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2012-09-19 06:07 425981949 Anonymous (tvparty.jpg 500x709 90kB)
Ask a sad stoned girl who sucks at life anything.

0 min later 425982050 Anonymous
Can i see your tits?

0 min later 425982123 Anonymous
Tits or GTFO. Please.

1 min later 425982195 Anonymous
tits or gtfo or kill yourself

1 min later 425982272 Anonymous
>>425981949 Post your asshole. I'm aware this isn't a question. You'll get asked questions once we've seen what we want to see.

1 min later 425982349 Anonymous
>>425982123 This... Tits or GTFO also sage, you fucking attention whore.

2 min later 425982406 Anonymous
why are you sad?

2 min later 425982527 Anonymous
tits or gtfo slut

3 min later 425982550 Anonymous
Jeez, I knew this was coming. Hold on, I'll take a tit pic.

3 min later 425982642 Anonymous

3 min later 425982702 Anonymous
so why haven't you posted tits yet? what else are you doing with your life?

3 min later 425982735 Anonymous (photo (1).jpg 3264x2448 1050kB)
>>425981949 Why are you sad? I am pretty stoned too, I just got a magic flight launch box today :3

4 min later 425982829 Anonymous

4 min later 425982905 Anonymous
>>425982735 stop asking her questions u fuck tards,the rules are tits or gtfo,if tits delivered then questions! FUCKING NEWFAG CANCER SUMMER FAGGOT

5 min later 425982939 Anonymous
Quite incidentally, i'm a sad stoner guy who sucks at life now. Goddamn.

5 min later 425982976 Anonymous
>>425982735 DUDE! I just got one too! That's what I'm using tonight.

5 min later 425983043 Anonymous
>>425982406 >>425982735 gtfo faggots

5 min later 425983062 Anonymous
>>425982976 Tits or gtfo...wtf are u doing?

6 min later 425983270 Anonymous
>>425982976 Haha, that's awesome, I am on my 3rd chamber :P Fuck i am high

6 min later 425983290 Anonymous

7 min later 425983348 Anonymous (551482.jpg 560x369 79kB)

7 min later 425983421 Anonymous
>>425982905 >>425982702 >>425982527 >>425982349 >>425982123 Everyone who says this is new and does not understand the meaning of "tits or GTFO." Now tell me what's on your mind, OP.

7 min later 425983431 Anonymous
Your name wouldn't happen to be Candice?

8 min later 425983527 Anonymous
>>425982905 I'm not a summer fag I've been hear since the Lacey incident.

8 min later 425983645 Anonymous
This should go to /soc/. >>425982550 Thank you.

9 min later 425983717 Anonymous
>>425983527 Why are you replying to a comment directed at me? o.o

9 min later 425983745 Anonymous
>>425983421 white knight reporting in

9 min later 425983749 Anonymous
do you live in CA?

9 min later 425983763 Anonymous
>>425983421 Its the fact that she felt it necessary to point out she was a girl, solely for attention. Tits or GTFO

9 min later 425983830 Anonymous
well then, what are our favorite SHOWS?

9 min later 425983852 Anonymous
>>425981949 Hi op! I am the same as you! I'm 26 and in Nor Cal. Where you at?

9 min later 425983869 Anonymous
>>425983421 you're the one who is new retard.

10 min later 425983950 Anonymous (Photo on 2012-09-18 at 23.15-small.jpg 640x480 78kB)

10 min later 425983990 Anonymous
>>425983717 We are the same don't you see we are unominess

10 min later 425984027 Anonymous
>>425983950 i'd suck em.

11 min later 425984108 Anonymous
My apologies for the createns ,they don't appreciate a girl who smokes and likes good bands because they're too busy jerking it to hentai in their mom's basement. and have know clue of the proper ways to get a girl to take her shirt off sooooo how are youuuuu doin?

11 min later 425984135 Anonymous
>>425983990 okay now I am scared o.o I am too stoned for this shit man

11 min later 425984163 Anonymous
>>425983950 well done. now these faggots can continue asking you retarded questions

11 min later 425984171 Anonymous
>>425983950 Those tits can't possibly suck at life...

11 min later 425984185 Anonymous
>>425982050 >>425982050 Thank you for answering my question. >>425983950 >>425983950

12 min later 425984291 Anonymous
>>425983950 Thank you, now why are oyu sad?

12 min later 425984328 Anonymous
>>425981949 Firstly, stop getting stoned. Avoid drugs, alcohol, etc... If anyone encourages you to resume such habits, convince them otherwise or avoid them. Such habits are toxic. Next, stop trying to find that ultimate fairy tale boyfriend with whom to share the ultimate fairy tale life. Stop it. You will not have a perfect life if you try to find it. It must come to you. Once you've got that in your head, understand that inner peace is the key to everything. When you are content with what you have, only then can you earn and achieve more. Accept, THEN Grow. Most importantly, learn. Don't just try to know something or memorize something. Understand it, accept it, and make it yours. This is how you achieve inner peace- through acceptance. I just told you how to fix your entire life. Also, nice tits.

12 min later 425984358 Anonymous
>>425981949 whats wrong? im bummed myself

12 min later 425984370 Anonymous
>>425984108 shutup faggot >know >no learn the difference

12 min later 425984426 Anonymous
>>425984135 The world, everything we know, you, I, your weed, we are all made from Star dusts we are all connected. You're smoking yourself.

12 min later 425984427 Anonymous
no* before the spellingfags get me

12 min later 425984437 Anonymous
>>425984108 uneducated neckbeardfag, enjoy your life of meaningless existence

12 min later 425984482 Anonymous
>>425983950 Why are you sad OP

13 min later 425984492 Anonymous
Good symmetry.

13 min later 425984581 Anonymous
>>425983950 I want to ask you this because you're a girl. How often do you burp or fart? Are you comfortable doing any of that near your friends? Any embarrassing stories with it? I'd love to hear =)) Reason I'm asking is its fucking hot and also girls are like ninjas at hiding that shit.

13 min later 425984601 Anonymous (1346605463944.jpg 250x166 3kB)
>>425983950 i was looking for quincy, but nice!

13 min later 425984647 Anonymous
>>425984426 I was thinking this same shit like an hour ago, blew my fucking mind

13 min later 425984693 Anonymous
>>425983950 Now: Fanny or fuck off!

14 min later 425984703 Anonymous
I'm sad because I fail at life in general, hate my bullshit job, recently met a cool dude who I found out is a total asshole with women. Unfortunately we already slept together and now I feel like a skank asshole.

15 min later 425984902 Anonymous
>>425984108 no>Know Get it right faggot

15 min later 425984929 Anonymous
>>425984703 why does that make you feel like a skank? as long as you had fun thats all that counts, its not like anyone is keeping score how was he an asshole with women?

15 min later 425984945 Anonymous
>>425984581 Yeah, we do that shit all day long. I burp with friends, but most girls (myself included) don't really fart around buddies like men do.

15 min later 425984994 Anonymous
>>425984703 don't get down OP. there's plenty of fish in the sea and one faggot isn't the end of the world. sleeping with 1 guy doesn't make you a skank come on now

16 min later 425985075 Anonymous
>>425984703 FUCK IT ALL.

16 min later 425985113 Anonymous
Will you sleep with me?

16 min later 425985120 Anonymous
>>425984703 wow, so original. You fell for some douchebag player who you fucked and now you feel like crap. Inb4 you learn nothing from it.

17 min later 425985363 Anonymous
>>425981949 Post your skype and I will play you some nice piano music.

17 min later 425985402 Anonymous
>>425984929 I'm not the casual sex type of girl. And he's a chronic cheater/liar/etc. I did have fun, we fooled around for two weeks before someone warned me about him. It sucks because I guess I like the guy and I thought he had the same feelings. I misjudged him and feel like an ass

17 min later 425985436 Anonymous (1347258831769.jpg 700x809 362kB)
interested too see if shes ugly because beautiful people are never sad pic unrelated just disturbing

18 min later 425985456 Anonymous (1331451338613.png 251x200 142kB)
>>425981949 >>425981949 >Why are you a attention whore? >Why do white nights respond to this shit? >All of my why. Seriously though you really have to fucking state that you are a girl in the post, what the fuck nobody asked. You just have to point out you have a pussy and a pair of milk bags to get a bunch a white knights to treat you like a princess. So how about you post your boob or go whore a different board.

18 min later 425985483 Anonymous
>>425984703 Meh, sounds about right for this day in age.... get use to it. Likely wont be the last time it happens

18 min later 425985496 Anonymous (clapyourhands.jpg 550x366 43kB)
Cheer up sweet-tits. Everything will be alright. If you pop some Xanax everything will be alright quicker though...

18 min later 425985517 Anonymous
>>425985363 That's rather sweet, but I have no Skype!

18 min later 425985545 Anonymous (toddler.jpg 200x300 13kB)
why so suck? maybe no stoned be no suck much?

18 min later 425985548 Anonymous
One time a guy farted loudly while I was giving him a blowjob but I just kept on going.

19 min later 425985629 Anonymous
>>425981949 Carly?

19 min later 425985642 Anonymous (cosby-medium.jpg 241x358 32kB)
>>425985456 I dare you to challenge this you illustrious whore

19 min later 425985682 Anonymous (1344019702186.png 376x247 141kB)
to looooool

19 min later 425985686 Anonymous
I have nothing to ask you. I wish I knew you, so we could get high, and eat pizza.

19 min later 425985687 Anonymous
smoke a better strain

19 min later 425985750 Anonymous
>>425985548 Ha, come back when you have given a guy a blumpkin after one date.

19 min later 425985751 Anonymous
>>425985548 like a boss

20 min later 425985806 Anonymous
>>425985402 i hear that but dont be down on yourself the game of social life is about wading through all the dicks, until you find someone that fits perfectly with your faults as for the job thing, tell me about that maybe'?

20 min later 425985840 Anonymous
>>425985436 That is disturbing :O Listening to Strobe Beginning of it always makes me sad.

21 min later 425986090 Anonymous
All horney boys in here replying to this dumb bitch are just a bunch of tools.

