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2021-01-15 08:01 26003220 Anonymous (AC2949AD19E44C04931609B751FD23E3.jpg 400x400 24kB)
Pic related has sucked many streamer pp's, why? she doesn't belong to biz, she belongs on the thot twitch platform and not on Chan.

1 min later 26003247 Anonymous
>>26003220 Is her name Sage?

11 min later 26003456 Anonymous
>>26003220 Who

12 min later 26003471 Anonymous
>>26003456 alexandra botez

13 min later 26003489 Anonymous
>>26003220 i think her sister is way hotter and way more entertaining.

14 min later 26003497 Anonymous
>>26003220 Whats having sex like

14 min later 26003500 Anonymous
>A pajeet shill thread died for this

14 min later 26003506 Anonymous
what are you even blithering about, coomer schizo?

14 min later 26003512 Anonymous
>>26003471 Who

15 min later 26003520 Anonymous
>/biz/ - Business & Finance

17 min later 26003553 Anonymous
>>26003220 who the fuck is this spic bitch and what the fuck does that have to do with biz or making money faggot

18 min later 26003578 Anonymous
who? fuck off

19 min later 26003592 Anonymous
>>26003512 She played chess with moneyskelly

20 min later 26003615 Anonymous
Why is vitalik posting this? Is he still upset he couldn’t beat her at chess

21 min later 26003636 Anonymous
>>26003220 her sister is hot, one day ill eat her buthole

25 min later 26003743 Anonymous
>>26003220 > has sucked many streamer pp's You'd still make out with her, wouldn't you op?

29 min later 26003817 Anonymous
Well, as it seem two major things happened in the Chess community: 1. The Rise of Online Chess Tournaments and streaming. 2. The Queen's Gambit mini-series. Both sky-rocketed the interest in chess and now you can watch Grandmasters play from the comfort of the couch and tournaments and what not. Botez sisters and other chess streamers just adapt to the situation and start to suck cock for fame and dollars. Nothing unusual. Also both sisters are somewhat fuckable, so i don't see a problem here. Fucked Alexandra once. (nice dream)

30 min later 26003836 Anonymous
>>26003489 Lol agreed

31 min later 26003868 Anonymous
>>26003592 Dude no one knows who your twitter celebs are. Either explain or fuck off

31 min later 26003882 Anonymous
literally whomst

32 min later 26003892 Anonymous
>>26003220 oh are you the same op posting her pic playing chess? you’re not obsessed with her are you anon?

34 min later 26003941 Anonymous
>>26003892 I think you are on the case.

1 hours later 26004836 Anonymous

1 hours later 26005004 Anonymous (1602563929544.jpg 1100x1007 63kB)
I hate women.

1 hours later 26005180 Anonymous
>>26005004 This

1 hours later 26005357 Anonymous
>>26003220 Shes hot

1 hours later 26005654 Anonymous
>>26003220 I want to fuck chess mommy

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