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2021-01-15 07:55 26003093 Anonymous Buffet says Tron is great invest (95329-780135539-8q.jpg 576x576 276kB)
you can buy on binance

0 min later 26003108 Anonymous
>>26003093 unironically bullish for tron

16 min later 26003442 Anonymous
>>26003108 you can buy on binance

17 min later 26003449 Anonymous
Why not instead go into the pumping LGCY token which has a lot of TRON people in it making a new and improved version. Still got room to 100X...do you hate money!?!?

24 min later 26003582 Anonymous
>Buffet says Tron is great invest sell sell sell

26 min later 26003633 Anonymous
>>26003449 >>26003582 your can buy on binanace

27 min later 26003653 Anonymous
Whos even listening to the old man? We know better. Tron is a scam

28 min later 26003670 Anonymous
>>26003633 new fags only know binance and not making money

30 min later 26003713 Anonymous
>>26003670 >>26003653 tron token can buy on binance

35 min later 26003839 Anonymous
>>26003713 OK but where can you buy the token?

37 min later 26003867 Anonymous
>>26003713 Yes Sir please buy tron do the needful

37 min later 26003877 Anonymous
>>26003093 Do as they do, not as they say.

37 min later 26003891 Anonymous
>>26003839 binanace is crypto marketplace where you can buy tron token (trx)

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