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2012-09-15 10:47 425265561 Anonymous (1347359483937.gif 199x231 2085kB)
Hey /b/ I'm just curious. Does anyone else dream in third person? I have never had a dream in first person and never though anything of it untill recently and when I started asking people they where baffled they couldn't imagine such a thing. Does anyone else do it?

2 min later 425265865 Anonymous

5 min later 425266129 Anonymous (1341765103229.png 412x416 42kB)
>>425265561 Damnit me why cant you make an interesting thread

6 min later 425266219 Anonymous (sick.gif 200x132 329kB)
>>425266129 I like your thread

6 min later 425266229 Anonymous
This gif shows that white people can't fucking dance

8 min later 425266392 Anonymous (1341604523743.gif 247x166 807kB)
>>425266229 But does it not make you happy? >>425266219 I like your post

8 min later 425266429 Anonymous
Holy shit.....It just happened to me. I dreamt from the perspective of a young woman trying to start a relationship with another man (not me, someone else). It was like watching a movie.

8 min later 425266431 Anonymous
>>425265561 I just dreamed about me 3rd Person driving a car like in need for speed. But First Person is better, when i shoot Terrorists like in a Shooter. Maybe my dreams are kinda strange...

10 min later 425266594 Anonymous
>>425265561 I always dream in third person.

10 min later 425266598 Anonymous
honestly never heard of it, and im a pysch grad. please explain!

10 min later 425266650 Anonymous
>>425265561 I dream in both.

12 min later 425266830 Anonymous (fuckit.gif 200x129 289kB)
>>425266598 Bamp because fuck it, i'm interested too

13 min later 425266931 Anonymous
I knew this girl who dreamed in the 3rd person. I thought it was bizarre when I heard it, but I guess you're not alone, OP.

14 min later 425267039 Anonymous
>>425265561 I dream in third person and I am rarely a part of my own dreams >fantasy japan >a scroll that seals a powerful demon is stolen >some dumbass lord thinks that if he summons it it will help him take over territory >commissioned to get it back >sneak through a bamboo forest to get to where it's held >sneak through the castle and get the scroll >seen while trying to get back out again >manage to get back out into the forest >epic chase scene and some badass sword fights occur as he tries to get away >Eventually gets wounded and drops the scroll but manages to get away >operation is a massive failure, disaster is at hand >summoning ritual occurs some time later >fights his way through to try and stop the ritual >lord's best swordsman stands in his way >another epic fight but it seems to go on too long >finally win, burst into the summoning chamber but it's too late >find all the priests dead with the demon standing in the middle of it all >the demon turns and their eyes meet and I wake up fuck you dream I wanted to know what happened

15 min later 425267089 Anonymous
I dream in a kind of 2.5th person. I know and feel exactly whats happening but I still see it in 3d person. It's like feeling whatever you're watching.

16 min later 425267192 Anonymous
It's hard to explain its a dream but you see yourself at all times. Like if you watch yourself on a video or something but your consciousness is in your body but you see from outside it. You still cant like know if something is behind you even if you see it or anything.

17 min later 425267265 Anonymous
I dream in the third person more than the first person. Including dreaming of myself as another person.

18 min later 425267418 Anonymous
>>425267192 The weird part is that I only thought "This is odd actually" two days ago. I'm in my twenties and have never had a 1st person dream

20 min later 425267561 Anonymous
>>425265561 wow, I thought i might be the only one. I always dream in third person and that seems to weird all my friends out. Im often a character in my dreams...but usually not the central character either.

21 min later 425267686 Anonymous
>>425267561 I'm always myself though. I had a recurring dream I was a cat for a month when I was little, but apart from that always me. I'm glad I'm not alone in this though

23 min later 425267853 Anonymous
I can't remember ever dreaming in 1st person OP only 3rd. Guess you're not alone.

