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2021-01-15 07:52 26003032 Anonymous is mining monero worth it? (harper reaction.gif 200x200 1072kB)
would it be profitable to mine monero? how much money do you need to start up invest to mine monero? if projections are correct and monero will go up in value in ten years, is it worth spending money on ten 3900 ryzen rigs ? would the rigs ability to collect xrm stay the same over the years or go down? in relation to what? how the fuck does monero mining work how do i even calculate the costs versus the profitability over time not just right now.

4 min later 26003104 Anonymous

13 min later 26003302 Anonymous
is mining with 4570 worth it?

16 min later 26003365 Anonymous (1609760691983.jpg 1024x580 136kB)
>>26003032 if you cant do basic research like that you ngmi

35 min later 26003741 Anonymous
>>26003032 google xmr mining calc put in some power

39 min later 26003845 Anonymous
Been looking into a coinmine system. Price seems reasonable for power output/costs and the company partners with coinbase so it cant be too shady. Also I hear you can mod them if you dont mind voiding the warranty

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