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2021-01-15 08:29 26003786 Anonymous (4DDE921D-9B44-49AB-9677-20F2C70A0F9E.png 959x735 901kB)
/frugal/ thread >the more you sleep the less you have to spend on food >electricity is cheaper at nights, sleep during daytime to save money

12 min later 26004070 Anonymous (wojak-stage-5.5-doomer.png 840x854 558kB)
>>26003786 that second one isn't necessarily true it depends on your electric company the first one is dumb and will likely make you depressed, trust me i know

15 min later 26004137 Anonymous
Consider committing a crime and going to jail for a few years for free housing, medical care and food When you get out link will be $1000

21 min later 26004258 Anonymous
>>26003786 this is going to sound filthy but shitting outdoors, harvesting rainwater, and bathing in a homemade trough all work wonders on your utility bill. If your a neet there is no better way around this annoying cost.

25 min later 26004345 Anonymous
>>26004258 Good afternoon, India.

26 min later 26004365 Anonymous
>Not making yourself blind so you don't have to spend money on lighting ngmi

26 min later 26004380 Anonymous (5C6C9AC7-AAD0-4290-9F42-10ECB1EBF592.jpg 225x225 10kB)
>>26003786 Make throwaway emails for bogo deals or free food at restaurants. Use signup referrals for bonus money. Faucets. Use hotels for wifi/free travel size stuff. Couponing mixed with ibotta. Bing rewards. Use old phones for watching videos and earning passive income. Mine crypto on laptop while in hotel lobby. Airdrops. Free section on Craigslist. Flip items from thrift stores. Cam online. Sell your underwear. Rice and beans. VPN. Call all CC companies and home bills to get lower monthly payments or better rate. Don’t get a gf (big one). Free condoms online every month. Amazon snagshout or rebaid. Sell shit you don’t use on eBay.

28 min later 26004412 Anonymous
>>26004380 Found the jew

28 min later 26004417 Anonymous
fold toilet paper

29 min later 26004453 Anonymous (1609984551629.jpg 1124x1832 333kB)
Eat your lunch you would normally eat at work in the morning before you go to work. I wake up and hour early and stuff my face with...oatmeal. I`m kidding. But I pretty much do what our great LINK investor did. The less I spend on food, the more I put into crypto. Just the very basics. I used to spend at least $400 a month on food alone. I have gotten that down to below $100. My car is a hybrid and I only spend $20 every 2-3 weeks for a full tank of gas. I stopped ALL eating out. DO NOT EAT OUT. EVER. Stay hungry to get rich boys. FEEL HUNGER. Will my shit coins perform? Will I be able to do what oatmeal anon did? Time will tell frens. I want all of us to make it...hes in a better place now though.

29 min later 26004454 Anonymous
>>26003786 >electricity is cheaper at nights What shitskin country do you live in?

30 min later 26004473 Anonymous
>>26003786 >electricity is cheaper at night What

37 min later 26004622 Anonymous (B796FC5B-5F64-4EB7-A215-16D38682C910.jpg 986x1024 117kB)
>>26003786 >only eat twice a day >dont buy gym membership just do calisthenics for free at home >pirate everything so you dont have to pay for it >build your own UBI with DeFi >never have sex with woman and just masturbate >buzzcut your hair >use post nut clarity to make big brain trades >avoid income taxes by paying yourself with money from a loan

40 min later 26004698 Anonymous
>>26004137 i kinda miss the jail anons greentexts. >hey guys i just got out, checking my wallet now lol iron hands

41 min later 26004729 Anonymous
>>26004473 >>26004454 this is still a thing in certain counties certain times of the year. quite a few california cities are like this still in the summer, but yes, it was more prominent decades prior. how do you guys not know this?

53 min later 26004973 Anonymous
>buy bulk lentils and beans, much cheaper than mea

1 hours later 26005342 Anonymous
>>26004258 My water bill is always the same regardless of usage

1 hours later 26005379 Anonymous
>>26004622 What’s the point to all this? You could die tomorrow

1 hours later 26005411 Anonymous
>>26004729 Some of us live in the first world.

