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2019-05-30 09:16 800971038 Anonymous (IMG_2164.jpg 1280x960 196kB)
Wtf is this on my leg, had it for a while it oozes fluid and itches like a mother fucker

2 min later 800971165 Anonymous
yeah i dont know probably the fucking plague. nothing /b/ can help you with

3 min later 800971233 Anonymous
>>800971038 Their incubation is going well.

4 min later 800971307 Anonymous
>>800971038 You've got maggot eggs in your epidermis.

5 min later 800971314 Anonymous
>>800971038 Looks like flesh eating bacteria if you ask me. Or if could be skin cancer

6 min later 800971411 Anonymous (1559104391626.gif 500x375 632kB)
>>800971038 I told you not to mess with the krockili, no more sega saturn for you, buster

8 min later 800971500 Anonymous (image.jpg 3264x2448 1000kB)
That bruh moment when your 20 and bout to be brown bread cus of bacteria

8 min later 800971518 Anonymous
>>800971038 Some form of degenerative skin disease or rasj

9 min later 800971575 Anonymous
Go to the doctor you dumb nigger

10 min later 800971659 Anonymous
>>800971038 scrape it onto some toast with a butter knife

11 min later 800971719 Anonymous (Screenshot_20190528_150915.jpg 815x815 243kB)
>>800971500 Call the doctors office you stupid motherfucker. That's not cancer it's some kind of rash. If it's itching you should call ASAP, because you can start itching it in your sleep and that's no bueno.

12 min later 800971775 Anonymous
Looks like impetigo or herpes gladiatorum. Could be staph I suppose. Go see a doctor, that's literally their job. A dermatologist would serve you best but scheduling can be a bitch. REALLY looks and sounds like impetigo to me which sucks, won't go away, and is contagious. Fairly common in gyms, wrestling rooms, etc.

13 min later 800971789 Anonymous
Looks kinda like the rashes I get when I don't stop scratching

13 min later 800971831 Anonymous
>>800971038 flesh eating bacteria, go to the doctor, or at least to the pharmacy and buy a antiobiotic cream.

14 min later 800971864 Anonymous
Clearly a Staph infection. Seriously go to the hospital now. People die from those.

14 min later 800971874 Anonymous (image.jpg 1280x960 196kB)
Also throwing this out here my nipples are fucked as well. Is it over for me b

14 min later 800971882 Anonymous
>>800971500 necrotic spider bite

15 min later 800971908 Anonymous
>>800971500 Clean it properly, fucking use vodka, if you have it that shit helps. Better if you've got rubbing alcohol, disinfectant or better yet kys and be done with it.

15 min later 800971909 Anonymous
>>800971775 ^This

15 min later 800971928 Anonymous
Fucking bathe yourself.

15 min later 800971929 Anonymous
>>800971038 I don't know what it is, nigger, but u bout to die, sorry nig

16 min later 800971946 Anonymous
>>800971874 go to the fucking doctor already, jesus fucking christ

16 min later 800971982 Anonymous
>>800971874 If its spreading it might be skin cancer, I'm sorry anon. But you kinda deserve it by ignoring it and being a stupid cunt not contacting a doctor.

17 min later 800971994 Anonymous
>>800971928 I'm quite clean I bath every morning

17 min later 800971998 Anonymous
>>800971775 That's what I thought as well. We call that krentenbaard or kinderzeer. Contagious as fuck.

17 min later 800972040 Anonymous (1555571400779.jpg 460x288 17kB)
>>800971994 >not bathing at night

18 min later 800972046 Anonymous
That's an aids scab dude. If you take it off, you won't have aids anymore

19 min later 800972114 Anonymous
>>800972040 Some people get mad bedhead my dude, if I even nap I have to shower if I wanna go out. Oily hair means ya gotta shampoo every day, BUT it means healthier hair Also meant I had a hilarious amount of pimples as a teen

19 min later 800972128 Anonymous
>>800971864 >>800971864 >>800971864 Ding ding ding. Winner Winner chicken dinner.

20 min later 800972211 Anonymous
>>800972128 Yeah, jokes aside, Staph is FUCKED. It's hard to get rid of, and a LOT of people die from it. You're 'lucky' that it APPEARS to be on the surface. Lots of people go to the hospital for something totally different, and get staph inside them. It's bad.

23 min later 800972303 Anonymous
>>800971038 >>800971874 You gonna die, nigga.

23 min later 800972345 Anonymous
i have this too is it really doctor worthy?

24 min later 800972372 Anonymous
>>800972345 You gonna die too, nigga.

24 min later 800972391 Anonymous
>>800972114 And what the fuck does any of that have to do with showing twice a day, you disgusting nigger?

26 min later 800972514 Anonymous
>>800972391 OH I thought you meant he should shower at night, not morning, I didn't think you meant both nibba Showering at both is primo tho, agreed

26 min later 800972523 Anonymous
>>800971500 That looks like a scab over an infection, used to get those playing baseball when I would slide and put too much pressure on one part of my leg. The sand would cause a friction burn and I'd forget to clean the sand out of the scrape. Usually all I had to do was pull off the scab and dump hydrogen peroxide on it until it stopped bubbling. Good luck, if it hurts to remove then don't do it unless you know you won't be ripping off good skin, remove it very slowly.