21 min later 425986116 Anonymous
>>425985548 Is dood

22 min later 425986264 Anonymous
>>425985517 I would say post a tinychat, but that would result in a flood of show your tits spam.

22 min later 425986290 Anonymous
>>425985402 i think youd really enjoy yourself if you put out for this guy more even though you think he's an "asshole" just because he lies to girls.

22 min later 425986304 Anonymous (fapmachine.jpg 550x365 47kB)
Hell I'm out. Stiff little fingers, Anti Nowhere League & Pitbullfarm are waiting to sing me lullabies...

22 min later 425986313 Anonymous
Why do you cower beneath your sex to claim pity from lonely virgins? If you have a fucking problem tell us about it without the "I'm a woman so help me" bull shit. All we want now is tits, do it and fuck off.

23 min later 425986345 Anonymous
>>425985806 I know I'll get over it, it just sucks to get deceived by a guy who seemed so different from the typical womanizer types. I work retail. Need I say more? I sell underwear to old broads.

23 min later 425986346 Anonymous
>>425985548 do you live in canada?

23 min later 425986412 Anonymous
Hey, stoned girl. Asshole. Now.

23 min later 425986482 Anonymous
>>425985517 >has no skype lol it is free smells like beta in this thread

24 min later 425986573 Anonymous
>>425986345 hey if the money is right theres no reason you cant fill out apps while currently at a job just dont quit before trying like some idiots

24 min later 425986578 Anonymous
>>425986313 >>425983950 'tis done

24 min later 425986608 Anonymous (1188501482544[1].jpg 798x599 86kB)
Could you camwhore a bit for us? I like Tomboychan's positions.

25 min later 425986716 Anonymous
>>425986290 Please explain. And honestly, I also feel bad for hearing about his ways from someone else. I've yet to approach him about his past. We haven't talked about what we're doing, if this is just a sex thing, something more, or whatever.

25 min later 425986832 Anonymous
are you in kelowna? i need some weed

25 min later 425986834 Anonymous (1188500284947[1].jpg 1024x768 425kB)
>>425986608 This one is A++ too.

26 min later 425987001 Anonymous
>>425983763 This

27 min later 425987118 Anonymous
>got fucked >buttfrustrated lol

28 min later 425987319 Anonymous
>>425987001 Well, shit. I thought these threads were "ask a ___ guy/girl anything" Sorry for having a vagina, jeez!

28 min later 425987336 Anonymous (boring.jpg 500x317 30kB)
>>425985456 I think a lot of these supposed "white knights" would've asked OP the same questions had gender not been mentioned. Quit whining

30 min later 425987550 Anonymous
>>425986716 as in, this guy is clearly alpha, and part of you will enjoy the submissiveness of being a "skank" for him if you mellow out on yourself.

30 min later 425987615 Anonymous
>>425987319 yeah you better be sorry

31 min later 425987736 Anonymous (1335320203219.jpg 441x408 12kB)
what you need is a good dickin I may be able to provide that to you, free of charge

31 min later 425987742 Anonymous
Can I also ask the men here a question? If you've been casually sleeping with a girl for a couple weeks and she asked you to have the discussion about where things are going/how they're progressing, would you run like hell?

31 min later 425987796 Anonymous
>>425987319 >>425987319 honestly I think you are being very selfish OP You appear to only think of yourself and not this guys feelings

33 min later 425988054 Anonymous
>>425987550 He's just so damned awkward, shy and quiet. I never would have guessed it. Fucking alpha, indeed. I got tricked. Hard.

33 min later 425988142 Anonymous (1322797744105.jpg 300x301 26kB)
>>425987742 typically the males that are highly attractive are not the ones you should be looking for a meaningful relationship. The loser nerd in the corner of the class would treat you with much more respect than the hottest guy in the class.

33 min later 425988148 Anonymous
>>425987796 He feels great, I can assure you.

34 min later 425988201 Anonymous
>>425987742 just be casual and non judgemental about it. "so, is this just a casual thing for you? its ok if it is" a blowjob at the time wouldnt hurt.

34 min later 425988214 Anonymous
>>425987742 if i was already planning to run, yes. If not. No

35 min later 425988359 Anonymous
>>425988142 He's not the stereotypical attractive male. 6'6'', awkward, not terribly toned, pale...

35 min later 425988409 Anonymous (mike.jpg 635x627 253kB)
>>425987742 Well, just don't ask the guy when you're fooling around or whatever. If he hasn't brought it up yet, then it seems like he doesn't want anything else from you. Basically from what I hear of your 'situation,' it sounds like he's definitely not looking for a gf

36 min later 425988505 Anonymous (1347817515780.png 358x311 139kB)
HAHA YOU FUCKING RETARD YOU ACTUALLY BOUGHT A MFLB You dumd shits fell for the marketing on reddit for MFLBs. They cost like nothing to make and they work like shit.

36 min later 425988574 Anonymous
>>425988201 >>425988214 Thank you. Makes sense. He's told our mutual friend (who introduced us at a bar) that he thinks I'm a "pretty cool chick." Whatever that means.

37 min later 425988724 Anonymous
>>425987742 >>425987742 not necessarily. but if you are casually sleeping with someone and expecting more than you are pretty naive. If you feel that way about someone you should make that clear before you sleep with them

38 min later 425988861 Anonymous
>>425988574 that usually translates to, she is fuckable and not a bitch.

38 min later 425988896 Anonymous
>>425988359 well maybe next time don't go out with frankenstein

38 min later 425988910 Anonymous
>>425988505 I got it as a gift! >>425988409 It's only been two weeks. We only met for the first time three weeks ago. I'm embarrassed to admit that we barely know each other. We just happen to be sleeping together on weekends.

39 min later 425989101 Anonymous
>>425988359 He sounds like me! I bet he has a big dick though. That's what gives him the confidence to juggle girls. So are you hoping to figure out a way to get him to mend his ways or do you just want to totally ditch him? I mean, of course you won't be able to because you're a woman and he's already up inside your head but I'm wondering what YOU want to do.

39 min later 425989134 Anonymous
>>425988574 christ >introduced us at a bar there's your fucking mistake right there holy shit.

39 min later 425989147 Anonymous
>>425988724 Totally agree. I readily admit to fucking this one up. I'm just bummed. >>425988861 Dateable though? Men can be so hard to read.. >>425988896 I lol'd real hard. Thank you.

39 min later 425989149 Anonymous
>>425988505 >They work like shit Have you ever even used one? If so, what problems did you have?

40 min later 425989205 Anonymous
>>425988505 my girlfriend bought it for me, and i can confirm it works, i am high as fuck right now

40 min later 425989281 Anonymous
>>425988574 It means exactly nothing. It's the kind of thing you can say about a girl that might make her happy but isn't necessarily going to make other people think you really like her.

41 min later 425989313 Anonymous
>>425987742 Depends on the guy and the girl. That question isnt really answerable buy anyone. We dont know him nor do we know you. For all we know, you are hot as fuck and cool as shit. Or you are good in bed, have big tits and funk to fuck.... but boring, weird as shit, youre pussy smells and he hasnt been laid in a while so he doesnt give a fuck

41 min later 425989334 Anonymous
>>425989147 i mean dateable in that i would keep doing it for the pussy, but not like oh gee i can see myself with this chick in 6 months

41 min later 425989452 Anonymous
>>425983348 i have a problem with that, thats his daughter you sick fuck

42 min later 425989537 Anonymous
>>425988574 it means he thinks your ugly but cool personality.

42 min later 425989570 Anonymous
>>425989205 >>425989149 They don't get you nearly as high as you would off a bowl pack. My buddy has one, we haven't even touched it in months. If you think you're higher it's purely placebo, those MFLB's are the cheapest and shittiest way to vape, you can get a wooden vape at most smoke shops for 40 bucks, or the plastic ones which work alot better for around 100. 100 for an MLFB is a waste of time and a waste of weed.

43 min later 425989654 Anonymous
>>425989101 Big dick, yeah. He seems to have no confidence whatsoever though. It's so weird. >>425989134 It's a shitty bar, not a fucking club. My coworkers go there, and some of their buddies go too. So, a friend of a friend. They've known each other for years. I just happened to be there one night when he was there too. God I'm stoned, that made zero sense.

43 min later 425989718 Anonymous (watda.jpg 800x573 153kB)
>>425989147 Well "pretty cool chick" would generally translate to dateable, but none of us can really tell you what's going on in this guy's mind. >Men can be so hard to read.. Just talk to the guy yourself

44 min later 425989884 Anonymous
>>425989570 I smoked from my bong for the past week, filled the MFLB and was higher than 2 bowls in my bong. It isn't placebo as i honestly was just expecting a bit less than a bong hit.

45 min later 425990029 Anonymous
>>425988574 It could mean youre cool and he likes the way you fuck. Or it could mean, bitch I like her but im not going to tell you because you will immediately txt her this info and embarrass me

46 min later 425990096 Anonymous
lol >complaining about getting laid women problems

46 min later 425990187 Anonymous
>>425983950 this is such a troll thread you look hot and you know you look hot and your looking for attention.

46 min later 425990198 Anonymous
>>425989654 No he doesn't have the confidence that goes along with the big dick yet. If he had confidence he wouldn't need to lie he'd just be all like, "Fuck you, Bitch. I got a big dick!" He's going through the phase that leads to that kind of confidence. I'm going to bet that he's about... Hmmmm... I'm going to say 24 years old.

46 min later 425990227 Anonymous
>>425989570 My experience is that the vape takes a bit longer to kick in. I have a few friends that have the MFLB; and I think it's probably best for personal use. I actually have a vaporbros, which plugs into the wall and it's the bomb for groups or whatever. I'd rather take some bong hits than the MFLB though, so I see where you're coming from.

47 min later 425990381 Anonymous
>>425989718 I might consider not running into him ever again to save some hurt feelings on my end. Although I would feel bad for x-ing him out because of what someone else said about his past. I know if I see him again, there will be sex, then maybe a conversation about things. I'm already feeling hurt because I get feelings for men rather quickly.

49 min later 425990603 Anonymous
>>425990187 No, I genuinely am hurt by this and wanted some advice I guess. >>425990198 We're both 28.

