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2012-09-14 12:09 425015342 Anonymous (it.png 608x352 385kB)
Ok /b/ not being funny or anything but isn't it time we started to do more, I mean, we've always been about and people do come here, so where did we begin to change? It's all the same these days, never that always this, why can't it be some of that and every now and again this? I prefer it back in the simple days when we were always the ones to be arranged to a degree. Anyone else get this?

3 min later 425015878 Anonymous (ok.jpg 251x239 16kB)
Just me? Damn /b/ really is dead.

17 min later 425018006 Anonymous
Fuck you all then, thought we could get a decent discussion going instead of fucking bronies and roll threads.

18 min later 425018147 Anonymous
The reason nobody's discussing this is that we don't understand what you're saying. Clarify, please.

20 min later 425018418 Anonymous
>>425018147 really? Seriously? Dont feed the trolls

20 min later 425018472 Anonymous
>>425018147 I'm talking about how 4chan in general has become a sort of coup of defense

23 min later 425018836 Anonymous
>>425018418 Someone has just learnt to sage..

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