28 min later 800972616 Anonymous
>>800972372 eventually

29 min later 800972660 Anonymous
>>800972616 Everyone is dying Some people are like Usain Bolt of dying

29 min later 800972662 Anonymous
>>800972514 Of course I meant twice a day. Who the hell showers ONLY at night and then wakes up and goes the whole day without showering? That's gross

30 min later 800972688 Anonymous
>>800972662 LOT'S of people I know lol Not people who you'd expect either

31 min later 800972745 Anonymous
>>800972688 >Not people who you'd expect either You mean niggers? Because those are the only people who do that shit

37 min later 800973085 Anonymous (BrownRecluseSpider.jpg 275x183 5kB)
>>800971500 It looks like an ulcer of some sort to me. You have dying tissue that's spreading. It could be from a spider bite such as the Brown Recluse Spider. A bite from one of them can do what is shown in your image.

42 min later 800973401 Anonymous
>>800971038 You're fine dipshit. all the fucks saying it's a serious infection are ignoring the lack of inflamed veins. It's likely a shingles outbreak and means youve got a dirty dick too.

54 min later 800974191 Anonymous

56 min later 800974332 Anonymous
I had something similar. Don’t worry, go to the doctor and get some cortison probably.

57 min later 800974438 Anonymous (1559011589274.png 720x780 453kB)
>>800971874 Inb4 anon is literally rotting away.Include me in the screencap.

59 min later 800974523 Anonymous
>>800974332 what was it exactly?

59 min later 800974568 Anonymous
>>800972514 >>800972662 I haven’t showered in two years Nobody knows, neither of my girlfriends, my assistant, or my flatmate. Checkmate you stinky faggots

1 hours later 800974831 Anonymous
>>800973401 you're literally retarded in no sane person's mind is op "fine" you fucking farm animal op, go to the doctor lol.

1 hours later 800975082 Anonymous
>>800971038 Utter and complete idiot, go to the doctor post haste.

1 hours later 800975788 Anonymous
>>800971038 Staph/ could be MRSA go to the doctor right now! No trolling not a joke. please go take care of yourself

1 hours later 800975851 Anonymous
burn with a lighter. make vid. post here

1 hours later 800975913 Anonymous
>>800971038 You are diagnosed with gay and faggot.

1 hours later 800976047 Anonymous (image.jpg 3264x2448 762kB)
Getting a bath then going to doctors, hopefully shit gets cleared up.

1 hours later 800976080 Anonymous
Just go to a fucking doctor you absolute lord of retards

1 hours later 800976181 Anonymous
>>800971038 Got one of those on my ankle. I hope it's cancer because I'm too much of a chickenshit to kill myself.

1 hours later 800976332 Anonymous
>>800971038 The only way they'll be able to fix the is by amputating your brain you utter moron.

1 hours later 800976357 Anonymous
>>800972745 You don't need to shower twice a day unless you are fat and always smell like dick cheese.

1 hours later 800976511 Anonymous
>>800971038 Probably skin cancer, go visit a doctor, faggot

1 hours later 800976840 Anonymous
>>800971038 Looks like staph to me. Go to your doctor, he'll hook you up on antibiotics. From then on you need to take everything as prescribed, down to the last pill, I don't care if it's the kind you shove up your ass - every. last. one. Make sure the wounds are wrapped, and till the end of your treatment you need to become a clean-freak. Change bed linen whenever a wrap is unwound in your sleep, disinfect anything your wounds touch - even if wrapped. if you catch yourself picking at your wound, or after you change the wrapping on your wounds, which you should daily, wash your hands till you damn nearly take the skin off. And when the last of the antibiotics is consumed, spring clean everything for good measure

2 hours later 800977942 Anonymous
>>800971038 Medfag here. This called impetigo, a bacterial infection of sperficial skin. Go to a doctor, he'll give you antibiotics and topical cream.

2 hours later 800977949 Anonymous
>>800974831 I'm a Physician and PhD Retard Detector. This anon is a fucking retard and OP you're fine. Just be sure to pick at the scab constantly throughout the day to remove the top layer to promote healing.

2 hours later 800978162 Anonymous
Haven't read through thread but I'm 90% certain you've got staph. You need immediate medical attention. Untreated it will fuck up your life, potentially kill you Grow up and get your ass to the doctor.

2 hours later 800978277 Anonymous
>>800978162 Might add when you call to make that appointment, tell them you believe you are MRSA postitive. They will have an action plan that will be activated. Necessary to keep themselves and others in clinic safe from staph infection.

2 hours later 800978334 Anonymous (feelsgoodman2.jpg 2000x1125 591kB)

2 hours later 800978519 Anonymous
>>800971038 anyone who asks /b/ what's wrong is dumb enough that i'm okay if they die from their stupidity. Just darwin doing his part.

2 hours later 800978712 Anonymous
>>800974438 Godamnit I relate to this to much

3 hours later 800980359 Anonymous
>>800971038 It doesn't matter what it is, so long as you get rid of it. Go see a dermatologist asap.

3 hours later 800980484 Anonymous
>>800972345 If it oozes, it's doctor-worthy. Getting health advice from /b/ (or ignoring it), is undertaker-worthy.

3 hours later 800980515 Anonymous
>>800971038 If you are lucky it's just poison ivy. Unless you have burnt yourself. You should definitely see a doctor.

3 hours later 800980574 Anonymous
its looks like desease from drinking cocacola

3 hours later 800980591 Anonymous
Murrica! Wealthy country populated by people calling europoors beggars. Still not wealthy enough to afford basic medical care. God bless murrica!

3 hours later 800980852 Anonymous
>>800980591 >Hey /b/ should I go to the doctor for this oozing pus wound? Theyre not thaaat big (oh ya i have two) and i only have enough money saved up for one car repair

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