49 min later 425990606 Anonymous
>>425990381 Relationships based on orgasms are 1 dimensional and never last long.

50 min later 425990726 Anonymous
we've got, nothing better to do

51 min later 425990853 Anonymous
>>425990606 That's what I'm afraid of. I'm sure it's usually true, but plenty of relationships started as a casual thing.

51 min later 425990896 Anonymous
>>425990381 good luck with youre butt hurtness Also, dont get attached to men quickly..... this is why you are single. If you cant help it, hide it till the right time. Men dont like that shit unless they are control faggots, this behavior would interest them more

51 min later 425990914 Anonymous
>>425988359 >t the stereotypical attractive male. 6'6'', awkward, not terribly toned, pale. I think I know that guy. Does he have teeth like a possum and is practically a genius?

52 min later 425991001 Anonymous
Post asshole, fuck tits also you're still being tracked in Incognito mode.

52 min later 425991095 Anonymous (welp.jpg 251x251 5kB)
>>425990603 >We're both 28 >mfw I'm giving someone much older than me relationship advice

56 min later 425991616 Anonymous
>>425990914 where the fuck did you lean to spell faggot? opossum not possum

56 min later 425991627 Anonymous
>>425990896 Can't help it. I fall in love fast. Always have. >>425990914 Uhh, he smokes a lot of weed, has normal teeth, works with computers. Doesn't seem like a genius but then again, he doesn't say much. >>425991095 I don't mind! Age isn't everything in these matters.

57 min later 425991741 Anonymous
jesus fucking christ this thread has sucked. You're fucking 28 and asking for advice on /b/ from probably a bunch of underage faggots. fucking kill yourself

57 min later 425991813 Anonymous
>>425991627 well then take my advise.... hide that shit until the time is right

59 min later 425992143 Anonymous
>>425991813 I have no idea when the time is right for that shit. I'm guessing I'll let him know immediately before he says this was just a sex thing. Then I'll kill myself.

59 min later 425992146 Anonymous
>>425991741 Im also 28, oldfag here but agree, 98% of the faggots in here are 14-17 because /b/ is the new cool place for the high school weirdo fags. Old /b/ needs to return

1 hours later 425992240 Anonymous
>>425991741 agreed. I'm fuckin 9 and this bitch is tryna ask shit of me that shits crazy niggas gotta step it up at life some more #yoloswag

1 hours later 425992321 Anonymous
>>425992146 I thought summer was over the oldfags would be here. I only stop by every now and again because it sucks here lately.

1 hours later 425992451 Anonymous
>>425991616 >is thread has sucked. You're fucking 28 and asking for advice on /b/ from probably a bunch of underage faggots. possum http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Possum

1 hours later 425992741 Anonymous
>>425992143 Jajajajajajaja. Good plan..... I hated when checks got all attached real fast, didnt matter to me how cool or hot she was. I would drop them in minutes when that shit came up or was too hard to not notice it happening. My best relationships were the ones that went slower and took time. Im married and have 2 kids, couldnt be happier. Literally dated hundreds of women in my days, clingy/quickly attached chicks ruined what could have been good things.

1 hours later 425993313 Anonymous
>>425992741 Here's the thing though: he has no idea I'm already feeling attached. For all he knows, I could just be using him for sex. We've only seen each other on the weekends and text maybe once or twice during the week. Well shit, typing this out makes me realize he's likely just in this for the sex. /thread

1 hours later 425993496 Anonymous
>>425992146 you will like this 7chan.org it is old /b/

1 hours later 425993965 Anonymous
>>425991627 well first off you might wanna tell your boyfriend you posted tits on /b/ when this wasnt even a real requirement since you didnt post any clothed pictures,also you might wanna stop getting advice from the 13 year olds who inhabit /b/

1 hours later 425994241 Anonymous
>>425993965 Uhhh, he's not my boyfriend. And I know the rules, I wasn't going to get any help without tits. Why you so mad about tits, bro?

1 hours later 425994663 Anonymous
>>425994241 post vag

1 hours later 425994924 Anonymous
>>425994663 I think this thread has died. Vag ain't gonna save shit/

1 hours later 425995082 Anonymous
>>425993965 lol, wasn't a requirement. actually she played by the rules. Nothing wrong here. Have you not had alot of relationships OP?

1 hours later 425995129 Anonymous
>>425994924 dont wanna save it. just wanna see yours

1 hours later 425995470 Anonymous
>>425995082 I've only had a few. One was for four years, so I can manage a boyfriend. I've only slept with six men, if that helps. Dated three of those.

1 hours later 425995772 Anonymous
>>425993496 im intrigued kind sir.... thanks

1 hours later 425996101 Anonymous
>>425993313 Didnt say you were scaring him off already, just dont do it. So far the way you are handling it is good in my opinion. Dont tell him exactly how you feel just yet, but simply ask the question of if hes interested in dating or if this is something else. Keep it simple and non intrusive

1 hours later 425996153 Anonymous
>>425995470 well go eat ice cream, watch bridget jones diary, get over it. try to learn something from it. You seem moderately cool, but hey shit happens, dont think you are the only person on the planet that got played. At least you got laid.

1 hours later 425996164 Anonymous
second vag

1 hours later 425996308 Anonymous

1 hours later 425996624 Anonymous
>>425986345 save up your money work 2 jobs if you are diligent enough. move to a different state where there are more jobs. Go to school. or just say fuck it all and join the military. i am doing this here ^ because i realize that my life is shit and i am no more important than shit on a tick's ass. At least the military will do something for me. you came to the wrong place for advice by the way.

1 hours later 425996650 Anonymous
>>425996101 Thanks, man. I can't decide if I should cut him off, or continue with the sex for a while. We do have a good time. If only I could turn my feelings off.. >>425996153 Haha, I'm not really that girly. I'm the INTJ female, basically a dude. But yeah, I'll get over it. I'm more embarrassed about getting fooled, you know?

1 hours later 425996784 Anonymous
>>425996624 >>425996650 also you have beautiful tits. Sorry you fucked a sleeze

1 hours later 425996935 Anonymous
>>425996624 I'm too fucking weak for the military. Not even 100 lbs. No fucking way. I already went through school, but may go back so I can get a degree that isn't a bullshit liberal arts degree.

1 hours later 425997161 Anonymous
>>425996784 Thanks, dude. I blame myself, I slept with someone before I knew much about him. Live and learn, no?

1 hours later 425997165 Anonymous
>>425996935 yea liberal arts is worthless, sorry you got a shit degree. Get a boyfriend btw. I know its hard but meet new people. Not even 100 lbs? goddamn you are fucking tiny or wat?

1 hours later 425997423 Anonymous
skimmed the thread didnt read everything but it sounds like he is either embarrassed by you in some way or thinks hes the king of boning. you should ride him so hard is brain melts, put clothes on, walk out smoke a cig and crack a beer, then say so we need to talk. but instead of saying anything about a relationship just make a story up about how you used to be a dude.

1 hours later 425997470 Anonymous
>>425997165 yeah body pic needed. doesnt have to be nude. panties and bra will suffice

1 hours later 425997481 Anonymous
>>425981949 We fuckin or what?

1 hours later 425997569 Anonymous
>>425997165 Not sure having a boyfriend is the answer for me right now if I can't even tell a player type from a total nice fellow. I'm 5'5'' and very skinny. Always have been underweight.

1 hours later 425997614 Anonymous
>>425997470 yea tbh im interested in what you look like now lol especially if you're telling me you're only 100 lbs. you're either emaciated or reallly fucking tiny.

1 hours later 425997641 Anonymous
You might be sad.. but hey at least you listen to Black Flag.

1 hours later 425997716 Anonymous
>>425997423 That might be worthwhile!

1 hours later 425998072 Anonymous
>>425997716 if you do it, be sure to have a hidden camera for his reaction. it would be glorious. also dont become an alcoholic slut. my friend did that and i wanted to slap her everyday.

1 hours later 425998098 Anonymous
>>425996650 If you dont at least ask soon, hes likely going to think its only sex. So, ask now.... shoot the guy a txt or call and stop wondering about dumb ass shit that keeps you up at night. Keep it simple, start a normal conversation of hey whats going on.... ect. and then simply ask "so i was wondering, if what we have going on could have something more to it? or has the potential of a relationship". Maybe tell him youre not looking for just sex, and you dont want him to think thats what you do or what you are about. Set in his brain that youre not a whore, and this isnt what you do on the reg

1 hours later 425998135 Anonymous
>>425997716 you could also try to find a more sociable place to work, no?

1 hours later 425998151 Anonymous (12-small.jpg 480x640 85kB)
>>425997641 I do have pretty rad taste in music. >>425997614 This is the best I could find, too lazy to take another. I have skinny limbs but I have some love handles and a gut.

1 hours later 425998298 Anonymous
>>425998151 you have a nice body. where is face?

1 hours later 425998398 Anonymous
>>425998151 i want to consensual rape you....

1 hours later 425998536 Anonymous
>>425998072 I rarely drink because I get drunk off one beer. It's no fun. >>425998098 I've considered this, glad someone else has the same thought. >>425998135 Yes, very good point. Although I am sort of in love with a supervisor here who unfortunately has a girlfriend. That's a whole other issue, however.

1 hours later 425998610 Anonymous
>>425998151 would destroy with my dick

1 hours later 425998790 Anonymous
>>425998298 Thanks. No face on /b/. I've seen what you guys have done to women here! >>425998398 Jeez, thanks. Now I do feel like an attention whore. Say more bad things, plz.

1 hours later 425999002 Anonymous
>>425998610 Oy. Thanks. I'm mentally disturbed and only good for sex, though.

1 hours later 425999216 Anonymous
>>425998790 nah you dont seem like a hipster or an attention whore. its hard to tell through the internets but im sure in real life youre chill as fuck.

1 hours later 425999303 Anonymous
>>425998536 that sucks. I know what its like to love someone who is with someone else. but i think we all do so thats not saying much. Are you friends with him? Become friends with him, socially interact with him, maybe hang out a few times, then put in your 2 weeks. No point in staying there because of one person. And if he cares about you when you put in your 2 weeks you will know when you put it in and start to leave. lol. >>425998790 i don't blame you, i wouldn't upload my shit to /b/ either.

