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2012-09-14 12:10 425015564 Anonymous (1340425185264.jpg 500x636 163kB)
i like ass who else likes ass? im going to try and not fap for 2 months starting tomorrow, until my birthday. So I want to fap today. please post ass.

0 min later 425015616 Anonymous

0 min later 425015694 Anonymous (1343772741194.jpg 500x642 92kB)

1 min later 425015824 Anonymous (134276086749.jpg 675x1200 354kB)

2 min later 425015912 Anonymous (1341279208060.gif 448x336 1642kB)

2 min later 425016030 Anonymous (gr.jpg 600x520 31kB)
the mods hate me, this picture got me banned for CP for some reason. yet I upload again

3 min later 425016160 Anonymous (1343771903917.gif 499x332 1011kB)

3 min later 425016163 Anonymous
Reported. Also >>>/s/ >>>/hc/

3 min later 425016165 Anonymous (1341479404029.gif 167x117 888kB)

5 min later 425016393 Anonymous (lok.jpg 1936x2592 1817kB)
i do i do

5 min later 425016515 Anonymous (1340812639231.gif 300x189 1885kB)

6 min later 425016579 Anonymous (Chris_Crocker.jpg 665x500 115kB)
i do too!

6 min later 425016624 Anonymous (1344112904018.jpg 1064x1600 363kB)
>>425016163 fuck off. /b/ is all about porn. mod's stickies arent the word of god

7 min later 425016845 Anonymous (1344476886141.jpg 480x640 78kB)

8 min later 425016870 Anonymous (1340688075691.gif 380x285 1016kB)
I fucking love ass. Requesting more .gifs. I've only got a few.

8 min later 425016980 Anonymous (1344479459482.jpg 480x640 48kB)

8 min later 425016990 Anonymous (1335535722226.jpg 457x655 164kB)

9 min later 425017093 Anonymous (1322424860539.jpg 1200x900 114kB)
no one wins this game.... ever... 1/4

9 min later 425017102 Anonymous (1344481148138.gif 245x230 986kB)

10 min later 425017163 Anonymous (1338952091889.gif 650x460 1963kB)
>>425016870 Actually I only have two, and one was already posted. I'll chip in a couple hentai ones if anyone gives a fuck.

10 min later 425017180 Anonymous (1333767748351.jpg 724x1024 128kB)

10 min later 425017194 Anonymous (Snapshot_20120805_7.jpg 640x480 44kB)
My girlfriend. I will never leave this woman.

10 min later 425017240 Anonymous (1338952323659.gif 795x543 1777kB)

10 min later 425017257 Anonymous (1345301965020.jpg 960x720 130kB)
/fit/ ass is best ass. And look at those hamstrings, dear god

11 min later 425017323 Anonymous (1339990133954.jpg 889x680 159kB)

11 min later 425017354 Anonymous (1315961967605.jpg 1280x960 657kB)

11 min later 425017378 Anonymous
>>425017194 But she will leave you.. soon.

11 min later 425017403 Anonymous
>>425016990 SAUCE!!!!

11 min later 425017407 Anonymous (1344479670945.gif 384x435 1015kB)
i think this is my last gif

11 min later 425017438 Anonymous (1339900196886.jpg 500x375 27kB)

12 min later 425017446 Anonymous
>>425016163 this isn't a porn thread, this is an ass thread piss off

12 min later 425017484 Anonymous (1344479972247.jpg 404x538 19kB)

12 min later 425017527 Anonymous
>>425017194 anthony?

12 min later 425017561 Anonymous (1344480040316.jpg 640x480 70kB)

13 min later 425017625 Anonymous (DSC01859.jpg 2048x1536 1261kB)

14 min later 425017719 Anonymous (1344480527263.jpg 500x372 40kB)

14 min later 425017727 Anonymous (1330709590918.jpg 500x375 89kB)
5/4 but i still wish you the best of luck

15 min later 425017932 Anonymous (1344481268968.jpg 500x703 281kB)

20 min later 425018570 Anonymous
>>425017378 no she won't because I'm not a beta faggot,

23 min later 425019078 Anonymous
>>425017727 implying I asked for your opinion.

24 min later 425019239 Anonymous
>>425018570 yet you're on /b/. we're all beta faggots

26 min later 425019538 Anonymous (658722.jpg 250x224 7kB)

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