24 min later 425267905 Anonymous

29 min later 425268296 Anonymous
>>425267039 Another one I had was a three part zombie apocalypse dream over the course of three consecutive nights >Part 1 >It's the start of the apocalypse, massive confusion everywhere >zombies in the streets man, in the fuckin streets >luckily I actually have gear and experience with weapons >make it to my friend's house >we start a survivors group by getting together with people we trust >group expands as we add in desperate people >things are mainly just confusion and fighting for our lives as we try to find a safe place >wake up >Part 2, the next night >Our group is settled in at a high school >large building, thick doors, well secured >we try to live a near zero existence and gather supplies through stealth >Our group is now a small community living there >this part of the dream is mostly human interactions while trying to stealthily gather supplies >one day I'm keeping watch and a fucking HORDE of zombies comes into vision wrecking everything up >the zombies start banging on the doors and things look really really bad >looks like everyone is going to die >Part 3, the final night >Now it's years later and everyone is gone >I live alone in an abandoned city living off the land >a crushing feeling of loneliness and faded glory fills my life >no idea what happened during the battle for the high school, dream skipped over it as the zombies breached >get the feeling everyone but me is dead >most of the zombies are rotted and pathetic barely even have to worry >I live a lonely life as I pass the days hunting and gathering >waiting to die >one day as I'm smoking some meat I hear some rustling >better check it out, might be a zombie >turns out it's a kid, obviously born after the apocalypse >I stare at the kid, kid stares at me as I walk out of hiding >the end

29 min later 425268317 Anonymous (lightgraffiti1.jpg 585x390 43kB)
>>425267561 I'll sometimes be a character or an animal/creature but I always have a sense that it's myself. But I am mostly myself (younger or same age, never older for some reason) in my dreams.

29 min later 425268360 Anonymous
>>425268296 I have weird dreams when I dream

30 min later 425268452 Anonymous
I have been chased and eaten by a T-rex in third person, twice, gruesome as fuck

31 min later 425268520 Anonymous
>>425268296 This sounds very familiar >>425268317 Its probably because you know what you looked like younger. supposedly everyone in your dreams you have seen at some stage in your life. no idea if its true but its widely said

32 min later 425268647 Anonymous
Third person dreams are normally conceived by people who game a lot, they are also found to be able to alter their dreams perceptively easier than the average person.

34 min later 425268753 Anonymous
>>425268520 The last part of the dream reminds me a little of I Am Legend to be honest. I think my brain just got lazy and decided to steal some shit.

35 min later 425268821 Anonymous
>>425268647 I do game a lot, that would explain noone I hang out with having them.

36 min later 425268965 Anonymous
>>425268753 The first part sounded like RE1+2 aswell

37 min later 425269038 Anonymous
>>425265561 I do sometimes, sometimes I don't

38 min later 425269080 Anonymous
>>425268965 Never played those

38 min later 425269121 Anonymous
i dream in third person too, but i rarely dream and when i do, I have really bad dreams that scare the fuck outta me

40 min later 425269290 Anonymous
>>425269080 Zombie survivors hide in a house expand group etc etc really similar. Interesting dreams though I hate recurring dreams though sometimes I start realizing I'm dreamin it ruins the fun

40 min later 425269298 Anonymous (ohshit.gif 289x215 473kB)
I never remember my dreams. The last one I can remember was a long time ago, i think i was being chased by something? halp

40 min later 425269324 Anonymous (Vihart.png 88x88 19kB)
My dreams are made of triangles. The poly count is incredibly high, but I'm just saying. Triangles.

42 min later 425269441 Anonymous
>>425269298 Take some melatonin. I usually don't remember my dreams when I dont, but melatonin puts you in a nice deep sleep. It is fun to dream again.

43 min later 425269512 Anonymous
>>425269290 I never realize that I'm dreaming until I'm right about to wake up. It makes for some pretty interesting dream sequences. honestly I'm not surprised my dream sounded like something else. Pretty much everything has already been done so I can't really hope to be that creative.

43 min later 425269532 Anonymous
Virtually every time I have nocturnal emissions (wet dreams)... I'm an animal fucking another animal. It's a reoccurring theme and seems as normal as "sex in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation" in the context of the dream anyway. It's not until I wake up wet, confused, aroused and embarrassed that I realize how peculiar it is. Last time I was a sperm whale... the time before that, a bull. Imokwiththis.png

43 min later 425269554 Anonymous
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44 min later 425269653 Anonymous
>>425269512 True plus dreams tend to be influenced by lots of things if you're a zombie fan obviously theyd be influenced by that.

45 min later 425269767 Anonymous (drugs.gif 319x179 505kB)
>>425269441 Thanks for the tip, dosage?