1 hours later 425999441 Anonymous
>>425999002 fine with me. mentally disturbed chicks make for great sex

1 hours later 425999449 Anonymous
>>425998536 Send txt conversation, post results here 1,2,3 go

1 hours later 425999709 Anonymous
>>425998151 Black Flag is Dadpunk. Kill yourself bitch.

1 hours later 426000062 Anonymous
an hero

1 hours later 426000105 Anonymous
>>425999303 >and if he cares about you when you put in your 2 weeks you will know when you put it in and start to leave fuck this shit im too delirious to type. goodnight OP, i think i've posted in your thread more than you have. i wish you luck. p.s. I would fuck you, Just sayin'

1 hours later 426000397 Anonymous
>>425999709 shes 28 faggot its relevant..... go an hero with youre brony porn

1 hours later 426000427 Anonymous
>>425999216 I'm the permastoned chill type. I get along with men better than women. God, I hate women. >>425999303 Dude at work is my best bud...at work. Everyone thinks we're dating, but he's been with someone for a couple years. I feel like we'd hang out if I left that place. Maybe not, though.

1 hours later 426000568 Anonymous
my anus is ready

1 hours later 426000570 Anonymous
>>426000397 28 and too stupid to know how to keep in shape. Stop white knighting.

1 hours later 426000716 Anonymous
>>425999449 Nah, he's sleeping by now and I'd rather have this convo in person. >>425999709 LOL >>426000105 Thanks man. I appreciate it lots.

1 hours later 426000846 Anonymous
>>426000427 im perma fried and have random acid flashbacks way to often. its gets intense as fuck sometimes. also, if i was 28 id be all over that.

1 hours later 426000934 Anonymous (mfw1.jpg 159x199 7kB)
T I T S - O R - G T F O

1 hours later 426001037 Anonymous
>>426000570 go fuck youre self brony bitch. Whos to say shes too stupid? maybe lazy and eats shit food because shes stone and doesnt give a fuck. Shes under 100 lbs, doesnt look out of shape to me.

1 hours later 426001080 Anonymous (Watch+out+We+got+us+a+badass+over+here+But+_7a63f0d34fa02b5418e4b7a0a7f3f965.jpg 266x200 12kB)
>>426000570 >pic related >>426000934 late

1 hours later 426001092 Anonymous
>>426000716 no problem. Leaving this thread active in case you decide to into sharpie in pooper. Wouldn't want to miss that shit. Goodnite OP

1 hours later 426001108 Anonymous (1347868103039.jpg 500x522 37kB)
Hello, Nastassja, Courtney or Jordan. Pic Related

1 hours later 426001130 Anonymous
>>426000846 I'm too scared to do acid. Hell, I've had some bad times on mushrooms and that was enough for me. Only into the grass these days.

1 hours later 426001190 Anonymous
>>426001037 Then she lacks self control you cunt. I told you to stop that shit.

1 hours later 426001323 Anonymous
>>426001092 Nighty night, dude. >>426001037 And yeah, I eat a lot of garbage so I can keep some weight on.

1 hours later 426001484 Anonymous
>>426001190 and now youre dumb ass is White knighting in every post you fucking nigger

1 hours later 426001502 Anonymous
>>426001130 acid > shrooms. the only time ive had a bad time was when me and my friends did acid 2-3 times a week for a couple months. the last trip i had during that binge changed me alot. but nah dont worry. shrooms mixed with acid = holy shit my face left and my dick (vagina) is numb >>426001190 "look at me im a dick on the internet to gain self confidence" - fBK8UuaB

1 hours later 426001602 Anonymous
>>425981949 are you me?

1 hours later 426001728 Anonymous
>>426001502 I can't handle a trip that lasts more than a few hours. Too much to commit to, if it all goes downhill.

1 hours later 426001752 Anonymous

1 hours later 426001917 Anonymous
>>426001602 We are all one and the same.

1 hours later 426001924 Anonymous
>>426001602 tits or GTFO

1 hours later 426001942 Anonymous
OP Just chill the fuck out and smoke a lot of weed. And chill. Mistakes are only mistakes as long as you don't learn from them. Quit beating yourself up. Smoke a bit more, watch something funny, go do something fun tomorrow, and you'll be feeling better in no time.

1 hours later 426002090 Anonymous
>>426001728 weed helps. i usually smoke a bowl 45 min after i eat it, then 6 hrs in, then the entire last 2-3 hrs. its def a commitment. but its well worth it. its life changing fer sure especially if you trip alone on 1 or 2 really good hits

1 hours later 426002118 Anonymous
>>426001752 The only ass pic I have is grainy as fuck and also there's a Sharpie in there. Not posting that again.

1 hours later 426002284 Anonymous
>>426001942 Thanks, that reminds me that it's time to smoke some more. >>426002090 I'm a pussy, but I'd love to try some DMT...

1 hours later 426002374 Anonymous
>>426001924 show me yours...

2 hours later 426002407 Anonymous
>>426002118 blood just rushed into my penis. do it OP, i dont care that its grainy

2 hours later 426002603 Anonymous (DMT_by_Cobalt358.jpg 400x301 58kB)
>>426002284 dmt is intense. everyone i know was told for their first time make sure you dont have to go to the bathroom lol. its scary yet comforting, its indescribable. mixing it with other hallucinogens is bat shit crazy awesome

2 hours later 426002614 Anonymous
>>426002407 Ahhh, I'm ashamed to have posted that pic before. I can't do that shit again!

2 hours later 426002650 Anonymous
>>426002407 seconded

2 hours later 426002730 Anonymous
OP, im out (getting late here). Hopefully you will take some of my oldfaggotry advise...... Now, i gotta play some lame shity xbox for a bit to wind down. Loudly wash some dishes and wake my kids up doing this, because if i dont, my wife will let me know at 6am that i didnt do them! knowing well that I dont normally get up till 8am. FML good luck with yours!

2 hours later 426002735 Anonymous
>>426002603 Someday I intend to try it. I hear it's totally life changing.

2 hours later 426002747 Anonymous
>>426002614 then take a new one that isnt grainy, with sharpie included

2 hours later 426002832 Anonymous
>>426002730 Thank you, man! Night.

2 hours later 426003048 Anonymous
>>426002735 it is. be sure you are 100% certain you wanna do it and make sure you are sober and your head is in a good place. well my last piece of advice is be sarcastic as fuck to that doucher and just for fun be a homewrecker and try and get that other guy

2 hours later 426003112 Anonymous (IMG_1339-small.jpg 640x480 108kB)
>>426002747 Waaaay too lazy to do that. Here's the old one, jeez. Can't even see shit.

2 hours later 426003256 Anonymous
>>426003048 Hahaha, I'll try my best! Sounds like a good plan.

2 hours later 426003378 Anonymous (1334719715925.jpg 535x798 179kB)
>>426003112 ohhh yeah that's the stuff

2 hours later 426003379 Anonymous
>>425986608 goddamn americans can't clean their goddamn asshole the right way. buy a goddamn hose

2 hours later 426003946 Anonymous
>>425998151 got any more pics like this OP?

2 hours later 426004107 Anonymous
damn it OP, i troll 1 last time and you post the pic.... now im skipping my xbox for you. WTF! something is wrong with this dude if hes not in it for more than sex. You into anal or was the sharpie a 1 time gig for /b/ tards?

2 hours later 426004165 Anonymous
>>426003946 Maybe a couple. Pretty similar to that one, though.

2 hours later 426004315 Anonymous (gpa.jpg 1366x2048 380kB)
>>425981949 OP, i'm bored and you'll benefit from creating a fake skype and putting it here. i'll add you and we'll discuss things through the night. this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, i'm awesome. don't fuck this up for us.

2 hours later 426004419 Anonymous
>>426004165 share if you will, they are hot.

2 hours later 426004429 Anonymous
do you do anal? also spinach or broccoli?

2 hours later 426004515 Anonymous
>>426004107 Good lord, sometimes the men of /b/ surprise me in the best ways. As for anal, I did it with the guy I was with for four years because well, he had dick size that wasn't too painful for that stuff. I get into a little play here and there, but full anal hurts pretty bad.

2 hours later 426004650 Anonymous
I feel you OP. I'm a sad stoned dude who gave up on life recently. Been baked for a week straight and still goin strong.

2 hours later 426004781 Anonymous (1444.jpg 480x640 68kB)
>>426004315 I'm too shy for Skype, it'll be weird!

2 hours later 426004858 Anonymous
>>426004781 would it be too weird if i said i'd lick your asshole for days

2 hours later 426004939 Anonymous
>>426004429 Broccoli... I guess. I like both! >>426004650 Weed definitely helps when I'm down. I love it so.

2 hours later 426005104 Anonymous
>>425990896 >youre learn to fucking spell.

2 hours later 426005130 Anonymous (jerrydellafemina.jpg 255x301 11kB)
>>426004781 well, i'm 18, and have anxiety problems and i'm tall and wise and am going to be up all night. you're sincerely missing out, and i'm probably missing out too! ehh you're making me less interested with your disinterest. i won't even ask to see your smokin' body lol

2 hours later 426005138 Anonymous
>>426004858 No, that's not too weird for me. Days of ass licking sounds pretty gross, though. Speaking of gross and weird, I don't let men go down on me. Is that so wrong?

2 hours later 426005224 Anonymous
>>426005130 Go to bed, you young thing! God I feel old.

2 hours later 426005304 Anonymous
>>426005138 yes, it can be pleasurable for all parties. ya think it smells?

2 hours later 426005526 Anonymous
>>426005304 I know I'm clean as fuck because I worry about that stuff, but I just think men don't enjoy it. Vaginas are gross, even when clean. Dicks are made for oral.

2 hours later 426005538 Anonymous
>>426005138 oh god, the things i'd do to you.

2 hours later 426005557 Anonymous
>>426004939 Yeah. I've been so high recently that I am almost never sober anymore. It's probably a bad thing but I have no motivation for anything else. I quit my job, I dropped out of college last week, and I gave up on love after being cheated on by every girl out there. Hope your life gets better faster than mine.