1 hours later 26005439 Anonymous
>>26004258 This thread is for people who live in Western countries

1 hours later 26005442 Anonymous
>>26005379 If you die tomorrow then you literally got the most you could possibly get out of that loan

1 hours later 26005476 Anonymous (eaa.jpg 2000x1356 233kB)
>>26004258 >t. pajeet.top

1 hours later 26005485 Anonymous
Take the overnight oats pill >rolled oats 1/2C >milk 2/3C >Greek yoghurt 1/3C >cocoa powder 2T >peanut butter 2T >vanilla extract 1/2t >honey 2T Ingredients for several months of this will cost hardly anything

1 hours later 26005523 Anonymous
>>26005485 allergic to oats. any ideas?

1 hours later 26005688 Anonymous
>>26005485 what do the T and C mean? Sorry if a stupid question but I don't cook I just make money with crypto.

1 hours later 26005697 Anonymous
>get pork shoulder for $3/lb >throw and pot and cook for a few hours >you now have burrito meat for a whole week

1 hours later 26005715 Anonymous
>>26005688 C-cup T-tablespoon t-teaspoon

1 hours later 26005724 Anonymous
>>26005688 Im guessing it stands for Cups and Tablespoons (or maybe Teaspoons)

1 hours later 26005728 Anonymous
>>26004258 designated shitting street sirs

1 hours later 26005739 Anonymous
>>26005688 tablespoon/cups

1 hours later 26005743 Anonymous
>>26005715 >>26005724 many thanks

1 hours later 26005745 Anonymous (1501184410804.jpg 600x600 30kB)
>spent my entire 20s at home with my parents, no friends, khv, never take hollidays >no expenses, 940k in the bank seethe normies

1 hours later 26005750 Anonymous
>>26005688 Probably >C Cup >T Tablespoon >t teaspoon

1 hours later 26005776 Anonymous
>>26005688 Im guessing t is tablespoon and c is cup, they are unfortunately the standard measurements you use while cooking. Could get worse too, could end up with measurements like; a pinch, a splashing, a dollop. Cooking has some fucked up measurement standards.

1 hours later 26005778 Anonymous
>>26005688 I'm guessing C is cup, T is tablespoon and t is teaspoon.

1 hours later 26005843 Anonymous (1584454930340.jpg 728x528 358kB)
haven't bought toilet paper in almost a year

1 hours later 26005859 Anonymous
>>26005843 Dangerously based

1 hours later 26005965 Anonymous
Steal shit every time you visit a grocery store. If you dress respectably the guards won't be watching you. It's also very easy to find spots in the store that cameras don't cover. I always steal €5 of food for every €10 I buy

1 hours later 26005974 Anonymous
>>26005965 Nigger.

1 hours later 26006052 Anonymous
>>26005974 ngmi

1 hours later 26006092 Anonymous
>>26005776 The standard is typically grams or in more half assed recipes in might be ounces. If it uses volumes it's not a standard recipe but some lazy and not very good home recipe. Same with cooking temperature, medium or high is not a standard heat level. Fahrenheit or Celsius is the, standard in cooking. Low or whatever is just some lazy home meal recipe with poor repeatability. >>26005776

1 hours later 26006309 Anonymous
this thread kek >>26003786 after taking a pee i let the toilet paper dry and use it multiple times

2 hours later 26006437 Anonymous
>>26004258 /biz/ is for civilized nations only Romesh.

