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2012-09-14 12:06 425014828 Anonymous (1300373820184.jpg 396x385 52kB)
Hey /b/, turned to you guys because I have no where else to go. I'm getting real desperate here. About a month ago my alcoholic shitty excuse of a step-dad ran out on my family, as he was the only source of income we got left with a fuck-ton of bills, pawns, etc. that we have no way of paying off. Including a title pawn for the one and only car we own (Which takes my mother from her shitty last resort bar job and back). I'm just here to ask for some random acts of kindness so that we can get the car out of pawn so she can start going to her job and so we can eventually get back on our feet. We've been saving up a small amount of money but it's still not enough. They've already tried to come repo it 3 times and eventually they're going to succeed and we'll be royally fucked. The rest of the payment is around $300.00 and is getting higher every day that we don't pay on it (By 13% interest, greedy dicks). My paypal is alex_sexton@yahoo.com, please anyone, every little bit helps, its just that we have no income at the moment and I don't know what else to do... Tl:dr Car pawned, family of 3 with pets , no income without a car to get to work, shit out of luck.

14 min later 425017139 Anonymous
Shameless bump.

25 min later 425018628 Anonymous
I'm flatass broke at the moment myself, but bumping in hopes someone else can help.

27 min later 425018893 Anonymous
>>425018628 Many thanks, anon.

30 min later 425019438 Anonymous (1343921346203.jpg 550x719 78kB)
I hope titis will make more people notice this OP. You're a faggot ass but still a /b/ro.

34 min later 425020052 Anonymous
Some people just don't make it OP. You happen to be one of them. Sorry, but that's just the way of things

37 min later 425020534 Anonymous
well i know it wont do much. but heres 4.55.

38 min later 425020627 Anonymous
>>425020052 Thanks for the support...

39 min later 425020836 Anonymous
>>425020534 Every little bit helps, thank you.

42 min later 425021289 Anonymous
Ill give you whats left in my pp (5$+) if you take à pic with a shoe on your headwith time stamp saying you are a fag. Will deliver

46 min later 425021969 Anonymous
>>425021289 Sorry to disappoint you but I have no way to take pics Atm...and I'm on a kindle fire using my neighbors Internet, I'm a poorfag.

46 min later 425021985 Anonymous
Op answer quick or im leavin this thread

58 min later 425023964 Anonymous

1 hours later 425025942 Anonymous
Another shameful bump.

1 hours later 425026809 Anonymous
Yeah sorry OP, but I will need a pic of you on all fours with a shoe on your head and timestamp.

1 hours later 425027267 Anonymous
>>425026809 How about you buy me a phone so I can take pictures of myself with shoes on my head, then you can have all of the shoe on head pictures that your heart desires.

1 hours later 425027974 Anonymous
>>425027267 You really are a piece of shit aren't you? EVERYONE had a cell phone these days AND even if you didn't im sure you could use a friends phone. Fucking inbred.

1 hours later 425028404 Anonymous
>>425020534 And this guy is you're friend no doubt. I thought scamming was only for people who play rune scape.

1 hours later 425029045 Anonymous
I know that feel. I'd help if I wasn't a poorfag also

1 hours later 425029937 Anonymous
Easy. Get a job. Cancel internet, TV, all UN-nessasary things. 7 years ago I was sleeping on a hard floor, working 12-hours shifts just waiting for my first paycheck just so I could buy a cheap inflate-a-bed.

1 hours later 425030390 Anonymous
>>425029937 Hm. I see, too bad this isn't my Internet and we already do not have cable, also...I have a job but to get to it I must have a car, and there is no public transportation out in the country.

1 hours later 425030684 Anonymous
no paypal here.... richfags?

1 hours later 425031282 Anonymous
>>425030390 Every few days, I see these threads. Every single time it's a different sob story, different sob thing. Save my cat, need money for vet. My lil brother needs the hospital, need money for doctor. Etc, etc, fucking etc. Always, you've already done everything that could cut down costs. Your always "borrowing" your internet, phone, what have you. There's always a reason that you cannot get the money yourself. I'm tired of it. If you have a fucking job, then work. If your mom has a fucking job, she needs to work. I'd give you more reasons/ways to save money, but they'll all be shot down anyways.

1 hours later 425031429 Anonymous
bump richfags, help this guy out

1 hours later 425031785 Anonymous
>>425031282 someone missed the whole crashing of the monetary market system with people losing jobs thing wifi stealing is easy as fuck, just enter router ip and default password then reset wifi pass to default.

1 hours later 425031931 Anonymous
>>425031282 Thanks man, we have fucking jobs..my step-dad left with his 2 week check that was supposed to be for bills/the car pawn. Its his alcoholic pill-head fault for fucking us like this. Or else we would've been dandy.

1 hours later 425032105 Anonymous
>attractive mom or sister? They can earn that $300.