2 hours later 426005561 Anonymous
>>426005138 what about choking on dick so you cant breathe and start gagging. would love to punish you

2 hours later 426005604 Anonymous (fuck.jpg 2048x1382 774kB)
>>426005224 i'm old at heart! older at heart than youuU! my last attempt. is this g'bye?

2 hours later 426005651 Anonymous
>>425989654 What do you consider big?

2 hours later 426005863 Anonymous
>>426005557 Dude, school is important. And a job, even if shitty, will make you feel like you have some value to society. And I'm sorry about the women stuff. We are a nasty bunch. >>426005604 You're too young! I'm flattered though.

2 hours later 426005935 Anonymous
>>426005104 its spelled correctly faggot

2 hours later 426006021 Anonymous
>>426005651 I'm not good at guessing sizes. Big as in "it hurt for a little while or in certain positions" big. 7"+ maybe?

2 hours later 426006112 Anonymous
>>426005935 lol its not actually >your that should have been used.

2 hours later 426006134 Anonymous
>>426005138 yes very wrong, I love that shit. Every girl Ive dont that with never wanted me to stop

2 hours later 426006162 Anonymous
>>426005863 Still feeling down OP? Care to expand your musical tastes with some master-race music to wallow in misery to? This is inspirational shit, by the way, not "listen to my hipster ass band." Also, you technically weren't required to post tits, as you didn't say "I need X or Y, and I'm a girl lolol" Most of these fools don't understand the point of the rule. But we're all glad you did nonetheless. They're pretty nice, 7/10 unweighted scale.

2 hours later 426006379 Anonymous (1334262638238.jpg 400x300 12kB)
>>425992143 The only horrible mistake is one you don't learn anything from. Just take it in stride. Don't dwell on it.

2 hours later 426006396 Anonymous

2 hours later 426006432 Anonymous
>>426006112 you said spelling you dumb nigger! Not grammar!!! fuck off, try again cunt

2 hours later 426006454 Anonymous
>259 posts and 31 image replies omitted i am depressed but i don't have boobs or a pussy just a gun and lots of bullets

2 hours later 426006460 Anonymous
>>426006162 Listen to some Neil Young. "Tonight's the Night" or "On the Beach"

2 hours later 426006571 Anonymous
>>426006454 also a virgin not that you'd care

2 hours later 426006595 Anonymous
>>425981949 >>425981949 Is your name Lola?

2 hours later 426006687 Anonymous (1234small.jpg 640x480 86kB)

2 hours later 426006698 Anonymous
>>426006432 lol i wasnt that anon who pointed it out. But you're still wrong. >grammar >spelling Learn the difference.

2 hours later 426006703 Anonymous (horse.jpg 1600x1200 155kB)
>>426005863 don't be flattered! i'm bored and you're just cool sounding, that's all. anyway, you can catch me on omegle. fuck my life i'm attractive and interesting by the way. you'll wanna bang me, young thing et al

2 hours later 426006784 Anonymous
>>426006571 Smoke a bowl and feel better. >>426006595 No sir.

2 hours later 426006835 Anonymous
>>425981949 please be a troll, that would be so much better than this pretentious whiny little bitch you seem to be... you have ok body and ok life, enjoy it...

2 hours later 426006859 Anonymous
>>426006687 i would love to cover you in cum and have my dog lick it off

2 hours later 426006982 Anonymous
>>426006703 You seem like a rad young dude. I haven't banged anyone under 20 in a loooong while!

2 hours later 426006987 Anonymous
>>426006460 Deal. Trade you for Opeth's "Burden?" I'd recommend it, anyway. What's on at the moment, as I've had a similar experience to yours recently, well, except gender reversal and stuff.

2 hours later 426007140 Anonymous
>>426006835 I'm not happy so it doesn't matter what I look like. No trollin >>426006859 Welp! That's a bit odd.

2 hours later 426007158 Anonymous
Hey stoned girl, u shouldn't be sad learn to use the power of the weed to overcome reality, when i was in Iraq the only thing that kept me going was weed. I became one with the leaf. Not being high can cause depression but being high relieves depression. Don't care so much, and smoke a bowel and watch batman the animated series. Best advice i can give u at 2:44 am.

2 hours later 426007168 Anonymous
>>426006698 i know the difference, i just dont give a flying fuck. You faggots are going to police this shit here? this is fucking /b/. You brony fags spell shit wrong constantly and use the worst grammar on the internet. Fuck off hahahahaha

2 hours later 426007243 Anonymous
>>426007140 fine ill leave the dog outta it. you can lick yourself clean

2 hours later 426007287 Anonymous
>>426006987 I will listen to Opeth! I hope you sort your stuff out without too much suffering. Sometimes life sucks real hard.

2 hours later 426007396 Anonymous
>>426007158 I will become one with the leaf! Thanks, bro! >>426007243 Sure thing.

2 hours later 426007508 Anonymous (baby-crying.jpg 425x282 84kB)
>>426006982 i am exactly that. well you're not gonna bang me, you'll just want to. you'll at least want to be my friend for life. try me. i've banged someone under 20 recently, what's that got ta do with anything? care to discuss games? books? movies? favourite rolling papers? i take paxil, and have a cute little dog, (one of three) whose name is a plural fruit

2 hours later 426007667 Anonymous
>>426007287 Sure does. (Neil Young on next) Actually, for me, contrary to typical experience, the internet helps a lot. Especially /b/. I've found a lot of wisdom and truth here amongst the trolls and humor. Also substance and

2 hours later 426007695 Anonymous
I'm sure you'd be great at whoring out your body for money. You cant go wrong with that

2 hours later 426007719 Anonymous
Op you are beautiful... You have the body of a goddess... I'd worship you by giving you my dick every day. You also don't seem to stupid apart from the fact your depressed and still take drugs. You also shouldn't suck at life when your so gorgeous. In short I would date you op and help you get over your depression

2 hours later 426007782 Anonymous (turtle.jpg 1680x1050 668kB)
>>426007508 >you're not gonna bang me unless you live in canada

2 hours later 426007873 Anonymous (1343929841713.jpg 449x328 53kB)
>>425981949 Where are you from, random sad femanon? >>425984703 Also, we've all been there. I'm sorry that it's getting to you tonight.

2 hours later 426007901 Anonymous
>>426007508 I'm 28! You're a lil' kid! One time I took Paxil and hallucinated. My pupils were huge and my mom asked what was wrong with me. That happened when I was 18, come to think about it..

2 hours later 426007958 Anonymous
OP where do u live? Also keep bumping with pics

2 hours later 426008080 Anonymous
Just wild curiosity OP, what state do you reside in? Why are there not more like you..... youre hot, legit mellow, have a fucking job, ect. Guy should be chasing you by now

2 hours later 426008264 Anonymous
>>426007667 Sometimes /b/ is helpful! >>426007695 Considered it. >>426007719 Thanks, but I consistently fail at every aspect of life, even if my body is deemed attractive by others. >>426007782 Not in Canada. Close to Canada. >>426007873 USofA. Not going to say more than that. And thank you.

2 hours later 426008543 Anonymous (IMG_1335-small.jpg 640x480 85kB)
>>426008080 That's really sweet, thank you. I live in a big-ish city in a Midwest US state. >>426007958 I think I'm running out of pics.

2 hours later 426008665 Anonymous (poohchillin.png 320x287 109kB)
>>426008264 Just letting you know that Id totally smoke with you.

2 hours later 426008694 Anonymous
>>426008264 ahhh b.s.! Just the state! well there is no way you live in Montana, nobody on /b/ lives here! Im alone, Montana is population 1 (me) and im not even from here originally hahaha

2 hours later 426008753 Anonymous (bong24312.jpg 768x512 64kB)
>>426007901 You should not be sad, if you hit this, you would be happy.

2 hours later 426008776 Anonymous
>>426008543 that's funny... i took a few extra paxil today.. i have a couple older women in my life that wanna bang me, and that's just because i haven't met a ton of older women yet. i'm sincerely, truthfully, no lil kid. i'm reading the Other Side Of Midnight by sidney sheldon right now! see, hah! gotcha! you know you're gasping at a decade difference..? kinda shallow, there, ma'am

2 hours later 426008819 Anonymous
>>426008665 I'd smoke with you! I love meeting someone and immediately smoking with them. Good stuff.

2 hours later 426008926 Anonymous
>>426008264 Perhaps try focusing on the beauty. The truly beautiful need for nothing in this world, especially the USA. That's why the majority of beautiful women are shallow and incompetent whilst in their prime. Why bother developing interests and personality when attention is already regularly sent your way anyway? And several professions literally require nothing of you but looking good.

2 hours later 426008938 Anonymous (1346796667892.jpg 512x512 137kB)
>>426008264 At least give a state. If it makes things any better, I'm from WI. And just keep chugging through the days, things'll get better. You'll find a cool guy. We're everywhere, I promise.

2 hours later 426009018 Anonymous
>>426008543 Oh! i'm in ontario. not near midwest, but you could also be a paranoid liar (holding out hope)

2 hours later 426009062 Anonymous
>>426008694 I've been to Montana several times, have family out there. >>426008753 I would. I so would. >>426008776 It is shallow, but I think I would feel weird boning a barely legal boy when I'm pushin' 30. Know what I mean? But yeah, maybe I would bone you. We may never know!

2 hours later 426009085 Anonymous
>>426008819 You shouldn't put out so easy. The harder a guy works to get you then the more likely he will have feelings.

2 hours later 426009147 Anonymous

2 hours later 426009153 Anonymous (yeahno.gif 240x135 1226kB)
>>426008819 word up, Ive got the chronic by the tree.

2 hours later 426009252 Anonymous
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGwPSPIhohk Enjoy, OP.

2 hours later 426009267 Anonymous
>>426008926 Eh, I don't think I'm so good looking that I'd be in the elite "Pretty People Club." I have decidedly low self-esteem, so it wouldn't work. >>426008938 Very close to WI. >>426009018 Hahaha, no I am in the Midwest!

