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2021-01-15 08:31 26003842 Anonymous SNX - Synthetix (synthetix-network-token.jpg 512x512 13kB)
Wtf is happening with this token bros? Had a big pump then cooled off now everything is pumping and we're dumping.

2 min later 26003907 Anonymous
it's down like 5% bro

3 min later 26003924 Anonymous
>>26003842 people are buying JRT instead, SNX whales buying it up as we speak. UMA vote today.

3 min later 26003929 Anonymous
>>26003842 I'm acoomulating, stop making snx threads

7 min later 26003998 Anonymous
SNX is a buy and hold that pops off here and there. Just hold SNX.

8 min later 26004013 Anonymous
Sorry, I bought.

37 min later 26004686 Anonymous
>>26003842 Should have bought AAVE months ago. Fuck this shit.

43 min later 26004825 Anonymous
>>26003924 shhhh... Don't... I am still accumulating

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