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2021-01-15 08:14 26003486 Anonymous When will this shitcoin ever moon? (9582D83E-D978-41D0-B36D-4F68EA425760.jpg 400x400 6kB)

32 min later 26004183 Anonymous
>>26003486 If some shitty exchange is listing it.

35 min later 26004243 Anonymous
>>26004183 Binance invested in Matic, now they dont want the competition to their bags get any volume And since even Binance isn't listing it, other exchanges are also sucking on their thumbs bunch of retardos

43 min later 26004430 Anonymous
>>26004243 https://mobile.twitter.com/Tomaseet oo/status/1349936029868822530 Just found this. We have to spam the niggers to list legit projects coins not just pnd scams!

49 min later 26004572 Anonymous
>>26004430 This. These Poojets better pack their bags before Binance and Huobi Global

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