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2021-01-15 08:22 26003631 Anonymous Which coin got the most delusional holders? (1609367336676.jpg 305x550 24kB)
Im gonna start - elrond, vechain, xrp

1 min later 26003652 Anonymous
>>26003631 EOS and XRP holders

1 min later 26003664 Anonymous
>>26003631 ETH

1 min later 26003672 Anonymous
>>26003631 BTC

2 min later 26003683 Anonymous
>>26003631 btc, eth, and link. the only legit coin in dragonchain

2 min later 26003685 Anonymous (1581961613542.jpg 332x368 20kB)
>>26003652 this and BSV

3 min later 26003719 Anonymous
>>26003631 XRP & Link

3 min later 26003722 Anonymous
>>26003631 Everything except for >>26003664 and >>26003672

5 min later 26003760 Anonymous

6 min later 26003768 Anonymous
>>26003631 100% XRP.

9 min later 26003840 Anonymous
>>26003719 i made 6 digits holding link. so have a lot of other people on here. but i agree with xrp, you can't find a lot of people who can say that about it.

17 min later 26004017 Anonymous
>>26003631 Elrond,Bitcoin,eth

36 min later 26004431 Anonymous
>>26003631 Def not XRP. Probably BTC or ETH holders

39 min later 26004516 Anonymous (1593554483730.jpg 605x846 58kB)

50 min later 26004762 Anonymous
>>26004516 >making the worst post in the thread

52 min later 26004813 Anonymous
>>26004762 Cope pajeet

59 min later 26004962 Anonymous
How has no one mentioned Statera. Its obviously STA, those schizos have been haymakering down to 2m mkt cap like 8 times over a year and still think the fud is bullish. its hilarious

1 hours later 26004979 Anonymous
>>26004962 haymakered*

1 hours later 26005055 Anonymous
>>26004962 This

1 hours later 26005059 Anonymous
Xrp and chainlink

1 hours later 26005062 Anonymous
>>26003631 link my nigguh

1 hours later 26005110 Anonymous
>>26003631 I have all of them. Elrond is gonna do OK for the next few days I recommend riding the pump. Vechain is shit and I have a little XRP in case they win the court case and it fucking moons

1 hours later 26005200 Anonymous (20210115_093136.jpg 1080x1306 254kB)

1 hours later 26005479 Anonymous
>>26003631 XRP

1 hours later 26005588 Anonymous
>>26003631 XRP, RLC, STA, LINK (newfags, not the OGs)

1 hours later 26005663 Anonymous
>>26005200 lol we need market crash for these people to wake up

1 hours later 26005677 Anonymous
Any coin that I don't own

1 hours later 26005692 Anonymous
>>26003631 Cx in the chat

1 hours later 26005766 Anonymous

1 hours later 26005865 Anonymous
>>26003631 Why the Elrond hate in here? Not holding any but cnisering buying, it looks to have decent activity on it, partnerships with Travala and Terra Virtua NFT shit going on... AT least there's actually outside devs building on it, which happens with very few non-Eth chains

1 hours later 26005959 Anonymous
>>26005865 Im talkin about delusional holders. Im actually holding a fair amount of egld.

1 hours later 26006012 Anonymous
Link. Blows my mind why anyone has this shitcoin. It reached its top long agoo and is never going back. It never even had any real value. Its a miracle it made it past 5 bucks.

1 hours later 26006038 Anonymous
The people who still hold XRP are either lying and in on the joke or fucking crazy

2 hours later 26007017 Anonymous (comfy6.jpg 409x409 27kB)
>>26004962 And yet it gets back up every time.

3 hours later 26007894 Anonymous (1610658550156.gif 512x384 3611kB)
LCX, but it's probably just pajeet bagholders trying to pnd

3 hours later 26007946 Anonymous (F44DE64F-C1EE-4D01-8AFE-E5373DD074A9.jpg 200x200 6kB)
>>26003685 Nobody really holds this though, it’s almost all wash trading and Pajeets being paid to shill it hard

3 hours later 26007947 Anonymous
>>26003631 >vechain add tron

3 hours later 26008639 Anonymous
>>26003631 XRP by a large margin The other shitcoins will be forgotten there will be the XRP skitozs there here in 5-10 years from now regardless of the SEC decision.

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