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2021-01-15 08:29 26003784 Anonymous (sg.jpg 2048x1536 587kB)
>no capital gains tax >crypto friendly >government doesn't pander to liberals >qt asian girls why aren't you making plans to move to Singapore?

0 min later 26003797 Anonymous

0 min later 26003800 Anonymous
>>26003784 hot and humid af

2 min later 26003838 Anonymous (Slav pepe.png 1200x1120 576kB)
>>26003784 Because i'm poor That's why

3 min later 26003852 Anonymous
>>26003797 Based

4 min later 26003893 Anonymous
>>26003784 asian girls are ugly fukiing clones

4 min later 26003900 Anonymous
>>26003784 Isnt it the most expensive cost of living city in the world?

5 min later 26003918 Anonymous (1606075304604.jpg 1079x1070 390kB)
>>26003900 Won't be a problem for us holding XRP.

6 min later 26003937 Anonymous
>>26003784 Why is there a boat on top of three skyscrapers?

7 min later 26003946 Anonymous
>>26003900 yeah but the taxes are minimal, if you're not dirt poor you still come out similarly to any other HCOL city. You only pay $3350 tax on the first $80,000 you make. Also white privilege if that applies to you.

7 min later 26003948 Anonymous
>download porn >get caned

7 min later 26003950 Anonymous (images (4).png 245x205 7kB)
Ugh this thread again?

8 min later 26003975 Anonymous
>>26003784 the government panders to pajeets and rameshes, bending over backwards for them. other than that, pretty good. >>26003900 food is fucking cheap, less than 5sgd a meal. rent is expensive but just dont be a retard and stay in the "suburbs" inb4 caning

9 min later 26003986 Anonymous
>>26003948 false, and prostitution is legal

9 min later 26003988 Anonymous
>>26003784 >Congregation of third worlders larping as a developed country

9 min later 26003996 Anonymous
>>26003784 Worked there as an expat - some of the ugliest Asian girls I’ve seen in my life. Short flight away to the more realer SE Asia but its primary selling point is that it’s easy to get away...

9 min later 26004000 Anonymous
>>26003937 because fuck you

10 min later 26004015 Anonymous (1609030791570.jpg 1080x1350 186kB)
>>26003784 My Singaporean thotties after I make billions in DDX.

11 min later 26004026 Anonymous (1391471481563.png 883x837 34kB)
>>26003784 DING DONG BATTA BATTA BING DONG CUM TO SING-A-CHINGA-CHING-POOR nah fuck you, if I'm gonna avoid taxes it's either Portugal or new Zealand.

11 min later 26004039 Anonymous
>>26003996 Do the girls make bank though? Asking for a friend.

11 min later 26004041 Anonymous
>>26003893 Incel

11 min later 26004043 Anonymous
>>26003996 Chinese shill right here boyos

12 min later 26004052 Anonymous
>>26003797 If somebody where to say that, to me it would be the most wholesome thing ever

12 min later 26004062 Anonymous
>>26004015 based

15 min later 26004119 Anonymous
My brother works there teaching vidya development. Wish i wasn't a wagie so i could get time to visit him.

15 min later 26004128 Anonymous
>>26004039 You mean the prostitutes? Most of them are Chinese/SE Asian and go for pretty cheap rates, maybe 50 USD a pop at the lowest. There were Eastern Europe girls at higher end establishments who went for many multiples of that but definitely wasn’t a Dubai kind of thing.

16 min later 26004149 Anonymous
>>26004041 nope i just like girls who look human

19 min later 26004192 Anonymous
>>26003784 I plan on having an escort entourage and whenever and wherever I witness the shameful hunched walk of the hooded virgin, I'll bellow "attack!". Won't leave until it's sorted. I'll call it the rapetourage.

19 min later 26004207 Anonymous
Also you get executed for spitting gum in the street or smoking a joint

21 min later 26004247 Anonymous
>>26004207 >Also you get executed for spitting gum in the street or smoking a joint Not a great place for a dude weed guy. Checkout cambodia, perhaps vietnam.

22 min later 26004283 Anonymous
>>26003900 Nah that would be Tokyo by a country mile.

23 min later 26004303 Anonymous (1606500088264.jpg 225x225 8kB)

24 min later 26004311 Anonymous
>>26004119 What kind of job doesnt let you take time off? Even if its unpaid? Thats some next level slave shit

27 min later 26004397 Anonymous
keep jacking off to LKY, you fucking bugman nerd.

29 min later 26004456 Anonymous
>>26004207 Good

32 min later 26004512 Anonymous
>>26004207 weed addicts btfo

1 hours later 26005185 Anonymous
>>26003893 kinda true. I mean the hot ones are super hot, but on average, when you are just walking around many of them are ugly af

1 hours later 26005611 Anonymous
>>26003937 Why not?

1 hours later 26005662 Anonymous
>>26004026 what's the crypto tax in NZ?

1 hours later 26006243 Anonymous
>>26004311 When you only get 3 weeks vacation a year and you're married with a newborn it's hard to do a trip literally on the other side of the planet.

2 hours later 26006510 Anonymous
I met some Singaporean people when living in HK and their English accent can be really shitty, worse than pajeets and then they get mad when you don't instantly understand lmao. This especially applies to the men

2 hours later 26006727 Anonymous
even more ass backwards police state than the United States, even vaping is illegal

2 hours later 26007026 Anonymous
Too expensive and authoritarian. I quite liked it when I visited, don't know about living there though.

2 hours later 26007058 Anonymous
>>26004283 I don't know where this meme comes from. Japan wasn't as expensive as I was expecting it to be at all. Sure you CAN opt for the luxury condos and restaurants and spend a fortune but what you get at the more budget end is pretty good.

2 hours later 26007165 Anonymous
>>26004283 Tokyo isn't expensive at all compared to the US.

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