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2021-01-15 08:19 26003570 Anonymous 2021 Rippers (1610666907416.jpg 640x800 58kB)
Post em. My suggestion is DDX. A decentralized exchange that can get us away from any of these centralized cuck tools. Kamala and the gang are coming for your crypto bois, get on DDX and get some while you're at it. Enjoy this pajeeta.

13 min later 26003869 Anonymous

15 min later 26003920 Anonymous (carve_memes.jpg 450x450 19kB)
>>26003869 nani?

20 min later 26004034 Anonymous
>>26003570 >black and white filter to hide her ass covered completely in stretch marks

23 min later 26004101 Anonymous
>>26004034 Seethe roastie

24 min later 26004123 Anonymous
>>26003570 Wow he's fucking hot >>26004034 This is hilarious coming from a virgin

25 min later 26004130 Anonymous
>>26004101 Well she's not wrong.

26 min later 26004157 Anonymous
>>26004130 More like handmarks from me slapping that ass

28 min later 26004194 Anonymous
>>26004157 No those are literal stretch marks. Wake up. Open your eyes, sheep.

29 min later 26004209 Anonymous
>>26004194 seethe harder no coiner

30 min later 26004225 Anonymous
>>26004209 >sub-2k ELO brainlet talking

32 min later 26004290 Anonymous (1570850698437.jpg 4000x2250 4164kB)

33 min later 26004322 Anonymous (43210.png 886x885 1465kB)
>>26004225 >no coining, no decentralized exchange using, brainlet, blind pussy talking Get some DDX and step your game up

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