2 hours later 426009281 Anonymous
>>426008543 only big-ish city in the mid west is Denver.... SLC is not considered midwest i dont think. So CO is pretty much the only thing around here.

2 hours later 426009331 Anonymous (1328515407329.gif 618x490 36kB)

2 hours later 426009403 Anonymous
>>426009085 Yeah, I know. I've made a terrible mistake. >>426009153 Word. Would. >>426009252 Sometimes Pink Floyd makes me real sad.

2 hours later 426009440 Anonymous
>>426009062 no no, i getcha. but i don't get feeling weird about chatting with a barely legal *man when you're pushin' 30. that's the TRuuly stupid social construct you're enforcing. ehh it's not a question of would you... just if you could make the drive lol. >We >may< never know! bitch just add me already hahaha

2 hours later 426009530 Anonymous
>>426009403 Meh, I tried. Cheer up, it could be worse. You could live in Nebraska.

2 hours later 426009538 Anonymous
>>426009281 Colorado is in the Midwest? That's news to me. >>426009331 White knights or not, the men of /b/ have been super rad tonight. Go post some memes somewhere else.

2 hours later 426009654 Anonymous
>>426009530 Nebraska is a great Springsteen record. >>426009440 I think you're gonna get angry and not want to chat anymore!

3 hours later 426009695 Anonymous
>>426009252 >>426009403 i saw roger waters perform the wall just a couple months ago. i really regret not bringing weed, because i would have actually changed my life for the better.. probably

3 hours later 426009705 Anonymous (1344458938390.jpg 358x392 74kB)
>>426009267 I'm gonna say either Chicago or Minneapolis. Amirite? Also, bummer you're not in WI, cause I would totally spend a day smoking with you. Most chicks now a days are way too fucking high strung. You seem pretty chill.

3 hours later 426009731 Anonymous (1341118716435.jpg 672x1024 196kB)
>>426009403 >Sometimes Pink Floyd makes me real sad. The song Time makes me emo as fuck.

3 hours later 426009737 Anonymous
>>426009267 Gonna take a guess and say Duluth.

3 hours later 426009776 Anonymous
>>426009403 Well life is full of mistakes. The best way to make things better is to learn from them. But if he known for cheating then you should try with him. Old habits die hard so as much as you think he may be different he probably isn't

3 hours later 426009863 Anonymous (40.jpg 224x285 17kB)
>>426009654 It's all right. It's the only Springsteen record I like. Based on this lovely gentleman.

3 hours later 426009884 Anonymous
>>426009062 well move to billings, I have some good genuine guy friends youre same age that would treat you correctly. No not cowboy faggots, just genuine nice dudes.

3 hours later 426009916 Anonymous
>>426009776 Shouldn't try *facepalm*

3 hours later 426009968 Anonymous
OP, you're in Michigan, aren't you? Grand Rapids maybe?

3 hours later 426009993 Anonymous
>>426009695 Weed should have been priority #1, man! >>426009705 One of those is correct. And yeah, I can't even hang with women these days. Most are awful. >>426009731 Dude, I know. Ever watch The Wall and weep? Or is that just me? >>426009737 Nope.

3 hours later 426010130 Anonymous
>>426009654 ohhh dear! no. i'm bangin' a little girl (practically) illegally, i'm satisfied. i truly have not enough people to talk to in my life, why else would i be putting this much effort into chatting? i get what you're saying, but i'm not upset when a girl isn't interested in me for my dick, because it usually means i get to show her my brain. plus i like talking to girls more than guys. you have softer voices (is the short version)

3 hours later 426010134 Anonymous
>>426009267 seriously!? from all i've seen you look amazing ... greetings from a lurking german

3 hours later 426010251 Anonymous
>>426009538 what's rad about acting like a bunch of faggots? suck on your ego-trip, bitch...

3 hours later 426010254 Anonymous
>>426009884 I've been to Billings! Montana is cool. The people seem pretty rad. >>426009776 >>426009916 Yeah, I'm not going to convince myself that I can change anyone. Move on and save the heartbreak, I guess.

3 hours later 426010375 Anonymous (1341424682992.jpg 1119x830 207kB)
>>426009993 Depends. If I listen to something like alice in chains when Im high it really brings me down. Especially the song them bones. All that sappy "lol lifes passing you by" songs fucking hit me deep.

3 hours later 426010491 Anonymous
>>426010254 That's the best idea. And you don't suck at life. You have friends, you're skinny, you have travelled around, you have a job. You are doing a lot better than a lot of people So cheer up already

3 hours later 426010504 Anonymous
>>426010130 We're chatting here! I'm too lazy to do much else tonight. >>426010134 Hallo! I spoke German for six years. Can't remember much now though. >>426010251 OK!

3 hours later 426010565 Anonymous
why does this thread have over9000 posts?

3 hours later 426010617 Anonymous
>>426010251 ehh i guess we're just hoping the other person is being genuine when they reply. maybe just because of the setting you think we're faggots. it's suuure gotta be tough living in a world of pessimism

3 hours later 426010627 Anonymous (UW_Logo.jpg 376x262 17kB)
>>426009884 >>426009884 Fucking this. Wyofag representing. Fuck cowboys.

3 hours later 426010628 Anonymous
>>426010254 I moved here from So Cal..... after 21 years of living there. This place is way fucking better, people in MT are genuine as fuck and we dont have a shit economy and wont, even when it crashes again in 4 months. Oil industry id blowing the fuck up, billings is growing fast right now. Mostly the reason we moved here, CA is going down hill fast

3 hours later 426010640 Anonymous
>>426010491 Thanks man. >>426010375 Those types of songs can get me too. Getting old blows.

3 hours later 426010720 Anonymous (1344953371345.jpg 257x276 13kB)
>>426009993 Well If it's Chicago, then I'd definitely smoke with you, because that's like an hour away from me. >>426009654 Also, I was just in Chicago to see The Boss at Wriggly. This is now my new go to song when I'm down http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mgIWGOY7RIs

3 hours later 426010721 Anonymous
>>425981949 Hey OP, I've got a question about my fantasy football line up. Think you could help?

3 hours later 426010739 Anonymous (286h.jpg 1000x2839 1523kB)
Tits or GTFO, whore.

3 hours later 426010902 Anonymous
>>426010627 Yep lives in Shit bag Sheridan for 2 years back in 06/07..... FUCK THAT! My wife is from Sheridan though, about the only good thing I got from that shit hole.

3 hours later 426010950 Anonymous
more TITS or GTFO, bitch

3 hours later 426010959 Anonymous
>>426010720 I like that song! >>426010721 Maybe if it was baseball >>426010739 Umm, been there already.

3 hours later 426011058 Anonymous
>>426010959 Fuck, baseball is gay. At least the pro's are. College is where it's at.

3 hours later 426011198 Anonymous
>>426010902 >>426010902 Haha, bro, I'm from Sheridan, and will 100% agree ps Femanon, it will be ok.

3 hours later 426011204 Anonymous
What are you doing away from tumblr?

3 hours later 426011270 Anonymous
>>426010504 that's alright then, if that's your real reason behind it. don't you procrastinate, enjoy a fellow human. when this thread dies, we die. we die. i was scared to bring weed into the Air Canada Centre! that's some risky shit i figured... meanwhile there were joints being passed allll around me. sucked

3 hours later 426011347 Anonymous
>>426011198 Thanks dude. >>426011204 I have no tumblr. I'm not even entirely sure what that is. I don't even have a Facebook.

3 hours later 426011365 Anonymous
>>426009993 If it's Minneapolis then I'm there too. I'm by Nicolette Mall. It's infested with too many niggers though...

3 hours later 426011386 Anonymous (1342504802635.jpg 600x722 40kB)
>>426010959 Yeah. Springsteen usually gets me through the tough times. And I'll take the total avoidance of the first question as confirmation of Chicago residency.

3 hours later 426011501 Anonymous
>>426011347 You should sign up. It's basically a baww thread summed up into a website.

3 hours later 426011534 Anonymous
>>426011347 no facebook, ati-social much? or just dont give a fuck?

3 hours later 426011651 Anonymous
>>426011270 Aren't we close to a dead thread here pretty soon? It's ok that we all die with the thread. I kind of like the idea. You brought weed to the airport? I would be too scared.

3 hours later 426011676 Anonymous (1340776987796.jpg 900x599 127kB)
>>426011534 I dont have a facebook either. Mainly due to the not giving a fuck option

3 hours later 426011730 Anonymous
>>426011534 >>426011534 Fuck Facebook. The amount of facebook friends someone has is opposite to the amount you have in real life.

3 hours later 426011824 Anonymous
>>426011365 Holy shit. Um, hello neighbor. >>426011386 Oops, not Chicago. >>426011501 Meh >>426011534 I don't like most people in general, but people get exponentially more terrible on Facebook.

3 hours later 426011950 Anonymous (23.jpg 629x885 435kB)

3 hours later 426012047 Anonymous
>>426011651 no, the ACC is where roger waters played. it's where we host our events in Toronto. yeah i would imagine it dies soon. not sure when threads max out really.. well it's been nice sorta! i expected so much more hahah. have a good life !

3 hours later 426012107 Anonymous
>>426012047 Enjoy your youth!

3 hours later 426012141 Anonymous
>>426011824 You should still post a face pic Just wear shades. It's surprisingly hard to identify someone if you can't see their eyes

3 hours later 426012331 Anonymous
>>426012141 Nooo I do not want to be the next Lacey.

3 hours later 426012506 Anonymous
I heard Montana. I find this ironic because I thought this was a great falls girl who I know can't sleep right now and is a stoner.

3 hours later 426012519 Anonymous (1346796469725.gif 270x203 477kB)
>>426011824 Damn. That's a shame. You are no joke the coolest woman I've spoken too in the last month. And' you're decently attractive. >inb4 white knight Just hang in there kid, you'll find someone who's good to you. Just look for someone who you click with for no fucking reason at all. That's the best.