2 hours later 26006537 Anonymous
>>26004070 This and depression will lose you the most money because it hinders your conscientiousness, otherwise known as work ethic which is the greatest predictor of financial success, not IQ

2 hours later 26006788 Anonymous
>>26006537 >work ethic which is the greatest predictor of financial success, not IQ What an absolute cope. Guess how I know you’re both lazy and dumb, but like to think you’re just lazy? There are many, many hardworking people who lack the mental capacity to truly advance in life. Hard work without intelligence is useless. The same cannot be said for intelligence without hard work. Keep coping loser

2 hours later 26006798 Anonymous (1609115084124.png 600x600 187kB)
>use a river instead of taking a shower to avoid water cost

2 hours later 26006851 Anonymous
>>26006788 There are lots of dumb hard workers who are poor. There are lots of lazy smart people who are poor. Hard working smart people are never poor

2 hours later 26006965 Anonymous
>>26006788 Guess how I know you're a midwit? Or just an opinionated dumbass Conscientiousness predicts greater success uncorrelated to IQ, look it up retard Obviously we're not talking about the under 90 niggers here This is where the "I'm smart but lazy" trope comes from Your confidence about a subject you clearly know nothing about confirms your midwittedness

2 hours later 26006966 Anonymous
>>26006851 If given the choice between the two, I know which one I’d pick. I bet you’d make the same choice.

2 hours later 26007021 Anonymous
>>26006965 >This is where the "I'm smart but lazy" trope comes from Precisely the trope you’re using to cope.

2 hours later 26007085 Anonymous
Many time at work you can get free food from fridge there from people who don't eat the food. Do the shit at work and you don't need to buy toilet papers. Sometimes you can get free food on the street from a truck or van. Go to donation bin and many time you can get the free clothes before it goes to the store. Buy raffle tickets and sell door to door. Ticket costs 1 dollar and you can make 100 dollar easy. Go to church and put $5 not in collection. Take back $6 change. Nodoby notice. Go to back of electric metre. You can move the wire and get free electric. Make a complain at the shops and get free food and free voucher for the store.

2 hours later 26007237 Anonymous
>>26003786 Save money on food, At the beginning of the month set some money for groceries and some other for personal expenses. Respect those limits. Eat lentils, beans and vegetables, also some eggs. Protip: dumpster diving will get you all the luxurious food you can't afford. also listen to >>26007085 , however, instead of taking a shit at work, steal toilet paper from restaurants.

2 hours later 26007244 Anonymous
>>26006966 Smart and lazy is the most likely to commit suicide so I'd probably choose hard working dumb

3 hours later 26008039 Anonymous
eat ur cummies to save on grocery bills.

3 hours later 26008222 Anonymous (1610287517218.jpg 611x854 645kB)
Kek so this is the place where all the nolinkers hang out

3 hours later 26008769 Anonymous
unironically enlist in the military and get a paper pusher job t. went in as a tradie but everyone gets paid the same regardless of rank and they work a lot less.

3 hours later 26008882 Anonymous
>>26003786 I live in my car and use my house for Safex mining. I don't stay in it cuz it's too hot. So far, wildly worth it.

4 hours later 26009031 Anonymous
>>26004258 ah yes mr turd garden

4 hours later 26009077 Anonymous
>>26005843 I just use my shower head on the massage function to blast the shit away

4 hours later 26009092 Anonymous
i bought $500 worth of new shirts today for no reason and i've eaten nothing but ubereats for 6 months my net worth is about 20 grand

4 hours later 26009155 Anonymous
>>26004258 >bathing in a homemade you live in a warm tropical country don't you Pajeet 65% of the year bathing outdoor would be extremely unpleasant here 10% of the year it might even by life threatening considering it's fucking freezing outside

4 hours later 26009271 Anonymous
>>26005523 Rice pudding? Is eaten in much of central Asia as a porridge equivalent.

4 hours later 26009470 Anonymous
>>26004454 >>26004473 >>26004729 Live in northern europe and same here. electricity is cheaper at night and in the weekends. I have timers for stuff like the water heater and washing machine to only work at night.

4 hours later 26009512 Anonymous
>>26009092 based money burner

4 hours later 26009513 Anonymous
>>26006052 you stealing niggers sure have a natural propensity for making it

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