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2021-01-15 08:31 26003830 Anonymous Soon: Biggest Pamp ever (2A89AC1F-CE57-4DA7-BE94-08EF59DC35BF.jpg 683x692 105kB)
Who else comfy?

6 min later 26003978 Anonymous
>>26003830 Just bought 1 ETH, could have had 5 for this price if I bought 6 months ago... only bought .5 when it was at $300 hahaha I'm a retard and want to KMS

14 min later 26004155 Anonymous (090D92FC-E058-4A76-B9A4-4ECF3AEE34FB.jpg 1000x658 105kB)
>>26003978 Don’t worry anon, you will still make it with that stack.

16 min later 26004174 Anonymous
Is this Zenon?

17 min later 26004195 Anonymous
>>26004155 Make it with 1 eth? Wheres he live Zimbabwe?

17 min later 26004197 Anonymous
Bear here Very comfy indeed

17 min later 26004198 Anonymous
>>26003978 I sold 0.6 btc 2 months before the big pump in 2016

18 min later 26004208 Anonymous (90BAD2BA-685E-439D-A697-0ECD224EA1E4.jpg 1280x720 80kB)
>>26004174 It is anon, hope you got your tickets ready.

18 min later 26004219 Anonymous
Very comfy. Best in categorie.

20 min later 26004262 Anonymous
I bought Zenon.Network yesterday. Saw several shills in 4chain and decided to drop a few bucks on it. It looks like 100X or nothing, worth the bet.

20 min later 26004267 Anonymous (0EA7485F-668A-407C-8C6A-A84FE3DC3A95.jpg 737x1024 97kB)
>>26003978 I hope you mean that you bought 1 ETH Worth of ZNN, then you will make it.

23 min later 26004336 Anonymous (E382D41D-9B3C-4BA0-9324-CC080D237E5C.jpg 1034x1187 271kB)
>>26004262 It’s going to be >100x anon, hope you have at least 100 ZNN.

23 min later 26004343 Anonymous (64A2EB7E-B338-466D-9F03-95DC364B534A.jpg 749x1385 249kB)
Comfy as fuck OP.

24 min later 26004376 Anonymous
>>26004267 He definitely meant he bought 1 eth. As in 1 ethereum. Not 1 eth worth of Zenon

25 min later 26004389 Anonymous
>>26004376 lol yes. Are these pajeet shills or something?

27 min later 26004434 Anonymous
Why is Zenon special?

29 min later 26004492 Anonymous
>>26004389 Probably just a bunch of neets shilling their bags. I've never heard of the project so I wouldnt buy it without looking into it intently

30 min later 26004517 Anonymous (EE476D3E-84D8-4367-A311-8A340582A427.jpg 667x423 40kB)
>>26004434 They just launched their private testnet and are preparing to launch incentivized public testnet and Alphanet. Described as revolutionary blockchain tech and rumored to be backed by some of the biggest industry partners. DYOR or stay poor.

32 min later 26004551 Anonymous
>>26004517 sounds like a typical shitcoin lmao

34 min later 26004601 Anonymous
>>26004551 Lol weak fud. Stay poor.

36 min later 26004651 Anonymous
>>26004601 what's it do?

45 min later 26004848 Anonymous (BF0A806A-44FA-49A4-9256-A46387DAE9BC.jpg 1224x316 90kB)
>>26004651 It’s a massively scalable block lattice and DAG hybrid protocol, and will be used for a bunch of diffferent use cases that currently aren’t possible on chains like Ethereum or even newer projects like Avalanche. State of the art and scales from the base layer. It will foster massive Web3 adoption, defi on steroids, scaling bitcoin payments, enabling adoption of a decentralized internet of things, to name a few. Major well known apps will be able to run on it.

48 min later 26004907 Anonymous
>>26003830 until the next biggest pamp

49 min later 26004934 Anonymous
>>26003978 at least you didn't spent about 1/3 billion dollars on 2 shitty papa john pizzas

1 hours later 26005377 Anonymous
Note Zenon in your google calendar and check out in Goingecko in six months. You´ll think about the bag you missed and how big Zenon's project is

1 hours later 26005399 Anonymous
Pamp it

2 hours later 26006603 Anonymous (2021-01-15 09.47.54.jpg 552x749 64kB)

2 hours later 26006646 Anonymous
>>26005377 Like for real, I don't advise ZNNless folks to do that. Still like to spread positive energy.

2 hours later 26006686 Anonymous (1610570433656.png 426x320 23kB)
>>26003830 either that or we crash down to 24K. impossible to tell with this clown market.

2 hours later 26007001 Anonymous (2021-01-15 10.07.12.jpg 774x555 100kB)
>>26006686 ZNN will be the biggest pamp anon.

2 hours later 26007193 Anonymous (826B7917-7D04-47F1-8680-2223EDB0824D.jpg 1080x1350 125kB)
>>26007001 Hmmmm

2 hours later 26007265 Anonymous (2021-01-15 09.50.43.jpg 1024x699 137kB)
>>26004343 Love the colors ZNN x QSR

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