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2021-01-15 07:59 26003185 Anonymous (its over1.png 256x118 2kB)
The final time to escape with some of your gains. Sub 35k by morning.

6 min later 26003325 Anonymous
>>26003185 Kek. How low did you sell, anon?

7 min later 26003358 Anonymous
>>26003325 Clearly at 35k. What a retard.

8 min later 26003364 Anonymous
Oh he thinks I'm in BTC for this phase. HOHOHOHOHO

9 min later 26003379 Anonymous
>>26003325 >>26003358 shorted from 39,500 to 38500, reopened cause this ship is sinking!

10 min later 26003408 Anonymous
>>26003185 >Not holding for ever... Cringe

12 min later 26003435 Anonymous
>>26003379 > shorted a bull market right after Grayscale started buying again Ded

14 min later 26003468 Anonymous
>>26003379 >Shorted from $35,900 to $39500, reopened at $38500 cause this ship is sinking!

14 min later 26003484 Anonymous
Thanks for the heads up OP. I'm tethered up and safe from the storm now!

15 min later 26003494 Anonymous (bobotost.jpg 833x849 158kB)

16 min later 26003513 Anonymous
Grayscale is filling last orders from this week and buying bitcoins. Imagine dumping Bitcoin right before we pump to $50k this weekend.

18 min later 26003539 Anonymous
>>26003513 Not only that, the supply of Bitcoin is so low right now, eToro is telling their customers they may not be able to buy any over the weekend.

24 min later 26003676 Anonymous
>>26003513 >>26003539 based desperationhype spreaders

25 min later 26003702 Anonymous
I tethered up... If the crash comes I'll be laughing at mumutards.

27 min later 26003736 Anonymous
>>26003435 When did they start buying again?

28 min later 26003765 Anonymous
>>26003676 >desperationhype https://decrypt.co/54145/grayscale- sucks-up-2000-bitcoin-on-first-day- back https://cointelegraph.com/news/etor o-warns-users-it-s-running-out-of-c rypto-to-trade-due-to-unprecedented -demand

29 min later 26003792 Anonymous
>>26003736 >When did they start buying again? Earlier today. Over 2000 BTC. They haven't bought since December 21, so there's a huge backlog of customer demand to fill over the next few weeks.

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