3 hours later 426012542 Anonymous (558402_350353408346006.jpg 604x457 64kB)

3 hours later 426012575 Anonymous (420.jpg 1024x680 276kB)
Every day fresh cracked pornsite passwords - newest today for 18th September, download firts and get more porno, 1 Get it now: http://4chanporn4free.tumblr.com/

3 hours later 426012582 Anonymous
>>426012331 Well we don't even know anything about you really and you don't really have much information on the internet so you're impossible to look up. So just do it before this thread dies

3 hours later 426012706 Anonymous
>>426012582 Also, Lacey was an absolute cunt who was playing with a flamethrower.

3 hours later 426012710 Anonymous
>>426012519 Damn, thanks man! You all have been rather cool tonight, too.

3 hours later 426012880 Anonymous
>>426012582 >>426012706 I know, but I am way too paranoid to post my face on /b/. I would end my life if someone recognized me here!

3 hours later 426012889 Anonymous
oh, fuck it, you made me deeply sad OP, I hate you, pls die.

3 hours later 426012919 Anonymous
>>426012582 Oh yeah and it's only really people with facebook that get doxed Just saying

3 hours later 426013006 Anonymous
Where did that 406fag go I wanted to talk to him dammit

3 hours later 426013014 Anonymous
>>426012880 Well wear shades then

3 hours later 426013068 Anonymous
>>425981949 Here's a question for you. Do you actually listen to Black Flag? Because I love you if you do.

3 hours later 426013164 Anonymous
>>426012880 Statistically unlikely

3 hours later 426013183 Anonymous
>>426011824 Lol wow, well this is weird. Well I won't press you on it anymore then. Interesting though haha. I'm always in the Kensington building. If for some chance you live there then holy shit, weird as fuck.

3 hours later 426013201 Anonymous
>>426012889 :[ >>426012919 Still not gonna show face! >>426013068 Yes.

3 hours later 426013364 Anonymous
>>426013201 You, femanon, win +1 AYP ponts :D

3 hours later 426013393 Anonymous (1342994848101.png 571x515 64kB)
>>426012710 Yeah, the worst part is though, after this thread dies, we'll never speak again most likely... Either way, you're situation hits pretty close to home for me, so I hope we've been of some help to your mood, and I hope you know there are plenty of people out there who can relate. For all the trouble you're in so far, regardless of your anon status to me, I am sincerely sorry, and I wish you the best of luck.

3 hours later 426013451 Anonymous
>introduction of 4chan pass >this thread >/b/ has turned to shit (once again)

3 hours later 426013470 Anonymous
>>426013183 Kensington? I'm drawing a blank on that one. Is it fancy? 'Cause I live in a shithole and I don't know fancy places.

3 hours later 426013591 Anonymous
>>426013364 Rad! >>426013393 Thank so ever so much. I am feeling better after chatting here. Hope your stuff gets better too.

3 hours later 426013778 Anonymous
>>426013591 Well make sure you remember the advice given and don't try and date people known for cheating. And cheer up. Life is too short to be miserable

3 hours later 426013906 Anonymous
>>426013470 Nah it's a shithole pretty much. It's off LaSalle and 14th. One of those studio apartments. Me and my buddy usually just smoke and walk around Barfly and Hennepin trying to do shit. I'm assuming it's pretty much same for you lol. Smoke and find shit to do.

3 hours later 426014214 Anonymous
>>426013906 Ahhh, ok. I'm near Franklin & Nicollet. Lots of smoking and walking around, too.

3 hours later 426014306 Anonymous
>>425981949 Do you miss me Parris?

3 hours later 426014337 Anonymous
>>426014214 If you don't post face how is this guy >>426013906 gonna stalk and possibly rape you?

3 hours later 426014351 Anonymous (1340136774724.jpg 500x506 298kB)

3 hours later 426014417 Anonymous
>>426014214 Well that's cool, maybe we'll randomly, unknowingly bump into each other sometime. I'm off tomorrow so that's what I'm gonna be doing, walking around and shit. Good luck with your problems anon.

3 hours later 426014424 Anonymous
>>426014306 Uhhh >>426014337 I know!

3 hours later 426014501 Anonymous
>>426014337 Cuz I'm not a desperate little psychopath.

3 hours later 426014547 Anonymous
>>426014417 Maybe we will meet someday. I'll be around, if I'm ever topless hopefully you'll recognize my tits. Until then!

3 hours later 426014576 Anonymous
>>426014337 Did make me lol though.

3 hours later 426014630 Anonymous
>>426014424 Must have confused you with someone i have been neglecting for too long

3 hours later 426014646 Anonymous
>>426014501 Would a psychopath admit to being a psychopath?

3 hours later 426014772 Anonymous
>>425984108 Protip: she won't have sex with you if you defend her. White knight faggot

3 hours later 426014791 Anonymous
>>426014646 Touche. I'm not asking for her face pic though.

3 hours later 426014905 Anonymous
>>426014791 I would stalk but flights are expensive and it would go over my stalking budget

3 hours later 426014929 Anonymous
When is this going to 404? Jesus, I've been here for hours!

3 hours later 426014948 Anonymous
>>426014547 LOL yea I guess. If I recognize a pair of random tits for some reason I'll know it's you.

3 hours later 426015119 Anonymous
>>426014948 I'll be running down Nicollet topless tomorrow.

3 hours later 426015186 Anonymous (1340778090780.jpg 1024x717 54kB)
Gonna try my best to hit the image limit

3 hours later 426015205 Anonymous

3 hours later 426015216 Anonymous
>>426014929 Then leave lol. Well if you're bored and got nothing to do me and my buddy will probably be sitting outside the apartment around 4 or 5 tomorrow. If I see a 28 year old looking girl with a good body I'll just yell out 4chan or something haha. Hopefully they won't look at me like I'm crazy if I guess wrong lol. Well I'm off, later. Happy smoking.

3 hours later 426015262 Anonymous
Ok so you're a fuckin cheap slut for falling in love with a playa and still having feelings for him like all the cheap whoresluts do nowadays. Now you come to 4chan with all the "nice" guys who never get laid anyway just so they can comfort you. The worst thing is that these horny faggots now pretend to be interested in you cause they're hoping for a fuck in real life. This whole thread is pathetic, you are pathetic, just like the people who are defending you like little virgin faggots. In other words, go kill yourself you worthless slut. Bitches like you are the reason I want to punch women sometimes.

3 hours later 426015281 Anonymous (1342005664948.jpg 1281x893 87kB)

3 hours later 426015289 Anonymous
>>426015119 No way really? HAHA wow. You should do it around like 4:30. You gonna run around the street or mall?

3 hours later 426015306 Anonymous
>>426015216 Rad. Later man! I'll find you one of these days.

3 hours later 426015329 Anonymous
>>426014929 Post more pictures of you until it 404s

3 hours later 426015340 Anonymous (1340512087859.jpg 500x374 145kB)

3 hours later 426015365 Anonymous (162.jpg 687x1024 286kB)
Unique 18th September pornpasswords for free ::722 http://4chanporn4free.tumblr.com/

3 hours later 426015374 Anonymous
>>426015289 Shit, it's cold and I will get arrested. I'd have to get pretty drunk or something.

3 hours later 426015425 Anonymous (1341284253437.jpg 900x543 156kB)

3 hours later 426015468 Anonymous
>>426015262 Ok. And "playa," really? Are you 14?

3 hours later 426015491 Anonymous (1341360567479.jpg 900x599 151kB)

3 hours later 426015512 Anonymous
>>426008543 hmmm... is this biggish city KC perhaps?

3 hours later 426015542 Anonymous
>>426015262 Someone is mad because he can't get laid

3 hours later 426015553 Anonymous (1342005336128.jpg 1024x685 62kB)

3 hours later 426015671 Anonymous
>>426015262 Shut up you fucking worthless piece of shit. You really need to get punched in your face. Well, I hope you get raped.

3 hours later 426015690 Anonymous (1343104015996.jpg 480x640 63kB)
>>426015512 This stupid nigga cant even read a thread. Pic related: you, you stupid nigger. way to interrupt the asses bro

3 hours later 426015739 Anonymous
Just kill yourself OP. You're worthless anyways.

3 hours later 426015778 Anonymous (1341644712232.jpg 573x700 146kB)

3 hours later 426015821 Anonymous
>OP is female >thread blows the fuck up with pic requests kill yourself, /b/

3 hours later 426015891 Anonymous
>>426015374 Haha I've been there (not the topless part). Done some funny shit while walking around drunk as hell. Best not to get arrested though lol. Fuck, small world.

3 hours later 426015912 Anonymous (1341359919562.jpg 681x1024 117kB)

3 hours later 426015915 Anonymous
>>426015468 Well it's seems like all the interesting people have left Only the angry 16 year olds remain

3 hours later 426016017 Anonymous (1269147597149.jpg 640x480 158kB)

4 hours later 426016080 Anonymous
>>426015891 Truth. I'm sure we'll cross paths one of these days. I'm gonna bail on this thread but we had a lot of fun tonight! Thanks for everything, everyone!

4 hours later 426016090 Anonymous (1269321870902.jpg 1600x1100 227kB)
>>426015915 You misjudge my coolness you turbonigger.

4 hours later 426016193 Anonymous (1333029102091.jpg 900x587 113kB)

4 hours later 426016217 Anonymous
>>425983950 WWF are u fucked in the head?

4 hours later 426016257 Anonymous (1333029491745.jpg 900x598 128kB)

4 hours later 426016307 Anonymous
>>426016090 I misjudged nothing

4 hours later 426016328 Anonymous (1333029751285.jpg 600x440 34kB)

4 hours later 426016425 Anonymous
i've found working with animals helps with my depression, if you live in the UK (which i doubt) you are welcome to cuddle baby animals and smoke weed. now pose that as a question.

4 hours later 426016531 Anonymous (1270886522819.jpg 800x1200 206kB)
>>426016307 lol xcept tha size of ur own weener rite?

4 hours later 426016678 Anonymous
watching you guys flirt is pretty funny, you're no different to a group of guys trying to get on a hot girl in a club

4 hours later 426016682 Anonymous
>>426016531 lol i knw rite

4 hours later 426016876 Anonymous (1333029795123.jpg 586x900 51kB)
>>426016682 What a feeble rebuttle.

