593 Anonymous (1716596500430654031076579.jpg 1295x914 244kB)
Buy AMD cheapies while you still can.

5 hours later 26011603 Anonymous
Can someone post the calendar with the earnings reports by company?

5 hours later 26011606 Anonymous (frenchfrog2.jpg 431x397 31kB)
Keep accumulating BFARF, any day this will pump like Argo Blockchain did.

5 hours later 26011621 Anonymous
>>26010533 Good DD. Im in

5 hours later 26011638 Anonymous
>>26011593 I would but AMD is so uncomfy to hold these days.

5 hours later 26011649 Anonymous
>>26011593 BUY EVER DIP

5 hours later 26011657 Anonymous
>>26010919 Seethe harder, no-chinky

5 hours later 26011665 Anonymous
>>26011593 why do so many people shill AMD so much when it has been a crab for the last 6 months?

5 hours later 26011673 Anonymous (-1x-1.jpg 1920x1080 127kB)
Renaissance, arguably the world’s most secretive and successful money manager. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Renai ssance_Technologies Prize-winning mathematician James Simons began Renaissance Technologies (originally called Monemetrics) in a Long Island strip mall in 1978. Renaissance is now famous for pioneering data science and machine learning before these disciplines went mainstream, and has been described as having the best physics and mathematics department in the world. Renaissance employs specialists with non-financial backgrounds, including computer scientists, mathematicians, physicists, signal processing experts and statisticians. In a 2013 article in The Daily Telegraph, journalist Sarfraz Manzoor described Renaissance staff as math geniuses running Wall Street. >"Of his 200 employees, ensconced in a fortress-like building in unfashionable Long Island, New York, a third have PhDs, not in finance, but in fields like computer science, physics, mathematics and statistics. Renaissance has been called “the best physics and mathematics department in the world” and, according to Weatherall, "avoids hiring anyone with even the slightest whiff of Wall Street bona fides". Guys how to get a job here?

5 hours later 26011674 Anonymous
Where's the new thread? Who has the link?

5 hours later 26011697 Anonymous (1610655121165.jpg 546x680 55kB)

5 hours later 26011701 Anonymous
>>26011593 Jim being vased? What the fuck is this? Incredible clown levels.

5 hours later 26011715 Anonymous (catcandle.jpg 599x563 64kB)
>CLF >GME Oh god...

5 hours later 26011733 Anonymous
>>26011665 i bought twice at 80$ and 85$ and im positive that amd will surpass 100$

5 hours later 26011735 Anonymous (Screenshot_20210115-131310.jpg 1080x1500 198kB)
>>26011665 t. retarded imbecile

5 hours later 26011775 Anonymous (ErxgqLRXIAIdAdl.jpg 900x482 69kB)
kek, the market is just a giant chain of call options, this will be fine

5 hours later 26011779 Anonymous
>>26011715 why are jews like this They should have separate stock market

5 hours later 26011786 Anonymous
>>26011494 I'm up 60%

5 hours later 26011788 Anonymous
>>26011673 Connections and a PhD in a quantitative discipline from a good university. Or just stop having slave mentality and try to build your own system.

5 hours later 26011790 Anonymous
>>26009005 I hope GME also used their $100 million stock offering yesterday. Will we know right away?

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