1 hours later 425032147 Anonymous
>>425031429 >>425030684 >>425029045 >>425020534 >>425019438 >>425018628 These are all proxy comments made by you. Your using peer guilt to get people to donate money. Trying to make people think that there are many people willing to help, but they just don't have the money... So your target thinks, "Well...I am a nice guy, I'll give some money since no one else can." This website is not made so you can try to scam money out of actual nice people, just so you can sit on your ass and play games all day (and make these threads).

1 hours later 425032325 Anonymous
So your shit tier family can't survive w1thout some man you call a 'shitty excuse' and you want money? Also you're over 18 and can't provide for your family? You deserve nothing

1 hours later 425032475 Anonymous (1346723053855.jpg 623x540 145kB)
and none of these bills are in your step dad's name? You fucking faggot, i hope you and your family die from fucking starvation. you begging nigger

1 hours later 425032928 Anonymous
>>425032147 0/10

1 hours later 425033407 Anonymous
ALRIGHT...since no one is apparently reading my post, and are all making assumptions of my family being lazy/reliant on other people.... WE pawned the fucking car one time for 800 bucks to get us out of a hole. We both have jobs ...but me and my mother don't make enough to be able to pay the car off this quickly...

1 hours later 425033478 Anonymous
>>425032147 at least 2 people on this planet know this is not true. and if you dont want to donate money, THEN DONT. This thread relies on the sympathy and humanity which is the only thing that rises from the pile of shit that OP is in. If an able person wants at least to feel good about himself, make it so. Even homeless people are on /b/, public libraries have internets.

1 hours later 425033791 Anonymous
>>425033478 Thank you for having common sense..

2 hours later 425034597 Anonymous
>>425033478 Ok, so at least 2 people on this planet know this isn't true. I know that I was wrong before, and I'm sorry about that. I'll correct myself... The scamming Op, and his cohort friend are making these comments via proxy on here. Trying to scam you out of your money. There. Is that better? =)

2 hours later 425034923 Anonymous
>>425034597 I don't even know how to fucking do that, even more so on a kindle fire...now kindly gtfo and quit trying to ruin my already fucked life.

2 hours later 425035257 Anonymous
>>425034923 Then instead of sitting on here for hours every single day begging for money, go out and work for it. There's jobs out there, probably a lot of things you wouldn't like to do, but they are there. Buck up, and deal with it.

2 hours later 425035396 Anonymous
>>425034597 you didnt even read my post, You are biased by hate and suspicion. OP's situation is an eye opener and best life lessons are learned from that. OP you actually are a lucky guy, just stay positive and you will forge yourself into a man.

2 hours later 425035713 Anonymous
>>425035257 Are you not fucking listening to me? CAR is going to get REPOSESSED before we can make enough money to get it out...then we cannot go to our JOBS. And this is the first thread I have made about this issue.

2 hours later 425036045 Anonymous
>>425035396 I read it. I understood it. I disregarded the crap, and disputed the central point. The reason why I KNOW you are his friend, or even OP is because every single fucking post you send has some sort of tacked on guilt trip built specifically to drum up support for people giving him money. If YOU care that much, then YOU donate money.

2 hours later 425036170 Anonymous
>>425035396 Thanks, we're trying, Atm my mother is at her job trying to scrounge up enough money before tomorrow when they repo the car, they already have a court order so I'm trying to do every little thing I can before then. But I'm not down, no matter what happens.

2 hours later 425036223 Anonymous
How viable are bicycles? If they are, what car is it, for how much can you sell it? Never down to only 1 possibility

2 hours later 425036513 Anonymous
>>425036045 Look, you're not helping anyone, and how about you quit wasting your time bashing people in need. The only thing you're doing is bumping my thread and giving me something to do in the meantime.

2 hours later 425036838 Anonymous
>>425036223 Bicycles aren't very helpful Atm considering our jobs are 25 plus miles away. And it was only about a $5,000 car. If we sold it we would have no car, so that's contradicting my problem here.

2 hours later 425037715 Anonymous
why don't you sell you computer and get yourself a job you nigger?

2 hours later 425038089 Anonymous
>>425037715 Because I'm not using a computer, nigger. And I have a job but with no transportation...that doesn't make a difference.

2 hours later 425039717 Anonymous (1322033315928.png 360x360 111kB)
covert spiderman is covert.

2 hours later 425039817 Anonymous (1304841338285.jpg 600x450 51kB)

2 hours later 425039956 Anonymous (1308653540707.jpg 500x328 32kB)
lol @ your plight

2 hours later 425039972 Anonymous
Is there no one with any spare change in their paypal? Anything at all will help... :(

2 hours later 425040462 Anonymous
Debts high enough to justify selling only car... Ammount left to pay $300... Bank won't loan $300? Seems like a legit situation to me. Not at all like some kid who wants $300

2 hours later 425040476 Anonymous
>>425031785 Forget about this?

2 hours later 425040632 Anonymous (55.jpg 1050x700 251kB)
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2 hours later 425040930 Anonymous
>>425040462 The car is the debt we have to pay off, and sadly no...credit is whack.

2 hours later 425041382 Anonymous
>>425040476 About what might I ask?

2 hours later 425042805 Anonymous (1347581312350.jpg 480x357 19kB)

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