4 hours later 426016923 Anonymous (1269494805385.jpg 700x525 74kB)
>>426016876 u c wut I did thar?

4 hours later 426017029 Anonymous (images.jpg 187x270 13kB)
you actually trusted some bitch with a mad eye who called the internet police to be their fucking personal army against the kid who lurked the most? fuckin a sarah, you misjudged me, TOAST. oh you're an admin, cool story sis, why're you throwing me a number like this? 203-354------ poolec What a codec. Oops, is that for you Moots? hahahahaha, woops. I'll save the last 4 digits because, well, I'm good at keeping secrets assholes. Aini used to draw shit like this why can't people have muses and make music? It makes no fucking sense.

4 hours later 426017109 Anonymous
>>426016923 This has got boring

4 hours later 426017181 Anonymous (creepy (48).jpg 1920x1080 996kB)
I'm glad you're all listening. Why should I make choices? You guys are all silly. Make some yourself. 4chan officially creeps me out. Like 2 years ago, actually, when I learned how to snowboard. I'm not in a coma, durrrh. My dad's not a phone, urrrgh. I THREW IT ON THE MOTHERFUCKING GROUND.

4 hours later 426017204 Anonymous
>>425984581 Fucking waht.

4 hours later 426017352 Anonymous (1333404678813.jpg 1280x853 403kB)
>>426017181 >My dad's not a phone >not a phone >phone THEN WHO WAS PHONE?!!!!

4 hours later 426017814 Anonymous (1333032627657.jpg 1616x1073 306kB)

4 hours later 426018007 Anonymous
>>425988142 That's not true. Just because a guy isn't attractive means nothing. I know plenty of those loser faggots that are completely retarded and their relationships are all full of daddy issues and drama

4 hours later 426018042 Anonymous (1335759473594.jpg 680x460 77kB)
Hi. I'm a stoned dude who sucks at life. Howdy.

4 hours later 426018330 Anonymous
Oh man, this thread is still going? I bailed a while ago!

4 hours later 426018629 Anonymous
>>425992143 You gave sex up way too fast. You need to START the relationship first then give sex WAY later. Guys will go so far as 3 dates to get sex. In your case he's like "Nice I get to fuck a chick" but if you come at him with "Yo I know we just met but I love you" Then he'd be smart to run the fuck away You sound like a clingy girl who needs to not only learn boundaries but stop getting crushes on people and confusing them for real feelings

4 hours later 426018871 Anonymous (1333424843528.jpg 535x497 90kB)
>>426018330 Ive been keeping it alive as I fap.

4 hours later 426018919 Anonymous
>>426018629 WAY later? Dudes aren't going to wait around for too long. I've made that mistake before.

4 hours later 426018969 Anonymous
>>426018919 If you give out sex straight away that is how they will see you. Just someone to have sex with

4 hours later 426019179 Anonymous
>>426018969 Goddammit, can't magical love feelings grow from this arrangement? I'm grasping at straws, I know.

4 hours later 426019181 Anonymous (face30.jpg 397x345 34kB)
>>425983950 >>426003112 >>425998151 >>426008543 OP lets meet and make sweet love to eachother. I'm sure we can make eachother happy. What do you perfere.. rough and hard.. or gentle and loving?

4 hours later 426019215 Anonymous
>>426019181 Both.

4 hours later 426019235 Anonymous (hand-all-right.jpg 600x600 18kB)
>>425981949 All right!

4 hours later 426019238 Anonymous (1333564091092.jpg 500x667 116kB)

4 hours later 426019320 Anonymous
my offer extends to you as well.

4 hours later 426019321 Anonymous
>>426019179 Not really If you and him can spend time together and not have sex then maybe but if he gets bored or pushes for sex then no And he is a cheating douche anyway so you shouldn't even bother it will just end bad for you

4 hours later 426019389 Anonymous (face28.jpg 524x469 26kB)
>>426019215 Sound promesing.. drop a skype and lets hang if you feel like it. Anyway.. tell why you feel so miserable in the first place OP

4 hours later 426019421 Anonymous
>>426019321 Yeah, good point. Ughh, my life.

4 hours later 426019474 Anonymous
>>426019389 This thread's gonna 404 soon, bro! And I don't Skype. Womp womp.

4 hours later 426019516 Anonymous
>>425983950 With a body like that you shouldnt be fucking sad.

4 hours later 426019617 Anonymous
>>426019320 >>426018042 >>426016425 forgot to link up, my bad

4 hours later 426019647 Anonymous (1337893424016.jpg 905x679 120kB)
>>426019516 when people say that its retarded "lol your feelings are wrong because you are xxxxxx"

4 hours later 426019663 Anonymous
>>426003379 ahahahha thx anon, best post i've seen all day

4 hours later 426019671 Anonymous
>>426019421 You doubt you even have feelings for him. You had sex a few times that creates the illusion of closeness and that creates the illusion of feelings. It's just chemicals in the brain

4 hours later 426019687 Anonymous

4 hours later 426019696 Anonymous
>>426019647 It was more a compliment rather than a command champ.

4 hours later 426019731 Anonymous (face29.jpg 400x300 30kB)
>>426019474 Oh well.. hope you feel better soon femanon.. no need to be sad when your body looks quite nice. Working out 5 times a week myself, so not just telling bullshit.. best of luck and stop smoking that shit.. fresh air works miracles

4 hours later 426019776 Anonymous (1333570027546.jpg 920x701 115kB)

4 hours later 426019779 Anonymous
>>426019516 Low self-esteem, man. Doesn't matter what I look like, I have the mental problems to override any confidence I could have from an alleged "nice body"

4 hours later 426019850 Anonymous
>>426019671 Yeah, that makes sense.

4 hours later 426019912 Anonymous (sweetbaby.gif 230x431 2008kB)
>>426019731 >best of luck and stop smoking that shit 420 EVERYDAY BITCH BLAZE IT Y U NO SMOKE PUSSY ASS BITCH also, animooted

4 hours later 426019919 Anonymous (8857_original_tumblr_m9ai5mkHjA1refzcdo1_500.jpg 500x360 32kB)

4 hours later 426019946 Anonymous
>>426019779 Ah that sucks, how are you still sad on weed, it always cheers me up.

4 hours later 426020026 Anonymous
>>426019946 I got some shit, that's why. My dealer was out of town so I bought from a coworker's dealer. Terrible stuff.

4 hours later 426020054 Anonymous
>>426019850 It's why some people get clingy after sex. It's some caveman instinct shit. Stop going to him and I bet you will stop feeling like this very fast and get over him.

4 hours later 426020181 Anonymous (036.png 1093x1073 1761kB)
>>425981949 tv party indeed.

4 hours later 426020283 Anonymous
>>426019779 quit sulkin like a lil bitch, you still have something that lot of girls would die for

4 hours later 426020342 Anonymous
>>426020054 That's exactly what I should do. I know for a fact that if I didn't want to see him again, I could make that a reality. He lives about 25 miles away and only hangs out in my neighborhood on the weekends at one particular bar. I just need to get some self control..

4 hours later 426020519 Anonymous
>>426020342 Just arrange to do something else on the weekend that doesn't involve going to that bar.

4 hours later 426020689 Anonymous
>>426020519 I don't even like drinking, so that shouldn't be too difficult. I just know when I get that "are you going to the bar" text on Friday, I might be too weak to say no. I hate myself quite a lot sometimes, ugh.

4 hours later 426020706 Anonymous
>>426007287 http://vocaroo.com/i/s08mRsAgQO9E For yoooouuu, sad girl.

5 hours later 426020865 Anonymous
>>426020689 Smoke a load of weed this weekend and turn your phone off. If you can go one weekend without going you can go every weekend without going

5 hours later 426020930 Anonymous
>>426020706 Heck yes! Thanks!

5 hours later 426021003 Anonymous
>>426020865 That is actually a good plan. I think I can do this.

5 hours later 426021046 Anonymous (Elements.gif 305x249 10kB)
JIMMIES RUSTLED!!?? >2012 >not having Satan guard your Jimmies http://www.joyofsatan . org/ http://www.angelfire . com/empire/serpentis666/Outsiders.html BUT I IS AN ATHIEST!?!?!? http://www.angelfire . com/empire/serpentis666/Tree.html SATAN CREATED HUMANITY THROUGH GENETIC ENGINEERING http://www.angelfire . com/empire/serpentis666/Incubus.html HAVE SEX WITH DEMONS Don't miss out on this shit, you'll be mad if you do. ANCIENT ALIENS MOTHER FUCKER. Also now join us on le Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/spiritualsatanism/

5 hours later 426021058 Anonymous
>>425981949 TV PARTY TONIGHT. throw one

5 hours later 426021080 Anonymous
>>425984703 Your life isn't even that bad grow up

5 hours later 426021114 Anonymous
>>426021003 Nothing stops those pesky brain chemicals like tetrahydrocannabinol

5 hours later 426021140 Anonymous
OP, everything you have said sounds exactly like my ex, and it's scaring me.

5 hours later 426021181 Anonymous
>>426021058 ALL RIGHT! That music video is the best ever.

5 hours later 426021213 Anonymous
>>426020689 You're pathetic. Have some fucking respect for yourself damnit and dont state that you're a girl at the beginning of your post; stay anonymous. All the same I do hope you gain yourself some happiness; you totally can and just reading a few of your posts I can already tell your life is significantly better than mine and most /b/tards out there. tl;dr stop bitching and stop fucking assholes. It's pretty easy actually. I've never had trouble meeting a nice girl in my fucking life >apply same logic to men >???? >profit

5 hours later 426021231 Anonymous
>>426020689 girls like you just love guys that treat you like a dick. maybe its not your fault but the fault of the society for making you into this thing. yea i guess you cant b blamed since it is feminism that killed the nice guy..every beta just tries to act like an alpha sighhh

5 hours later 426021256 Anonymous
>>426021114 Couldn't agree more. >>426021140 Was she batshit insane??

5 hours later 426021378 Anonymous
>>426021256 More or less, still getting over her though when I really should have forgot about her already. That's love though. Fuck it.

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