45 min later 425269780 Anonymous
>>425266229 Girl looks Asian to me >>425266598 Psychologists don't know shit. Your whole system is flawed and most of the people who are psychologists are fuckin twacked. And in response to OP. All the time. I also often change between characters and re-watch certain parts of my dreams. When I can lucid dream though I am almost always me in some form. Usually I am talking to a woman about something. Recently I talked to an angel and was told that god needed me, but that I wasn't special in any way. It was really odd. Also I noticed that watching an interesting movie or reading a good book tends to influence my dreams quite a lot. After doing one of those things is when I am most likely to have a 3rd person dream. Does anyone keep a dream journal? I started after I stopped smoking weed and started remembering my dreams and it has been pretty strange going back and reading it. Feels like some one else wrote it, and then I start to remember shit. Anyone else get that feeling?

46 min later 425269836 Anonymous
>>425269441 You're not supposed to take melatonin every night though. It slowly kills the functions in your brain if you take them consistently. I usually take it for one night, wait a week or two and take another. Just so I don't turn into a zombie.

46 min later 425269850 Anonymous
>>425269767 i take five pills, i think they're each 1 microgram.

47 min later 425269912 Anonymous
>>425269836 I usually have no problems sleeping, I just take it when I want to change my schedule or when I'm bored.

48 min later 425270042 Anonymous
>>425269850 looked at the bottle, theyre each 500 mcg, so i guess i'm taking 2500mcg

49 min later 425270113 Anonymous
I'm always dreaming in the third person. Sure it's me I'm looking upon...but I'm never dreaming in first person.

49 min later 425270114 Anonymous
Film major here, every once in a while I'll have one of my 'movie dreams'. I'm never in them, they are long, have a complex plot and even 'title overs' - text that I can read that sometimes set up the time or location of the scene.

50 min later 425270186 Anonymous
>>425270114 That actually sounds pretty cool

51 min later 425270268 Anonymous (animooted.gif 255x144 343kB)
>>425269836 I'm not that into drugs, i don't get addicted easily either. I'm fine taking one every few weeks or whatever

52 min later 425270423 Anonymous
Sometimes I do. My dreams tend to play out pike movies so the perspective changes appropriately depending on what's going on.

53 min later 425270462 Anonymous
>>425270268 melatonin gets produced in your pineal gland naturally when you close your eyes, so it isn't technically a drug, its a supplument

53 min later 425270496 Anonymous
I dream in both first and third person sometimes in the same dream. I have been having a reoccurring dream where I see myself walk into a movie theater, sit down near the front (mst3k style) and then a movie starts, from then on I'm seeing the movie in first person.

54 min later 425270628 Anonymous
I notice I dream far less when I smoke weed. When I'm sober I have some pretty neat dreams.

55 min later 425270710 Anonymous
>>425265561 I experience it sometimes yes, and also i have to struggle when im masturbating freestyle (w/o porn) to look through my own eyes, else im just watching myself from above or else i just see a little part of the act (the worst part about porn, where you see the mans balls.).

56 min later 425270770 Anonymous (SCP-Heron.jpg 335x285 41kB)
I'm actually sort of surprised when I end up dreaming in first person. It's usually always third person. I've had a few recurring dreams where that movie announcer guy narrates my dreams; the dreams flash to certain scenes whether I'm in them or not like a movie. And for any psych students, there's nothing interesting I can say about my mental health that's too odd. I'm a likable guy in person and know exactly what to say and how to act around anyone of any status or intelligence. I'm smart, but it's mostly medical shit and the arts. I'm also good at problem solving. It could stem from "Peter Pan syndrome" and my creativity, I guess. I literally daydream 80% of the time, even during high stress situations where I need to think critically. I have tons of people that have gotten intimate with me and later on said that I have too many quirks, but I don't personally notice those quirks. My brother, who I live with, has never noticed them either; however, he's somewhat autistic and can't read too well into character. I'm an astronomical liar, being able to say anything I want while being able to convince myself that it actually happened that way. So a problem could possibly arise from that. What my biggest trigger could be is my nervous system. I've had tremors my whole life, and I've even controlled my own dreams from time to time. I'm also incredibly paranoid. Go ahead, psych students, take from this what you will. Pic unrelated.

56 min later 425270819 Anonymous
>>425270710 You dream about masturbating?

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